Saturday, June 28, 2008

i miss home.

dont feel like writing much today...its already 1am.just woke up.couldnt resist to sleep after maghrib td, and woken up by arif's smses few times, tp sambung lagik dh tkleh nk tito dah...

i have medicine theory class at 8 and ophthalmology at 9 to 1 jap lg...yes we do have classes on saturday..kesian kan..i am not sure how the system is in other countries, but here in india, we have classes 6 days a week, and everyday the class hours are from 8 to 430, exc for saturday which is a half day.not enough with that, we only have a total of 1 month holiday in a year.penat tauu blajar kat sini.but i think most of us are used to it now, we rarely mengeluh dah.

being alone pagi2 buta ni really making me homesick.i havent talked to umi for almost 2 months since she left to london.dok ym2 jer ngn die.and its funny tho seeing abah and umi catching up with the technology..the other day she was learning to send me pics thru ym..kena ajar satu2 ok.hahaha..

im missing home so much these few days.nasib baik la tiket nk blk mesia ni mahal,kalo ade air asia kat sini, weekend pon sy balik tauuu..and btw, they said air asia is having flights to india starting maybe end of this year...teng teng teng.jgn tekejot yer abah umi if tibe2 ida tcongok kat mesia pasni...hehehe..

well tadi mase kat class, aha was spreading the survey psl our monthly expenses, they're sending mara a proposal to increase our allowances.mintak2 la dpt naik kan..hehe...

btw i accidently left my pencil case in the lecture hall yesterday, and today it was gone.sgt sakit hati okey, cleaner ni pencil case pon nak amik, like they send their children tu to school la kan. and it was so funny tgk neela plak yg emo lebih2 the one yg ilang, she plak yg ngamuk2 nk g bunuh sume kel**g kat sini.hahah.and the way she was describing how to kill all the kel**g tu lagi funny, she wanted to tarik satu2 artery kel**g ni, internal carotid artery to be exact she said, baru puas ati.hahaha.yes we are med students, we applied what we learnt everywhere.even tgh ngamuk2 nk bunuh org pun we still remember anatomy.hehe.ilek arr neela, kite pn tk emo smpai cam tu..hahaha..

arif has finally found his time to read my bloggy ni todayy..hihihi..bangga plak die since i mentioned his name in almost every post.elleeehhh..well my dear, i havent noticed any change in u since u've started working ok, no worry.i know u still miss me every sec of every day.hahahaha =P...

ok lah.thinking of going thru few pages of ophthal, jap lg dr rina's class, she suke tny soklan..

till then,mwax!


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