Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sleeping disorder.

omg omg!!i woke up this morning terkejut nk was 9.03am, which means i've been sleeping for like..12hrs!!hukhuk..yes i do love sleeping, but for the past few weeks or months i guess, i've been trying to cut down my sleeping hours and ever since, i felt sooo bad when i slept too much.. why i wanna do that?sbbnye is, my study is becoming tougher and tougher, with the theory classes everyday, clinical postings 3times a week, practicals etc2..i cant do much revision or cant even finish my homework if i sleep mcm dulu2..can u imagine how many pages i could have read last nite if i went to bed at 12 or 1, instead of 8.45??i should have lawan my nafsu tito smalam,but i thought i'll wake up in the middle of the night and do some quick revision..but well proven, it'll never work for me.bila sy tito,sy hny akan bgn when its morning.

well,nak menambahkan lagi the stress... we are having pathology test on gastrointestinal system on 9th july, and i went through the book last night, there are like 60pages on that chapter.. our ophthalmology posting will end after 3 more classes,which means there'll be an exam at the end of next week...and yesterday,dr rajgopal announced that we'll be having a test on systemic microbiology consisting of all cocci (strep, staph, meningo-, pneumo-, etc), corynebacterium, all the bacilli etc2, in the first week of july.ape niiiii...time tu la sume org nk wat test la..exam laa...baru plan nk bace patho betul2 for the coming test (fyi, i never finish reading before any test, patho esp), tak sempat jgk la ni...

speaking of tak sempat ni, arif used to ask to me once long2 time ago, zaman tak kapel lg rasenye..i was preparing for my xm ke test ke apentah mase tu.."dah abis bace??" (in fact, sampai skarang pon he still asks me tat question when i'm having test)... to answer that question well, here it goes..being a med student, we will never be able to finish revising what we are supposed to..why? mcm ni.. ok, say i finish reading one whole chapter of gastrointestinal for the coming patho test, tup2..the question comes out to be on the practical aspect, which i have to read from different book. ok still, i can blame myself for that, sape suh tk bace kan.but, katekan la i've been super duper rajin mcm laila ke, encik shah ke, i read everything, from every book, it doesnt mean that i can memorize all the things how? tk pyh baca sume...hehe..bace pun tk kua jgk, kalo kua ingt jgk nk jwb pastu...hehehe..

ok enough blabbering about those bosan2 study stuff...i've told arif bout this bloggy...and he said ok!and he asked "tau ke nak upload gamba camane??" tau laa!!but i dont have much time to wat chantek2 my blog, that part i leave it to u ok bb??

btw,to my dear arif, i miss u so much.i dont know how this long distance relationship is working for u, i really hope it's fine with u.thinking of u just makes me feel sad. actually its more of sy 'kesian' kt awk..i'm sorry i cant always be there for u, in times when a gf should be around her bf.but i promise u, insya Allah, i'll be there on ur convocation...

i'm proud to tell the world that i'm so much deeply in love with this guy named ariff!!!!

till then.mwax!


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