Sunday, June 22, 2008

it's just a beginning.. i am, with my own blog..
i'm definitely not sure how long will it last..since i've been very good at hangat2 tahi ayam in friends, just bear with me..
lagipon, i haven't told arif bout tis blogging thingy..if he happens to be against it, so say goodbye to my blog.
the idea of having my own blog has been on my mind (our mind-me & arif) for a while, but we seemed too lost in searching for our blog title la what so the blog of ours didnt seem to muncul2..
anyway,my dear arif, if u're reading this, i'm starting one of my own frankly coz i'm so so bored.and i think its not bad at all, since i'm gonna write here all my dissatisfaction, my ups and downs, so u dont have to berhempas pulas sgt asking me what's going on if i turn out to be not-very-me.kan kan??lagipon,u'll be bz bz bee dah pasni, we'll be spending less and less time together in our cyber world ni, i think this blog thingy will somehow keep us closer.ukie darl?

okey.long enough for an intro.i should be preparing for pharmacology seminar at this very moment,but me being me,everything can wait when the laziness comes.

owh and owh, not enough with all the wishes from my dearest friends and family, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE!!as arif said, i grew a year older, insya Allah i'll try to be a good daughter to abah and umi, the best girlfriend u ever had, and fulfil my every dream.

till then.mwax!


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