Monday, June 23, 2008


ok. 2nd post. havent told arif bout this blog yet.was about to tell him when i called him just now, but then i think i've said something that made him uncomfortable, he seemed takde mood after that.or maybe he's tired.but i said what i've said, only bcoz i love seeing u jealous!!hehe..

well has been a very tiring long day. woke up at 730,sgt2 mls nk bgn.felt like bumping community medicine.but then i managed to overcome the laziness.lucky me, dr gopinath only took 50 mins to finish the bahagia2, i planned to spend the free 3hrs in the library to finish up my pharmac seminar punye notes.but then, diorg ni kecoh2 psl record book forensic medicine plak.shooot...i didnt bring mine.didnt even finish the report pon.asked tini,should i go back home to get my book.dia pun tktau.pk2, better i go get it there was me, under the bright shiny UV light, blk rumah amik record book tu,finished up the drawing and went back to coll.

lectures today were ok.we had pathology seminar, and it was freakingly scary.they even invited lecturers from microbiology department to evaluate the presenters.why so semangat la kan.but asz's presentation really amazed me tho.i think she hafal the text sejibik sejibon.sgt kewl ok asz. when it comes to my turn nnt, nk wat camtu jgk lah.haha.later in forensic practical, dr sowdi finished the class in only 45mins.yeay!!tp dr sowdi didnt ask for the record book pun.haish wat penat je blk td.and he also mentioned that he's going to kl somewhere around mid of july.and we were all like..naaakk ikooottttt...huk huk...saje je die ni nk wat org lg homesick.

hurm.blk rumah,cooked for dinner,makan2...right after maghrib prayer, started my pharmac seminar pny notes.sgt byk ukie.we were given topic on antituberculosis treatment,and to explain each and every single drug itu sgt tk best.tabahkan jugak hati, successfully finished them all after 2 consecutive hours!!ok.2 jam.take note.elida tk pernah serajin itu.hihi.nk volunteer lah present esok.haha.yer la sgt tu kan.

its only already pening2 lalat dah.tito awal lah mlm ni.tomorrow's clinical.better get enough rest tonight.and owh, i think arif's merajuk with me.he went to sleep without texting me, which he rarely does.takpe,esok sy pujuk ukie darl??mwax mwax!

and by the way, friends,zillion2 thanks for the pressies,cards and roses itu semua. u guys are so thoughtful ok!

till then.mwax!


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