Saturday, June 28, 2008

and the stress begins.

okey.the title says it all.i've started to freak out.ophthalmology theory paper on thursday and practical on friday.yet we still have classes going on as usual, with pharmacology seminars on tuesday and friday.

td mase masak2 for dinner with neela, we made a list why malaysia is far way better than make the list more organized, we categorised it in terms of food, facilities, the people, the language, environment etc2.ok since skarang ni sy sgt sangap after 3 hours revising ophthal, here's part of the adik2 d luar sana, if u're somehow interested to read medicine in india, here's a NO-NO list for u guys.

-local food kt cni sgt tak best ok.yekkk.they even smell yucky!
-kt cni tkde nasik lemak,char kuew teow,karipap, segala2 kuih muih yg korg can easily get in msia.
-kat msia u can eat wherever u want, no worry about the cleanliness, safety and so on.there's no way u can do that here.
-kt cni tkde byk2 ice-creams.tkde paddle pop rainbow bab kate neela.but ok la we hav baskin robbin.
-mentos kat cni keras nk mati,mcm gigit eraser.
-kt cni tkde vanilla coke.
-mcd kat cni tkde chick foldover, double cheese burger, etc2.they only got mc chick and fillet.the others are all burger ntahape2.
-no burger king,chilli's,nando's,mdm kwan's,dunkin,jco,secret recipe etc2.but we hav donut baker,not bad la.
-maggi kat cni tk sedap.kena bwk stock maggi byk2 from msia.

-no online transaction here.everything has to be done at the bank itself.they're like 10 years behind msia.
-no free wireless internet access anywhere.even at the airport sure la plak epot baru ni cmane.havent been there yet.
-broadband internet kat cni sgt mahal ok.i paid around rm180 every month.

3)the people
-they are sgt busuk ok.bukan la nk kutuk ke seriously they, td i went to the atm with neela.omg bau tu melekat kt dinding ke hapentah tk tau la nk ckp ape.nk tmuntah ok.tu blm ckp time kitorg deal with the patient lg.nasib baik leh kutuk2 diorg in malay.
-they're the most unhygiene makhluk kat dunia ni.they can pee,sleep,eat anywhere they want.
-they sgt suke mintak duit esp from us,the foreign students.hellloooooo ingt kitorg ni mak bapak korg ke nk bagi duit kt korang??
-the auto drivers are the penyangak plg berjaya.dont trust them.

-kt cni sgt2 polluted ok.i always hav this carbon monoxide poisoning every time klua to the city.
-traffic is like hell!!!
-nk lintas jalan kat cni sgt susah.they'll never tolerate pedastrian.
-ni tktau nk list kt mane.MNG and GUESS kt cni sgt mahal.they're like triple the msian price.sbb tu duit mara tk cukup tiap2 bln.hehehe.n shopping places kt cni tk best.slalu sgt beli baju, tgk2 same ngn classmates.

ok that's all i can come out with wat mase ini.i'll update the list soon if new things come across my mind.hehe.its not that i like complaining ke tk bersyukur ke anything, but if i were given a choice to further my study here or back in msia, i'll definitely choose msia.and dont trust the MSU ads about their med school.listen here guys, trust me, they're just exaggerating.nyesal korang nnt haaaa..

but after all, like we always say to each other, dh takdir kite kena blajar kt sini.terima je lah kan.hahaha.pathetic giler.

ok enough buang masa.get back to reality..

till then, mwax!


Rishabh said...

Hey Elida!
It seems as you are not happy in India, u talked about many things including food, people and facilities. I agree that there are some gaps which are yet not filled but hey, there is no point in feeling bad about it.
May be there are many things that u may not be aware of many things, i mean about facilities and all. just to tell u that i do all my transactions online; never went to any bank from past 1 year.
To be a true Indian, i can assure u to help in any ways whenever u need any help; thats all i can do from my side.

elida. said...

hey rishabh.i'm so sorry if my post somehow offended u.yes i do agree that there might be few good things that i'm not aware of about your country.but as i was brought up in a place where everything is there and easily accessible yet not wasting my time, adapting myself here will be a quite tough thing for me to do.but hey dont worry, since i'm gonna be here for another 4 yrs, i'll teach myself to like india ok!

Rishabh said...

hey Elida, plz dont feel sorry about dat. I am not forcing u to like India. Its all your wish whether to like or not!
and if u need any kind of support/ help; i am always there for u.

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