Sunday, June 29, 2008


owh nampaknye ade org india telah membace post sy sbl ni yg dk kutuk2 negara diorg.oleh sbb itu, slepas ini, jika sy mau mengutuk mereka, sy perlu menggunakan bahasa melayu sepenuhnya,agar tidak difahami oleh mereka dan kaum2 mereka.nih tk best some things are best expressed dlm bahasa inggeris kan.well, lesson learnt.ingtkan takde org bace blog sy.haha.

till then,mwax!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

and the stress begins.

okey.the title says it all.i've started to freak out.ophthalmology theory paper on thursday and practical on friday.yet we still have classes going on as usual, with pharmacology seminars on tuesday and friday.

td mase masak2 for dinner with neela, we made a list why malaysia is far way better than make the list more organized, we categorised it in terms of food, facilities, the people, the language, environment etc2.ok since skarang ni sy sgt sangap after 3 hours revising ophthal, here's part of the adik2 d luar sana, if u're somehow interested to read medicine in india, here's a NO-NO list for u guys.

-local food kt cni sgt tak best ok.yekkk.they even smell yucky!
-kt cni tkde nasik lemak,char kuew teow,karipap, segala2 kuih muih yg korg can easily get in msia.
-kat msia u can eat wherever u want, no worry about the cleanliness, safety and so on.there's no way u can do that here.
-kt cni tkde byk2 ice-creams.tkde paddle pop rainbow bab kate neela.but ok la we hav baskin robbin.
-mentos kat cni keras nk mati,mcm gigit eraser.
-kt cni tkde vanilla coke.
-mcd kat cni tkde chick foldover, double cheese burger, etc2.they only got mc chick and fillet.the others are all burger ntahape2.
-no burger king,chilli's,nando's,mdm kwan's,dunkin,jco,secret recipe etc2.but we hav donut baker,not bad la.
-maggi kat cni tk sedap.kena bwk stock maggi byk2 from msia.

-no online transaction here.everything has to be done at the bank itself.they're like 10 years behind msia.
-no free wireless internet access anywhere.even at the airport sure la plak epot baru ni cmane.havent been there yet.
-broadband internet kat cni sgt mahal ok.i paid around rm180 every month.

3)the people
-they are sgt busuk ok.bukan la nk kutuk ke seriously they, td i went to the atm with neela.omg bau tu melekat kt dinding ke hapentah tk tau la nk ckp ape.nk tmuntah ok.tu blm ckp time kitorg deal with the patient lg.nasib baik leh kutuk2 diorg in malay.
-they're the most unhygiene makhluk kat dunia ni.they can pee,sleep,eat anywhere they want.
-they sgt suke mintak duit esp from us,the foreign students.hellloooooo ingt kitorg ni mak bapak korg ke nk bagi duit kt korang??
-the auto drivers are the penyangak plg berjaya.dont trust them.

-kt cni sgt2 polluted ok.i always hav this carbon monoxide poisoning every time klua to the city.
-traffic is like hell!!!
-nk lintas jalan kat cni sgt susah.they'll never tolerate pedastrian.
-ni tktau nk list kt mane.MNG and GUESS kt cni sgt mahal.they're like triple the msian price.sbb tu duit mara tk cukup tiap2 bln.hehehe.n shopping places kt cni tk best.slalu sgt beli baju, tgk2 same ngn classmates.

ok that's all i can come out with wat mase ini.i'll update the list soon if new things come across my mind.hehe.its not that i like complaining ke tk bersyukur ke anything, but if i were given a choice to further my study here or back in msia, i'll definitely choose msia.and dont trust the MSU ads about their med school.listen here guys, trust me, they're just exaggerating.nyesal korang nnt haaaa..

but after all, like we always say to each other, dh takdir kite kena blajar kt sini.terima je lah kan.hahaha.pathetic giler.

ok enough buang masa.get back to reality..

till then, mwax!

i miss home.

dont feel like writing much today...its already 1am.just woke up.couldnt resist to sleep after maghrib td, and woken up by arif's smses few times, tp sambung lagik dh tkleh nk tito dah...

i have medicine theory class at 8 and ophthalmology at 9 to 1 jap lg...yes we do have classes on saturday..kesian kan..i am not sure how the system is in other countries, but here in india, we have classes 6 days a week, and everyday the class hours are from 8 to 430, exc for saturday which is a half day.not enough with that, we only have a total of 1 month holiday in a year.penat tauu blajar kat sini.but i think most of us are used to it now, we rarely mengeluh dah.

being alone pagi2 buta ni really making me homesick.i havent talked to umi for almost 2 months since she left to london.dok ym2 jer ngn die.and its funny tho seeing abah and umi catching up with the technology..the other day she was learning to send me pics thru ym..kena ajar satu2 ok.hahaha..

im missing home so much these few days.nasib baik la tiket nk blk mesia ni mahal,kalo ade air asia kat sini, weekend pon sy balik tauuu..and btw, they said air asia is having flights to india starting maybe end of this year...teng teng teng.jgn tekejot yer abah umi if tibe2 ida tcongok kat mesia pasni...hehehe..

well tadi mase kat class, aha was spreading the survey psl our monthly expenses, they're sending mara a proposal to increase our allowances.mintak2 la dpt naik kan..hehe...

btw i accidently left my pencil case in the lecture hall yesterday, and today it was gone.sgt sakit hati okey, cleaner ni pencil case pon nak amik, like they send their children tu to school la kan. and it was so funny tgk neela plak yg emo lebih2 the one yg ilang, she plak yg ngamuk2 nk g bunuh sume kel**g kat sini.hahah.and the way she was describing how to kill all the kel**g tu lagi funny, she wanted to tarik satu2 artery kel**g ni, internal carotid artery to be exact she said, baru puas ati.hahaha.yes we are med students, we applied what we learnt everywhere.even tgh ngamuk2 nk bunuh org pun we still remember anatomy.hehe.ilek arr neela, kite pn tk emo smpai cam tu..hahaha..

arif has finally found his time to read my bloggy ni todayy..hihihi..bangga plak die since i mentioned his name in almost every post.elleeehhh..well my dear, i havent noticed any change in u since u've started working ok, no worry.i know u still miss me every sec of every day.hahahaha =P...

ok lah.thinking of going thru few pages of ophthal, jap lg dr rina's class, she suke tny soklan..

till then,mwax!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

thursday aka khamis.

erm.i always hate thursday.always.why?bcoz on thursdays, we have to rush here and there.why again? mcm ni haa nenek nak is my clinical rotation, we had theory class at the baptist hospital from 8 to 945.and dr pavathi tu, yg sgt 'baik hati' tu, bagi break 15mins, and instructed us to go to the OPD (outpatient dpt) at 10, where we have to stay there until 12.and kalau class die tu best takpe tak..i was like tnganga tak tau ape benda die tgh ajar kat dpn,smpai tjatuh2 buku bwh krusi...bkn sbb concentrate..sbb duk brangan ntah ke mane ntah..

had hot horlicks and vege puff, went to the OPD.not so many patients today.most of them came for refractive error and check-ups, so there's nothing much that we can do or observe.we saw few cases of conjunctivitis (which she marah me coz i thought it was acute iridocyclitis, heyyyy there's no mucopurulent discharge ok!!!), pinguecula (and again she geleng2 kepala when she asked me what's the diff btwn pinguecula and pterygium...haha...asyik kena tny je ari ni)...
i was actually inspired to become an ophthalmologist few weeks back by dr philip, but later, lepas dh blajar ngn dr pavathi ni, terus jadi tk minat dah!!huhhh!!

we got out of OPD at 1210...rushed to the classroom, since OBG class is at takpe, dr OBG ni slalu msk lambat...finished OBG class at 155, means i only got 5mins for my zohor prayer.rushed to the restroom plak..kelam kabut smayang...back to the classroom, ENT class plak from 2 to 3...semput ukie.and if u guys noticed, there's no lunch break for us.

ok ENT class ended at lagi ntah ape2, we rushed back to the coll plak, for an hour microbiology, from baptist hosp to coll, we have to naik bus for like 15mins, bukan boley jln2 kaki jer..microbe started at 330...and hari ni dr butcher tu yg ajar....he was sooo soo mean!!patot la sparuh class tk dtg tadi..he had this questioning session for the first 10mins, and i felt like my thoracic cavity was about to explode...takot gile ok!!lucky me i wasnt picked to answer any question..went back home at 430.can u see now why i hate thursdays??

and tomorrow i'll be having pharmacology seminar on leprosy (kusta)...dr ramesh was stressing so much on leprosy and tuberculosis..not knowing that they are now very rare in malaysia..( TB cases are still there, but leprosy are pretty much less dah kot)...

owh and dh tk merajuk ngn bintang hati sy lagiii...hihihii...talked to him after maghrib td... and he was saying something about going to pakistan keje kat sane apentah..but one thing for sure, it scared me to death...told neela bout it and she also was like "whaattt??"..hehehe...nothing much mmg suke freaked out lebih2 ni.. =P

tomorrow's 27th, i supposed duit mara masuk esok...but they said this month maybe duit msk lambat skit...alaaaa....planned to go out this saturday nk beli this one pinafore i saw in lifestyle last week..i was planning to get me this one MNG handbag as a bday pressie for was about rs3000 (rm 280+-) pk2...since the bag is black in color, and i already got a few bags in black, tk jadi lah..see...i now know how to spend wisely dah..hehehe..

ok peeps, its my bedtime.nak mimpi arif la jap lg..heheh..gediks2...

till then, mwax!


when i say "its ok, i'm fine" actually means "its not ok, i'm definitely not fine, u must have done something that hurts my feeling"...

since when do we forget to tell each other when we're going out,hanging out?
ok to u it might seem silly.but to me, it does matter.

never mind.tomorrow i'll be fine.

btw, umi got me 2 biggie2 bags and a blouse from zara.enough to cheer me up.thankssss mother!!

till then.mwax!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sleeping disorder.

omg omg!!i woke up this morning terkejut nk was 9.03am, which means i've been sleeping for like..12hrs!!hukhuk..yes i do love sleeping, but for the past few weeks or months i guess, i've been trying to cut down my sleeping hours and ever since, i felt sooo bad when i slept too much.. why i wanna do that?sbbnye is, my study is becoming tougher and tougher, with the theory classes everyday, clinical postings 3times a week, practicals etc2..i cant do much revision or cant even finish my homework if i sleep mcm dulu2..can u imagine how many pages i could have read last nite if i went to bed at 12 or 1, instead of 8.45??i should have lawan my nafsu tito smalam,but i thought i'll wake up in the middle of the night and do some quick revision..but well proven, it'll never work for me.bila sy tito,sy hny akan bgn when its morning.

well,nak menambahkan lagi the stress... we are having pathology test on gastrointestinal system on 9th july, and i went through the book last night, there are like 60pages on that chapter.. our ophthalmology posting will end after 3 more classes,which means there'll be an exam at the end of next week...and yesterday,dr rajgopal announced that we'll be having a test on systemic microbiology consisting of all cocci (strep, staph, meningo-, pneumo-, etc), corynebacterium, all the bacilli etc2, in the first week of july.ape niiiii...time tu la sume org nk wat test la..exam laa...baru plan nk bace patho betul2 for the coming test (fyi, i never finish reading before any test, patho esp), tak sempat jgk la ni...

speaking of tak sempat ni, arif used to ask to me once long2 time ago, zaman tak kapel lg rasenye..i was preparing for my xm ke test ke apentah mase tu.."dah abis bace??" (in fact, sampai skarang pon he still asks me tat question when i'm having test)... to answer that question well, here it goes..being a med student, we will never be able to finish revising what we are supposed to..why? mcm ni.. ok, say i finish reading one whole chapter of gastrointestinal for the coming patho test, tup2..the question comes out to be on the practical aspect, which i have to read from different book. ok still, i can blame myself for that, sape suh tk bace kan.but, katekan la i've been super duper rajin mcm laila ke, encik shah ke, i read everything, from every book, it doesnt mean that i can memorize all the things how? tk pyh baca sume...hehe..bace pun tk kua jgk, kalo kua ingt jgk nk jwb pastu...hehehe..

ok enough blabbering about those bosan2 study stuff...i've told arif bout this bloggy...and he said ok!and he asked "tau ke nak upload gamba camane??" tau laa!!but i dont have much time to wat chantek2 my blog, that part i leave it to u ok bb??

btw,to my dear arif, i miss u so much.i dont know how this long distance relationship is working for u, i really hope it's fine with u.thinking of u just makes me feel sad. actually its more of sy 'kesian' kt awk..i'm sorry i cant always be there for u, in times when a gf should be around her bf.but i promise u, insya Allah, i'll be there on ur convocation...

i'm proud to tell the world that i'm so much deeply in love with this guy named ariff!!!!

till then.mwax!

Monday, June 23, 2008


ok. 2nd post. havent told arif bout this blog yet.was about to tell him when i called him just now, but then i think i've said something that made him uncomfortable, he seemed takde mood after that.or maybe he's tired.but i said what i've said, only bcoz i love seeing u jealous!!hehe..

well has been a very tiring long day. woke up at 730,sgt2 mls nk bgn.felt like bumping community medicine.but then i managed to overcome the laziness.lucky me, dr gopinath only took 50 mins to finish the bahagia2, i planned to spend the free 3hrs in the library to finish up my pharmac seminar punye notes.but then, diorg ni kecoh2 psl record book forensic medicine plak.shooot...i didnt bring mine.didnt even finish the report pon.asked tini,should i go back home to get my book.dia pun tktau.pk2, better i go get it there was me, under the bright shiny UV light, blk rumah amik record book tu,finished up the drawing and went back to coll.

lectures today were ok.we had pathology seminar, and it was freakingly scary.they even invited lecturers from microbiology department to evaluate the presenters.why so semangat la kan.but asz's presentation really amazed me tho.i think she hafal the text sejibik sejibon.sgt kewl ok asz. when it comes to my turn nnt, nk wat camtu jgk lah.haha.later in forensic practical, dr sowdi finished the class in only 45mins.yeay!!tp dr sowdi didnt ask for the record book pun.haish wat penat je blk td.and he also mentioned that he's going to kl somewhere around mid of july.and we were all like..naaakk ikooottttt...huk huk...saje je die ni nk wat org lg homesick.

hurm.blk rumah,cooked for dinner,makan2...right after maghrib prayer, started my pharmac seminar pny notes.sgt byk ukie.we were given topic on antituberculosis treatment,and to explain each and every single drug itu sgt tk best.tabahkan jugak hati, successfully finished them all after 2 consecutive hours!!ok.2 jam.take note.elida tk pernah serajin itu.hihi.nk volunteer lah present esok.haha.yer la sgt tu kan.

its only already pening2 lalat dah.tito awal lah mlm ni.tomorrow's clinical.better get enough rest tonight.and owh, i think arif's merajuk with me.he went to sleep without texting me, which he rarely does.takpe,esok sy pujuk ukie darl??mwax mwax!

and by the way, friends,zillion2 thanks for the pressies,cards and roses itu semua. u guys are so thoughtful ok!

till then.mwax!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

it's just a beginning.. i am, with my own blog..
i'm definitely not sure how long will it last..since i've been very good at hangat2 tahi ayam in friends, just bear with me..
lagipon, i haven't told arif bout tis blogging thingy..if he happens to be against it, so say goodbye to my blog.
the idea of having my own blog has been on my mind (our mind-me & arif) for a while, but we seemed too lost in searching for our blog title la what so the blog of ours didnt seem to muncul2..
anyway,my dear arif, if u're reading this, i'm starting one of my own frankly coz i'm so so bored.and i think its not bad at all, since i'm gonna write here all my dissatisfaction, my ups and downs, so u dont have to berhempas pulas sgt asking me what's going on if i turn out to be not-very-me.kan kan??lagipon,u'll be bz bz bee dah pasni, we'll be spending less and less time together in our cyber world ni, i think this blog thingy will somehow keep us closer.ukie darl?

okey.long enough for an intro.i should be preparing for pharmacology seminar at this very moment,but me being me,everything can wait when the laziness comes.

owh and owh, not enough with all the wishes from my dearest friends and family, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE!!as arif said, i grew a year older, insya Allah i'll try to be a good daughter to abah and umi, the best girlfriend u ever had, and fulfil my every dream.

till then.mwax!

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