Thursday, June 26, 2008

thursday aka khamis.

erm.i always hate thursday.always.why?bcoz on thursdays, we have to rush here and there.why again? mcm ni haa nenek nak is my clinical rotation, we had theory class at the baptist hospital from 8 to 945.and dr pavathi tu, yg sgt 'baik hati' tu, bagi break 15mins, and instructed us to go to the OPD (outpatient dpt) at 10, where we have to stay there until 12.and kalau class die tu best takpe tak..i was like tnganga tak tau ape benda die tgh ajar kat dpn,smpai tjatuh2 buku bwh krusi...bkn sbb concentrate..sbb duk brangan ntah ke mane ntah..

had hot horlicks and vege puff, went to the OPD.not so many patients today.most of them came for refractive error and check-ups, so there's nothing much that we can do or observe.we saw few cases of conjunctivitis (which she marah me coz i thought it was acute iridocyclitis, heyyyy there's no mucopurulent discharge ok!!!), pinguecula (and again she geleng2 kepala when she asked me what's the diff btwn pinguecula and pterygium...haha...asyik kena tny je ari ni)...
i was actually inspired to become an ophthalmologist few weeks back by dr philip, but later, lepas dh blajar ngn dr pavathi ni, terus jadi tk minat dah!!huhhh!!

we got out of OPD at 1210...rushed to the classroom, since OBG class is at takpe, dr OBG ni slalu msk lambat...finished OBG class at 155, means i only got 5mins for my zohor prayer.rushed to the restroom plak..kelam kabut smayang...back to the classroom, ENT class plak from 2 to 3...semput ukie.and if u guys noticed, there's no lunch break for us.

ok ENT class ended at lagi ntah ape2, we rushed back to the coll plak, for an hour microbiology, from baptist hosp to coll, we have to naik bus for like 15mins, bukan boley jln2 kaki jer..microbe started at 330...and hari ni dr butcher tu yg ajar....he was sooo soo mean!!patot la sparuh class tk dtg tadi..he had this questioning session for the first 10mins, and i felt like my thoracic cavity was about to explode...takot gile ok!!lucky me i wasnt picked to answer any question..went back home at 430.can u see now why i hate thursdays??

and tomorrow i'll be having pharmacology seminar on leprosy (kusta)...dr ramesh was stressing so much on leprosy and tuberculosis..not knowing that they are now very rare in malaysia..( TB cases are still there, but leprosy are pretty much less dah kot)...

owh and dh tk merajuk ngn bintang hati sy lagiii...hihihii...talked to him after maghrib td... and he was saying something about going to pakistan keje kat sane apentah..but one thing for sure, it scared me to death...told neela bout it and she also was like "whaattt??"..hehehe...nothing much mmg suke freaked out lebih2 ni.. =P

tomorrow's 27th, i supposed duit mara masuk esok...but they said this month maybe duit msk lambat skit...alaaaa....planned to go out this saturday nk beli this one pinafore i saw in lifestyle last week..i was planning to get me this one MNG handbag as a bday pressie for was about rs3000 (rm 280+-) pk2...since the bag is black in color, and i already got a few bags in black, tk jadi lah..see...i now know how to spend wisely dah..hehehe..

ok peeps, its my bedtime.nak mimpi arif la jap lg..heheh..gediks2...

till then, mwax!


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