Thursday, July 31, 2008


i don't feel like updating lah..

and dear encik's already 31st july, tomorrow is 1st august..kenapekah duit belum masuk2 lagi??miskennn... =(

and i need to lose few kgs,drastically.or else i'll be in crazy state..i feel so burokkk..any suggestion anyone??

erm nape sy tetibe meroyan nak kurus??? ok..being restless few weeks ago, i just saje2 tengok old pics in my lappy, and i found these!!

this pic was taken when i just arrived here 2 years back, on our outing to get the basic households.excuse the yellow thingy.that's neela. gamba ni sensitip katenye.she hasn't worn tudung yet mase tu..well that's not the point.look at meee...takde perot lagi ok..

and this one also i think it's taken 2 years back..what i'm trying to say here is...takde double chin lagiiii!!

and this one also...see...dulu amik gamba angle mane2 pun tak kesah..takde nye nak nampak double chin ke ape ke..skarang jgn harap nk amik gamba angle camni kan..sah2 nampak chin berlipat2...

yang ni ponnn...takde nye perot berlipat2 mcm skarang ni...erghhh..

and u wanna see how do i look nowadays?? its like this!!

my face looks like a periuk nasik ok!!

and so does this one..

and the double chin...

and the perot...sighh~~

erghhhhh....nih nak meroyan lain dtg sini jadi lagi kurus..i'm the one who's gaining weight...why god why???

i've always asked arif, if i turn out to be sooo gemuk after this, will he still love me as much as he loves me now...and the answer was doubtful ok!! uwaaaaaaa...

ok that's it for today.takde pekdah pon korang bace entry ni..alang2 korang dah bace, what if, korang try to console me like neela always did... "takdelah elida....mane ade gemuk...normal je tuu..."..okay!!hihihi...

till then, mwax!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the standard deviation..

boring boring day..

i started my day with community medicine class and it was freakingly horrible! we're learning on epidemiology and somehow out of nowhere, dr gopinath made a point about health statistical data, and he kept on going about it and finally he came out with some facts related to standard deviation.. ok, standard deviation is like the basic thing in statistic, buy heyy, he forced us to calculate the standard deviation using our handphone's calculator..huhh? me dah start to get bengang, we told him already that all of us have strong basic in these statistical thingy, but still he wanted us to calculate it.. then when i said, "sir, my calculator doesn't have the square root.."..he boleh pulak wat tak dengar kan...tak sokaaa laaa wat2 statistic if we're well-equipped with the scientific calculator tu, takde la kitorang bengang sgt kan....and when tini was telling me how to calculate all those things, tetibe accidentally me ter'yelled' to tini .."calculator aku takde kurungan2 tu laa!!"... sorry okay tini darling, tak sengaje termarah ko...hehehe...

whatever it is, i just don't like community medicine!senang cakap!

as mentioned earlier, it's a boring day...

and dear arif is in penang, following his bosses for a meeting tomorrow...i had a quick conversation with him just now, and somehow saye rase boyfren saye macam org tua! hihihihi.. yer laa, gi meeting2..mcm abah dulu2 jer...gagagaga...

ok.that's it for todayy!

till then, mwax!

Monday, July 28, 2008


it's only 8, but my eyelids are as if they're glued to each other.ape ni mengantok tak hengat dunia nih..

ok quick update.

nothing much happened pun today.

owh owh. ni kena criter.before the forensic medicine class started, dr sowdi did something that i somehow found it so flattering. he apparently just got back from his visit to malaysia. and he puji malaysia tip top punye lah.

dr sowdi : i found that ur country is so greeny.

elida : it is!!

dr sowdi : and the people are so cooperative, my family and i had a pleasant stay, especially when we went to genting highland..and one more thing, i had no difficulty to look for vegetarian food, especially for people like me..i on behalf of my family would like to thank u malaysians...

bangga ok jadi malaysian.. well, being abroad makes us appreciate our homeland so much. jalan kat mane2 tkleh tgk bendera malaysia langsung, everybody'll be like, "omg! omg! bendera malaysia!" and the rest pon went, " mane mane??"..haha..takleh balik malaysia, tgk gambar bendera pon jadi lah kan..tu belum criter kalo tengok tv ade commercials ke, pastu ade shot kat malaysia, lagi lah..."wuuuuu malaysia weiiii"...jakun ok kitorang...

anyhoo, these indians always mistaken us as indonesians...dulu2, when we first arrived here, when the locals asked "where are u guys from?".. we directly told them we're malaysian... tp skarang ni when they asked "are u guys malaysians?" and neela suke je kan.."no no, we're japanese"..or "nooo..we're from the states"..dgn accent yang tak jadinyer..and they believed us ok..huahuahua..tak pyh nk kutuk2, suke ati kitorang la nk cakap ape haaa...hihihi..

erm.kaklong is going to bandung this weekend. and i've mailed her the list.takde la list sgt pon...just few designs of bags i wish for..ntah boleh harap ke tak die tuh..but oii long, the bags' gonna be exchanged with ur hardrock tee ok!no bag, no hardrock2 haaaa!harap maklum..gagagaga...

ok peeps.i think i need to have a quick nap..bosan ok since arif's started working.he goes to bed at around 10 every night..i'm a lone ranger!!

till then, mwax!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i'm huge!

ok now i'm hating weekends. it makes me eat a lot, like too much!

i woke up for subuh today and i couldn't find a way to get back to sleep as the weather is killing me, it was like freakingly cold. later at 630, aha buzzed me asking to come over for breakfast..hihi murah rezeki tau orang tak tito pas subuh nii...

went to aha's at nearly 8, and there were like mountains of food. they're having a guest, my junior back in kyuem, she's doing biological science in edinburgh i guess, and she's here for a visit..they're actually planning to bring her for a picnic at a park nearby, but since this bombing thingy is happening everywhere, we just had makan2 kat rumah..i had nasi lemak, coleslaw, mashed potato, fried chicken, puding and kek batik.banyak giler for a breakfast okay.

after makan2, aha suggested to watch a movie, and tini and me just couldn't resist it. we watched Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, it was hillarious okay. dirty dirty movie.. and i managed to finish the pharmacotherapeutic exercise while watching it..after the movie, tini sumbat me with laksa pulak..

back home at 12, did some personal stuffs, and later neela ajak masak pulak..we cooked spaghetti.. and i ate, again!! there goes my diet. i gained a kg in one day okay.. but the spaghetti was yummy..heheh prasan sorang2..

let the picture does the talking. the melting cheese just looks yummilicious kan kan??

as a punishment for eating too much, i restrain myself from having dinner tonight.. and now it's 11pm, my tummy is crying for food way. only hot milo is allowed tonight..

and owh, i've been a lazy2 bum today. not enough with the movie with the girls, i spent the evening watching the made of honor..and now, i'm in the middle of watching juno..3 movies in a day is sooo unhealthy least for med students i think.but who cares, it's the only weekend i have without any string attached to a test, exam so on..

on the other hand, arif asked me today whether i trusted him or not... he's never been asking such question before, so when he did, it kinda gave me a rough time finding the right answer.. i think i trust him. at least i have to kan? being in a long distance relationship, trusting him is the thing that i should be best at..talking to him about this trust matter somehow raised some doubt in me, about him and about us..but later at the end of the phone call, when he said " i love u baby"...i just know for sure, for certain.. that he loves me dearly as much as i do to him, and i know i can trust him with everything i have...

i gotta to finish watching juno..i should have watched this movie earlier...sangat best ok!

till then, mwax!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

bangalore blast!

if u haven't heard, there's been bombing in few places here in bangalore yesterday. owh dear. it is no longer safe to stay here. MARA please please bring me back home. i'm so scared. teeeheee~~ (drama drama queen...)

and owh i cilok this from E's blog.E halal yerr..the red spots are the areas being blast.. i think it happened somewhere around the town..but stiillllll....tak selamat dah ni duk sini niii....kena hantar kitorang balik mesia dah nii...

being bosan2 tonight i went through few blogs of my classmates. they amazed me tho. they can still use proper malay. by proper i mean they're using bahasa melayu like the sastera tu. canggih ah korang. reading their blog was like reading buku komsas okayy.. but i just scanned through and skipped most of the entries.complicated okay bahasa melayu korang guna..guna kamus dewan ke ape korang neyh?but it's good okay. cintailah bahasa kita. bahasa kita sangat penting especially untuk mengutuk2 kel*ng2 depan2 muka mereka..e.g. when the auto driver demanded for ridiculous fare just to go to the college, we can go like "kepala hotak kau!" (arif take note, sy tak guna bahasa cam ckp lembut2 jer...hihihi) right away in front of them..kat mesia buat mcm tu harus kena cepuk ngan taxi driver tu kan..

on the other hand, i had clinical today. and it was the second class since our ENT (ear, nose and throat) posting started. bosan okay blajar ENT ni. the procedures done sgt2 scary. masuk kot idung la,telinga la. and there was a girl aged about 5 came with her mother. she somehow aspirated something into her nose, and the doctor managed to get it out. ade macam2 okey kluar kot idung die. mule2 kuar kapas la, pastu sponge la.apekah budak2 kecit ni ingat lubang idung tu tong sampah ke?

after the clinical, me, fara, tini, yuli and aha went for a lunch at the kubera palace. it's a new restaurant situated just outside our apartment. ok la they have thai and chinese dishes. and anhar told that they have nasi goreng patayya, so ordered for it la kan. tgk2 it was just nasik goreng with telur on it. apedaaa...but still we had good time mengumpat today..hey that is just what girls do best okay.. and it surprised me how drastically a girl can change over a guy... but it's true...a guy can do hell of things to a girl, be it good or bad..

and owh i think the thing with the power crisis is getting better now..good good..

okay fullstop.bosan.

till then, mwax!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the conversation.

i don't feel like there's nothing much to update.

i haven't been so well.and been taking cough syrup for few days.dah makan ubat batuk ni mula lah tito tak hengat dunia kan..

i think i'll write more during the weekend nanti.

and owh.. i was talking to my classmates earlier today in the ENT OPD..

elida : pakdow, apsal lambat?

pakdow : tak jumpe kunci motor..

elida : ooo..ok2..

aha : eiihhh..bdk laki ni kan mcm2 hal la kannnn...

elida : ape yg mcm2 nye??

aha : yer la mcm2 la kan..

elida : nape? org pompuan takde mcm2 hal ke??

aha : tak..ko tak..ko ade satu hal jer..

elida : aku? ape hal aku??

aha : ARIFF!

elida : **sengih gedik2**

hua hua hua...aha sengaaaallll..ok tu jer nak citerrr...hehehe...

till then, mwax!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


as expected, it's getting worse. my body is aching everywhere..and the temperature is slightly high..tak sokeee okayy.. thank god i finished all the exams already. malas dah nk layan exam laaa test laaa... penat yang teramat ok.and i think this fever must be sbb i didn't get proper sleep for the past few days.well knowing me, i do everything at the very last minute, pastu mule la tito pun tk nyenyak sbb cuak kan...hehehe..

erm i had the paed practical exam earlier today. and i think paediatrics is sooo NOT my thing la kan. i was assigned to work up a case of this 1 year old baby girl, and she came in for fever, cough and cold. when i was taking the history from her parents, she was still ok, playful and duk main tarik2 my stethescope.later, when i was just about to begin examining her, she started to cry. kalo nangis jer takpe, pastu siap tepis2 my hand plak.i couldn't even elicit her vital signs.nak pegang tangan die nak check pulse pon die dah melalak tak tentu pasal, apetah lagi nak check BP and temperature kan. i was so so irritated ok. dalam hati rase cam nak cepukkk je budak nih.kalo comey takpe jugak..hehehe..

and the mark for yesterday's theory paper has came out, efficient ok doctor2 ni tanda paper kitorang.cepat gile.alhamdulillah, it was GREAT!hehehe..taktau la camane practical mark ni kan. dah la i was agak blur2 when dr achamma asked me about the facial nerve examination tadi.hehehe.soklan camtu pon tkleh jawab.agak kebodohan la di situ.gagagaga..

meanwhile, being not so well ni lagi lah making me homesick kan. hukhuk.i miss arif so much. lambat nye lagi nak balik.crying....waaa...

ok peeps, time to gobble my tablets and get some sleep.

till then,mwax!

Monday, July 21, 2008


erm.i think i'm gonna get fever soon.this sore throat has been messing with me since morning, and strepsils didn't do any more good.and when i looked at my tonsil and pharynx in the mirror, they seem a bit inflammed (yes kitorg suke wat self-examination ni.tgk neela lagi klakar ok, duk dlm blk bosan2 dgr heart sound sdirik...xpun main ngn knee-hammer..tu pun nasib baik kitorg takde BP apparatus kat rumah)..

well, the exam today went quite ok.alhamdulillah la coz i didn't leave any question unanswered. lagipun the main question was on the general physical examination in paediatrics cases.senang je kan??hehehehe...

after the exam, me and neela headed back to the coll, and since we have few more hours before the lectures, we went lepak2 kat coffee day.. and neela was being so nerdy kat situ...lepak coffee day pon bace buku..

skema giler kan neela??hahahaha..and those were my chocholate croissant and neela's donut!

ni pulak makngah ari ni...merahnyeeee makngah... and i think i look hideous in red. sgt burokk! red is soo not my colour la kan pasni..

and owh, my busyuk masham arif has been assigned to PJ..which was a relief to me...hehehe..yer lah, neela was teasing me before saying nanti tengok2 arif kena kat mane2 ntah and listing all those weird-sound places in srawak and sabah..taknakkkk okeyyy...hehehe...btw mcm lah me yang nak keje kan..kecoh je lebih...hehehe..

on the other hand, i talked to abah today, and saye rase sgt2 hepi..apparently he's getting healthier and this thing with his peptic ulcer seemed to subside day by day..actually abah has been not so well for quite some time, and the doctor said he has some kind of infection and later it caused ulceration in his stomach..that was what the doctor told him (of course the doctor needs to change so many medical terms into lay man's words), and from my understanding, i think abah has been infected with Helicobacter pylori, since it's the only microorganism which can cause peptic ulcer, and abah seems improving with antibiotics..

the first time i heard about abah's illness, i was sooooo freaked out. i went through all my books ok bace pasal peptic ulcer. and it's written in every book that heavy smoking is one of the leading causes of peptic ulcer..but when i told abah about it, i don't think he believes me. i think he feels that i was just trying to scare him off..susah tauu nak explain kat die, in his understanding, smoking will only do harm to his lungs, how can smoking affect his tummy? bukannye die telan rokok tu masuk dlm perut die kan..aihhh..and later on when his doctor informed plak that the ulcer is due to some kind of bacterial infection, lagi la die sedap hati kann, bukan sbb rokok die tu kan...hurmmm entah la labuu...

but what ever it is, alhamdulillah he's getting better and according to umi, his appetite is fine now and he's been eating well..thank god..

and owh, kaklong menyebok in my chatbox saying that she'll be back to kb only on the 2nd day of raya, and tu pun tgh mlm baru sampai as she wants to escape the cooking part for the open house thingy...and when i read it i was like, "ek elllleeehhhhh...piirraaahhh...if u're home earlier pon, it's not like u do any good pon..." far as i remember, when it comes to cooking for raya meal, kaklong's must-do job is only wat nasik himpit..hua hua huaaaa...jangan marraa haaa..

ok.tatau dah nak citer pasal ape.

till then, mwax!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

good bye holiday.

ok, what to write ah?? nothing in mind right now, but still nak jugak buang masa kan..

owh i know what to and arif are all ok now..tee hee...he texted me early morning today saying he missed me..i knew it!!! hehehe..sbb i missed him terribly too!!

i have paediatrics theory paper tomorrow, but still i don't have enough courage to start studying. takpe lah..tawakal je lah..kalau study kang jadi pandai sangat susah jgk..(ayat nak sedapkan ati semata2)... hehehe..

on the other hand, tomorrow and the next coming week are gonna be a hell for is the week which i'm having pharmacology seminars..sangat tak sukeeee nyeeeeeerrrr...tak tau la nak cakap apeeeee....nak termuntah nye blajar pharmac nii...takleh ke jd doctor without knowing all the drugs tu, all we have to do is diagnosing the disease and let the pharmacist ke sape2 ke other than the doctors decide what drugs are to be given..kan senang mcm tuu..

lambatnye allowance bln 8 nak masuk..makcik dah pokai niii...sighh~~

and owh. i'm determined to restrict my diet to only 5 spoons (spoon means sudu ok, bukan senduk) of rice perday, juice ONLY for lunch, and eat more vegetables. and owh maybe someday when i'm sober enough, i'll be a vegan.hua hua hua..mcm takkan jadi jer..

ok lah.tatau nk mrepek ape lagi.nampak sgt takde keje nii..

till then, mwax!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

a so-called saturday.

ok as in the previous post i didn't story-mory much...i'll do so in this one lah..

yesterday was so-so. it was the last day of my paediatrics posting, meaning i'm having an exam on it this monday.. i didn't do much at the hospital yesterday since the stomach cramp was killing me..i couldn't even finish listening to tini presenting the case and went to the rest room baring2..

back to the coll, during the microbe lecture, dr rajgopal commented on our performances in the previous microbe this was the first microbiology test held, he was quite disappointed.. sigh.. but i expected it already, i know i didn't do very well in the test, and it was very frustrating ok, coz i was thinking of giving good impression..ecece..

but later after the practical class, on my way down, i came across the notice board, and our marks have been put up there. heyy..very much surprising, alhamdulillah, it was not as bad as i thought it should have been..takde lah tinggi sgt pon kan, but considering my effort before the test, and all the merapu things i wrote, the mark is quite ok..suke2...alhamdulillah..

enough about yesterday, let's talk about today okayy..

well this morning i was rajin enough to wake up early and went to the baptist hosp for 1 hour medicine theory pegi pon for the sake of attendance..and i didn't listen to even one word dr manjeera was teaching in front..heheh..and later after the class, me and neela went to our coll, as neela wanted to see the gynaecologist at the ramaiah hospital. actually, kitorg boleh jer jumpe gynae at the baptist hosp, lagi senang as the doctors sume cikgu2 kitorg, they know us already.. tp jadi segan plak when the doctors kenal ni..nnt diorg mention2 dlm class plak pastu.. i had experienced this ok...i was once suspected for acute appendicitis.and the attack started when i was in the surgery class at the baptist hosp.dah la mase tu dr murthi was teaching about abdominal examination in surgery, meaning that acute appendicitis is one of the listed diseases..tibe2 je i dah tak tahan the pain and tini told dr murthi about it and he told me to get some rest in the library..after the class, dr murthi came to see me and tengok me merengkok2 nak nangis dah tahan sakit, he brought me to see dr benjamin whose on duty that time.malu ok when ur lecturer do all the exams on u..nasib baik die suruh sister yg give me the analgesics injection..

ok back to the story, while waiting for the gynae at the ramaiah hosp, i read the newspaper provided there.. apparently what the guys were saying the other day is true. india is actually having some kind of power what i can do now is wait, and be patient..

i spent quite some time at the hosp.being at the OBG department was kelakar ok.everyone's there came for ante-natal check up.tibe2 tercongok me and neela kat situ.dah la the sister called neela as 'mrs. neela'..hahaha..

the gynae instructed neela to do the pelvic ultrasonography and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level..apparently, there is some finding in neela's ultrasound but it is not yet confirmed since neela's next appointment with the gynae is on wednesday..

finished all the blood test and so on at 130, and we both walked to beijing bites for lunch. i had steamed kuew sedap sgt but i just telan jer sbb tak mkn pape since morning..

went back home, gayut jap ngn arif and later at 3 i went to sleep. bangun2 jer it was already 8.lame gile ok i tido..dah la mimpi i went on a date with patrick dempsey.hihihi gedik gile ok mimpi..tktau nape mimpi die, dh la lame dh tk tgk grey's anatomy..die rindu me la tu kot...hua hua hua..

i had some misunderstanding with arif again.and we had quite a fight tonight.and i don't know why, while talking to neela, i just burst into tears..bukan sikit2..siap teresak2 lagi..hehehe..dah la dlm emergency light jer sbb tgh black out..drama drama..hehehe...

entah la...sometimes i just feel that arif doesn't understand me.i don't ask for too many things. in fact, as far as i remember, i never ask for any thing. i just want some attention.. but hey, u don't usually get what u want easily, life is just like that, right?but i think i'm ok with that, we're new lovebirds, it surely takes some time for us to understand each other better right? and i think i'm very good at being the penyabar one.ececece..hehehe..and for the time being, i just pray for the best..

ok peeps, gotta end here. i should be reading for my paediatrics exam at this very moment, but knowing me, melengah2 is my thing ok!

till then, mwax!

Friday, July 18, 2008

i don't feel like writing tonight.nak tido awal lah.nnt esok lah criter2..esok kan weekend,musti bosan... dah bosan2 tu i'll write another super duper long post kutuk2 keling ok..

till then, mwax!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

kekelingan yang menjadi2..

i think i have too much things in my mind, too much that i can't say a thing, not a single word. i am unhappy, i am disappointed, i am depressed and so the list goes...

with the electricity being bangang all the time, i just can't deal with any more stress. i heard briefly the guys from my class chit chatting today, one of them read from the newspaper that the bangang electricity is actually has something to do with the indian government ke ape ntah. it seems that they do not have enough resources to provide the power supply to the whole country, so basically what they're doing now is cutting off the power approximately for 2 hours per day, as to reduce the amount of electricity they're supplying. i don't understand. seriously i don't. kena tny org keje TNB nih...hua hua hua.. tak lawak langsung..

today sangat kecoh. as i said, we're going to the commissioner office to renew our RP today. and we gathered at the lobby at 9, as instructed. tetibe they all kecoh2 saying that we're actually supposed to bring a copy of FRO letter, but we're not informed about it yesterday.. so the management guy, mr chandra had to open up our personal files and look for the FRO thingy and made a copy for everyone, which took quite some time. some of us were a bit melenting dah that time, since most of us got the copy at home, kalau die ckp awal2 kena bwk benda alah tu, takde la buang mase duk melengut kat situ kan. but i was still ok. actually sbb i pun tak sure i got the copy at home or not. so i just kept myself quiet and listened to the ipod.

then it was my turn to go into the office and look for the FRO letter tu la.10 of us are called into the office at one time.while waiting for chandra to do ntah ape ke benda die kena bwat tu, tetibe... the monster, our dean, sudha (i don't have the courtesy to call her dr sudha. i don't think she deserves that respect from me ), came out of her room, and started to mengamuk2. she was yelling at everyone. ntah la tak tau la nk cakap ape.but if u guys see her, u just can't even think that she's a dean, jadi makcik cleaner lagi seswai ok.terpekik sane uneducated, with no manner at all.but, (ok there's a BUT here), i think this time around sudha was right to get mad kot. it's just the way that she showed it i couldn't accept. sudha said that she has been instructing the management guys about this RP thingy for the past 3 months, but only now they're doing it, and it was at the very last minute. no wonder they forgot to tell us this and that. so mmg patut la diorg kena marah gile nk mati ngn sudha tu kan. but kesian ok, sudha siap ckp kalau kitorg tkleh renew RP kitorg, she'll throw them out of their jobs.gagagaga.jadi tukang masak balik la ko pasni chandra oi.( owh yes, our management guy was a cook before.masak taik lembu bagi keling makan kot).hehehehe.patot la takleh wat keje..

malas nk citer panjang psl renew2 RP didn't just end there.kat commissioner office tu berbagai2 la pulak citer cut long story short, dpt la jgk kitorg renew kan RP kitorg ni.. but everything was settled at 1245..and we actually have lectures at the baptist hosp at 12.and it seemed that everyone is so f***ed up tired, they (including me, hehe) didn't bother about the class anymore. the guys went to the sigma mall. me, tni, misha, fara, aha and yulie went to brigade road. there we met hanafi and ikmal. so bape kerat je yg pegi kelas tu kan..tggl those batch yang mmg ade clinical hari ni je la..

untuk mengubat hati yang lara mana pon... i had kfc with tni and misha... terubat la sangat kan hati tu... and later we went to the bookstore, i found pilot ballpen there!! yeay!ade jgk kat sini kamu ghupenye..

and we went back to the coll at 230, performed our zohor and lepak2 kat surau as our microbe class was at 330..later yulie, aha and fara joined us and we started mengumpat org like tak ingat dunia.. hehehe...but the microbe class started only at 4, as the students from the baptist hosp finished their class late..and ms babitha (kesian name die kan, tp die baik ok) took the class for only 30mins. i think she kesian tgk us sgt2 penat...pity pity us..hihihi..

and there was an incident before the microbe class started.again it was with the management guy, this time bukan chandra, it's the other old pakcik ntah sape ntah.. and i think my friends were sgt2 bengang tahap dewa naga sari, i heard people yelling here and there..but i was just so tired with everything, malas nk ambik pot sgt dah..and neela surprised everyone today, even me kat sebelah her pon kecut perut ok. she chased the management guy out of the lecture hall. by 'chase' i mean she actually yelled " just get out OK!!".... haaaa korang jgn maen2 ngn osmet i ni, nampak je senyap camtu, korang berani kacau la kitorang, kecit2 macam tu pun semangat waja membara2 tauu...hehehe..but i think neela pon dah tired with everything..we have too much to handle la dgn keling2 ni..

in fact, later tonight pon neela was still uttering about going back home. she must be very very very homesick dah kot.. i just couldn't say much... i don't have any more words to console her, i couldn't even console myself dah, apetah lagi nak pujuk2 die kan...sabar je la neela..

as for me, i think i'll just keep things to myself, at least for some time..malas nak membebel kat arif ke ape ke...wat spoil mood jer..and arif lately pon seems gedik2 nak manje2 with me all the lagii sukeeee...luckily i have this guy, tgh meroyan2 pon, hearing his voice is enough to mend everything up..sangat menghiburkan hati ok..

and owh, abah has booked the flight tix from kl to kb for me..surprisingly dah takde tiket ok..i actually wanted the morning or afternoon flight, but only evening flight is available, and it's at 6pm ok, meaning dekat2 nak bukak puasa dh.. and i have to wait for 10hours la kan...maybe i'll just take the klia express to kl kot...and g jalan2 klcc ke midvalley ke, spend the day there..takkan nk tunggu kat klia je kot...harus meroyan kat situ..dah la puasa... and by that time i think arif pon dh balik kb already, so do my kaklong and her family..terpakse la duk sorang2...takotnyeeee..arif, hint2... gagagaga...

wuuuuu very the long post aaa this time...time to sleep..adios amigos bzzztttt!!

till then, mwax!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the untitled one.

well, there is no post for yesterday.. wanna know why?? bcoz india sucks!! as STUPID as usual, there was no electricity last night at about 9pm, and since i was f***ingly couldn't do anything, i just went to sleep..and i woke up at 630 this morning, ingat nk iron baju sume tu, got up from the bed, was about to turn on the heater, dammmnnnnnnn the power went off again!! i'm totally more F word, no more cursing, no more swearing. just speechless, i just couldn't say any more word.mereka memang bodoh tahap melampau2.. and i went to the class today tak iron baju, nasib baik ade tudung dah iron..shitty shitty india..

still, life has to go on... sigh...

btw, yesterday tini brought me and neela to this place, somewhere near victoria hospital, bcoz there ade satu bookstore,prithvi, that sells medical books for cheaper prices... boleh tahan la jauh from our place.. but still, it was worth the journey.. coz i managed to get 5 books with only rs1600 (+- rm 150).. murah kan... kalau ikut normal price, the total should be around rs2400, so i jimat like rs800...yip yip..

at least, ade la jgk bende best kat sini kan...buku kat sini murah...i once surveyed the books kat mph mase kat kl ari tu, the price was like doubled, and ade jgk yg triple the price..

erm tomorrow we gotta go to the commissioner office as our residential permit is about to satu lagi hal susah jadi pendatang asing ni... once a year we need to renew our RP.. tp ok la since we're excused from attending community medicine... tak larat ok blaja commed ni.. can u imagine learning one subject for 3 and half years??? dah la blaja psl makanan keling ni..wat pe.. mcm la org kat msia takde otak makan taik lembu cam diorg ni!!! (actually diorg tak mkn pon taik lembu tu, saje je exaggerate sket..)

ok peeps, in no mood to write any longer...kang takde letrik plak jap lg..

till then, mwax!

Monday, July 14, 2008

the F word!

i really need to say this out loud....


this time, i just don't care if any true indian happens to read this or whatever, they just deserve it!
ok call me a freak or psychotic emo, what ever u want, i don't give a damn about it!

i'm having a microbiology test tomorrow afternoon, and there are like tons of pages left for me to read and memorize, and the electricity is like PIG!! why do i become so angry?? i'm not that irritable. i don't get pissed off so easy. but i just can't take this anymore. i can't stand it.

i came home after the class at 430, and there was already no electricity. at 5, it was back. ok thank god. me n neela quickly cooked for our dinner. as usual, after cooking then only i'll take my shower, perform my prayer, have my meal and so on...since i wasn't so hungry, i planned to have my dinner after maghrib, and gave arif a call while waiting masuk maghrib. during my 45 mins talk with arif, the power went off twice. bangang enough. i perform my maghrib dlm gelap. ok i dont mind lagi.

its almost 8, and the electricity is still not there. i should have started my revision, and yet i havent had my dinner bcoz of this stupid bodoh bangang letrik. tido lagi baik since i can't do anything better dlm gelap ni. i woke up at 9, the light is on, had my dinner and opened the book.. less than an hour later, black out lagi sekali. after half an hour, it was back and in less than 10 mintes later, again it went f***ing off!!!! ok this time around, i just couldn't take it anymore! the F word came out of my mouth laju jer....

come on la. i just dont understand why. why? why? why? this doesnt happen in my place only. it happens throughout the india. the same thing happened when i was on my holiday in goa..kat msia, hujan ribut petir taufan tsunami tornado ke ape ke, takde nye nak black out camni..paling busuk pun astro je la takleh nak tengok kan.. please la lazy indians, gain some knowledge, and improve ur technology. byr letrik mahal nak mampos, camni je service??

earlier today during the lectures, the power went off for about 3-4 times. and its just a waste of time ok. we needed to wait for the system to restart, for the PA to function again etc2..buduh!! no wonder they are so left behind. the very basic thing like this pon they can't manage properly, apetah lagi in those adavanced technologies kan!

this looks like a silly thing for me to get so angry. but if u're in my shoes, then only u'll understand. i don't mind it if i came here nak melepak. but i have my studies, which i couldn't do best just because of this small stupid thing.. it matters a lot.. ok i rest my case!!

mlm ni kalau wat psychiatric depression test harus tinggi giler score... hehe..

giler emo mlm nih. and for the record, i cried. sakit hati sgt2 ok...PMS kot nih..hihihih...

please MARA, send me back home. sy nk balik belajar kat malaysia... please please please.. when i finish my business here, i'll go back home, and this place will be the last place i'll ever come again..i'll be so done with india..

dear god, please make things go smoothly for me, for my next 3 and half years stay here in india.. aminn..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

weekend no more.

tomorrow's monday. sob sob. nape la org tk buat weekend 3 hari sminggu..

the internet connection has been shitty. i dont understand why, but everytime there's black-out, the internet will get disconnected, and it took 5-6 hours to become ok again. and today, when i woke up at 10, the internet wasnt there. neela told that the electricity went off at around 9 for about half an hour, and when its back, the internet still takde jgk..i put it on the bright side, ok la blh stdy without distraction la kan jap lagi..but then, its 2pm and the internet it still not there, me dah start meroyan nak mengamok byr mahal gila nak mati, tp service cam tahpape...mulut pun mula la kan membebel kutuk2 india nihhh...perform my zohor, pastu baru la rase tenang skit..ecece... tengok2 internet dh kena beribadat dulu rupenye..hehehe...

baru jer sedap2 duk melayan friendster..the electricity went off again.demmmmmm la india niiiiiiiiii.... hangin laaaaaa... dah ade blk letrik tu, internet ni pon wat hal la lagi kan..tkde balik connection die....bodo bodo bodo punye india..starting from 3 o'clock td, pkl 9pm ni baru ade balik internet ni.tu pun dah puas doa dh mase smayang asar ngn maghrib tadi..pathetic ok doa mintak internet seriously i tell u, i just cant live without the connection, i feel lost..i dont really bother about this if i'm in msia, but being here, without the internet, i feel so deserted..padahal kalo internet ade tu bukannye wat ape pon..i hardly ym with anyone pon other than arif and my siblings, but the fact that the connection is there just calm me down and make my day fine..

talked to arif just now, and he seemed not in a very good mood.i asked him if he's mad at me or anything, but he said takde pape lah,die ok jer...but i can sense that he's not quite ok.then this thought came across my mind, earlier today he mentioned that he slept a lot today since he didnt smoke too much.. so this moody2 thingy must be due to tak smoke ari ni la ni.. and i feel a bit guilty la kan since last night while talking to him i asked when is he gonna stop smoking and tup2 today die tak smoke serba salah ni.. tak nak larang kang, me myself yg knows better, how bad smoking can affect dh larang ni, jadi camni plak..takpe2..i'll just let him least for now..kan kan??

owh owh...i can wear my size 27 levi's back...weeee...just need to cut down 1 or 2 kgs more, then it'll be perfectly ok nk turun barang sekilo 2 itu lah yg memerlukan kegigihan ni... adooiiii...

i just finished my pathology report. kalau tk siap, tk dapat attendance for tomorrow's practical tau.. gila rugi ok..and if u guys ever wonder, how my report looks like.. hihihi... mcm ni haaaa...

taddaaaa....bukan mcm korang punye lab report haa.. yg kena type2 bagai maen la camtuu...kitorg siap gune colour pencils lagi tuuu... hehh tu bukan sebarang pencil tuu, name die pun dah haematoxylin and eosin pencils tauu..and tu la report sayeeee...chomey lah keje kami as med students...lukis bulat2,bujur2... actually that is how ur salivary gland will look like microscopically if u have pleomorphic adenoma (it's a kind of tumor la senang cakap).. this is what we do in pathology practical class...why we have to learn this?? mane la tau..if someday in the future, one of us turns out to be a pathologist ke, ni la keja diorg..diorg duk lab, pastu the doctors will send all the tissue samples or whatever specimens they have, and the pathologists have to do all the examination, macro- and microscopically, to determine whether the sample is normal or not..that explains why we have to learn all these things ok... tp gila bosan la kalo sape jd pathologists kan, i'm not sure la plak how it is in other places, i mean in uk, msia, russia etc2...whether or not they learn as details as we do here...siap kena lukis2 dah wat mcm ni kan, mmg sticks in the brain la sume ni...ok la kan...

ok peeps...penat mengarut dah..

till then, mwax!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

sudah keringg..

WE'RE THREE MONTHS TODAY!! yeayyy.. alhamdulillah... yes we're only three months.. but it feels like forever, like i've known him my whole life..arif, elida loves u very2 much!!

well, today was ok. woke up at 650, went to baptist hospital, and had medicine theory class with dr manjeera..finished the class, on the way to the hospital gate, heading off to the town,

neela said.... "kite tk penah pon amik gamba kat baptist ni kan?"..
me said... "a'ah kan, jom amik"..

so this is it... tarrrraaa... my first pic published in this blog...busan la kan ayat je manjang2.. mcm bace karangan upsr jer...

okey family and frens, introducing to u exclusively the bangalore baptist hospital, where i've been doing my clinical posting for almost a year...and owh i should be wearing the white coat here, ade tu dah simpan dalam beg.. (yeah yeah i know i gained weight...)

well, this hospital is not so bad at all. die takde la besar sgt, but complete la..basically ape yg kitorang should learn tu ade la kat situ..and the best part is, the doctors are sangat2 baik... yes they are... why am i stressing it so much?? gini, dulu2, when i was doing my a-level, i kinda did a job attachment at kb general hospital, there, i saw how garang the senior doctors to the interns, nurses sume tu.. and it scared me to death... they just tengking2 the interns in front of everybody and byk lg lah.... but that time, i thought all doctors everywhere are like that,u know, since they're dealing with people's life,u can't just take even small things for granted..but when i started my clinicals here, i saw how nice the senior doctors are...even to the interns and to us...fara told me the other day, her friend who's doing medic back in msia said that the paeditricians are the scariest doctors..but here, the paeds are the nicest...cut long story short, i love doing my clinicals here.. though its very2 tiring, but it's just paid off, coz u learnt a lot there...

ok..back to the story, since the baptist hosp is quite near with the town dah, we reached garuda mall at 950, aiseh...the shops aren't even opened yet.hahaha...neela suggested me to watch get smart, so we went upstairs to the cinema... but wth, dh takde dah get smart, it was just released like 2 weeks back, along with the incredible hulk, and the show was only for 2 weeks???? WTH??..dh la crite klua lambat, klua plak sekejap nk mati...bongek2..kalau crite kel*ng tu bersepah pulak...hampehh..nk tgk hancock, since arif said it was ok la, but only front rows left.. lagi hampeh..

went to MNG, alaa sales up to 30% jerr..and the baju pon cam tahpape... i like this one black skinny jeans, lupe nk amik gamba tadi..after discount the price is rs 2400 ( +- rm 200).. tp pk2 balik, tknak la beli jeans skarang ni, pewot buncit...mane la tau kot2 pasni kurus balik ke, tak ke longgar jeans tu pasni..hahahah in my dream!

i ended up buying nothing from MNG...and we walked to the lifestyle ( another kecit nonet shopping mall).. ESPRIT was having sales also... and i bought 3 baju...yeay!! ok la coz i spent rs2600 for 3 items... not so mahal la kan.. and i bought sume baju sopan2 jer, i dont think i can wear fitted shirts anymore, pewot buncit, shy2...hihihi...and these are what i got todayyy...

neela actually likes this one, but i grabbed it first and it was the last piece..tu pun size s..i wear xs for ok la, good way to cover my pewot..

this shirt saje je beli..coz it was lessed by rugi pun kan..

ok i like this one since i only have few red shirts only..

sopan kan baju2 saye beli..ok so this is more shopping for this month. not until august allowance masuk.. another 14 days to go..

ok, study more lepaking..

till then, mwax!

Friday, July 11, 2008

tomorrow's is a yeay! its saturday. but still i have clinical. sigh...

me and neela are going out tomorrow. maybe after the theory class, i will cabut. hopefully there'll be not many cases tomorrow so i wont miss much.less guilt then. hehe. MNG is having sales, that explains why i'm so desperate to go out ok.but lately my shopping temptation has been greatly reduced. i think i just love to see my duit byk dlm i need to save some money to buy few books next few i mean six books. tak abih2 beli buku.dari awal tahun until now. mara u better raise up our allowances! i think i spend rs3000 (rm250) every month for books...

but i think i just need few new shirts. since i'm more comfortable to class with jeans and shirt, so i really need plenty of them. skarang ni pun asyik ulang baju same je g class...

i'm having a microbiology test on tuesday. it'll be on gram positive and negative cocci, and gram positive bacilli..and tonite i finished staphylococcus. only. i thought i'll manage to finish up to pneumococcus, but my brain is so saturated, no more sentence is processed..

btw, yesterday during clinical, i saw this one patient of a down's syndrome in the ICU. she's only 7 years old. dr varsha said she's been admitted for overdosed of some drugs (thyroxine tablets kot), but she looked just healthy as she could be..she was so adorable, and in my eyes, she looks very much cute for a kid with down's syndrome.. i think neela was right, being in paediatrics posting made us become so sensitive. i didn't really like kids before, but now, seeing those sick kids really touched my feelings. it is different in other departments where u see adult patients, all u have for them is empathy, but with the kids, the feeling is undescribed..

WARNING : next paragraph is unsuitable for guys a.k.a lelaki..keep urself away.shuh shuh..arif, tutup mata!!

and owh i just learnt that breastfeeding mothers should continue feeding their babies even when they (the mothers) fall sick e.g. fever, flu etc. i know that few mothers stop breastfeeding as soon as they got sick, afraid that they'll transmit whatever they have to the baby through the milk. afraid not. that is not true. actually, when the mother gets sick, her immune system will develop the antibody against the pathogens, and the antibody will be passed to the baby in the milk, so, it'll be much beneficial to the baby, since the baby hasn't developed her immunity, or it's there but not yet fully developed. lagipon,if u stop feeding ur baby, she'll be deprived of good okey.. and dr achamma pesan, starting breastfeeding as soon as u gave birth could save 1 million lives globally.. hihihi...ok ibu2 d luar sana.. take note yer.. arif tny, bile balik?? well darling, yessss, another 2 months and 2 come u said sekejap jer lagi?? i think i wanna put up a count down timer la here.. and owh, i haven't bought flight ticket back to kb. insya Allah i'll arrive in KLIA at 7am on the 27th sept, its almost raya dah that time, means i should have bought the ticket by now..thinking of amik flight balik kb yg pkl 10am tu...

and arif tny lagi, bile abis blaja?? hihih kejap jer lagiiii...3 tahun 8 bulan jer lagiii....heheheh....

ok peeps, bed time's approaching. perform my isyak and schleeeeeeppp...bahagianyerrr.. and owh arif has been a so efficient wake-up-for-subuh alarm..thanks boyfie i love yuuu..yer sy mmg susah nk bgn subuh...but hey i'm trying to change here ok!who knows in a week or two, u don't need to call me every morning any more, i'll bangun on my own ke..insya Allah..

till then, mwax!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my day.

ok today has been great as well as not. i started my day with a big smile. i skipped community medicine since i planned to read pathology for the afternoon test. neela gave me a call at around 8am, i was still sleeping, and she was in the baptist hosp as today is her clinical rotation. i answered her call half-awake, since this makcik usually calls me when she left her keys or book and needs me to bring it for her.but not this time around........

"elida, nk tau benda best tak?"... i was like ape bdk ni pagi2 tepon nk bgosip dah...

"ape??" said..

"u got the highest mark for ophthal theory!!".....whoaaaaa.... ok,terus tk ngntok.. yip yip! (alhamdulillah...)

well, getting good or the highest mark is so high-school for me.i think i havent got good marks for almost 2 years since i started my mbbs. sometimes i feel that med students are just not meant to get good results, what we are meant to get is only result cukup2 mkn, and for me is not to repeat the year. yes we have to resit for one whole year if we failed any subject, even only one subject. freakingly scary.god forbid..

the pathology test wasnt going so well.i left 3 out of 7 questions without any sentence written. but i dont feel really bad about it, since this happens to me all the time. IMMUNED.

after the class, neela and i went to the nilgiri's. it's a mart selling many malaysian products, basically food stuffs. we actually wanna buy tuna, coz they have ayam brand there. but the price was killing can of tuna mayonnaise costs u rm10. haih. but i just closed my eyes, took a deep breath and grabbed 2 cans of it. we havent had proper breakfast for quite sometime and neela was complaining about that...bought few more stuffs, pancake mix, vegetables etc2..

and right after we got into the auto (its the yellow public transport that u watch in cerita hindustan tu, they're called auto here), it started to rain. bukan rintik2, turun2 terus lebat nk mati..sgt bestttt though kami basah kuyup..

i had a long talk with boyfie tonite. we were laughing all the way smpai kering tekak..thanks baby, u always find a way to make my day. i love u so much.

till then, mwax!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's not worth reading..

erm.running out of time here.but neva mind,i slept after maghrib td and just woke up, need a booster first. i think arif must be bengang2 with me.hihihi.he texted and called me, i still tak bgn2 sempat nak gayut pun mlm ni...hehehe..esok la eyh..

well today we had the first pediatrics posting. it wasnt bad at all. we had theory class first and later went to the OPD. chomel2 la jgk bdk2 kat situ. they didn't annoy me much pon. and i went to the ward to make up a case there. the patient is a 3 year old girl, came in with fever and jaundice. and it was funny, coz the baby's name is Baby. hehehe.working out on the case wasnt so hard since i just have to get the history examination done. but i think her mom wasnt being a reliable informant at all. she didnt even remember her baby's date of birth.apekah??if she's a nenek tkpela, how come a 25year old mother doesnt remember her daughter's birthday? and she even tk ingt at what age did she get married.hilang ingatan ke ape die nih. later i presented the case to dr achamma,

"a 3-year-old Baby, came from Bangalore, informant is her mother, reliable...." ,

dr achamma stopped me and asked the patient's name. hehe. part that i like,

"the baby's name is Baby"..hihihi..

and dr achamma puji my presentation today.weeee...

and owh, i really cannot understand why these indians like asking money from us so much.. if only i could ketuk kepala they all sorang2...they are the most untrustable people in the world.. sabar yeeee fara....nk jadi pediatrician takleh marah2...hehehe..

okeyh, i think my brain is functioning now. time for pathology...

till then, mwax!

Monday, July 7, 2008

hurry elida hurry.

ok this post is going to be a short one.i dont have much time to mumble2 lah jadinye...awal2 duk tgk baru kelam kabut...padan muke hang elida!!hihihi.. ok azam sy mlm ni is to finish 20 pages of patho and make a note on triple sugar iron agar, kot2 esok practical ngn mr butcher tuh,tk larat nk kena bebel...sempat ke nk abis bace 20pages?? sempat kot, its 10pm now, jp lg tito kol 1..insya Allah sempat..hihihi.... tomorrow i'll read up another 10 or 15 pages... and lusa morning, i'll read the rest of it after community medicine pny class..sempat2..see, pandai kan sy bahagi mase students out there, i can be ur example to be a successful med student.. =p

ok enuf.hands off the keyboard.. tp still nk ckp jgk, SAYE SAYANG BOYFIE SAYEEERRR!!!NAMA DIA ARIFF....

till then, mwax!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

a not-so-productive weekend..

as the title says..hihihi...weekend ini sgtlah bahagia untuk sy...neela has been insisting on me to watch sindarela since like forever, but me so malas nak tunggu2 die loading tu...but then yesterday i was super duper bored, and this thing came across my mind, why not la kan i watch that cerita... and the internet was so well cooperating with me, kejap je die load, tk pyh tggu2 pun...sooo whoaaa... i finished 22 episodes of sindarela at in 28hours...hihihi...arif pon dah membebel dah, but i just couldnt resist it..hehehe..blame neela ok darling...she's the one la yg responsible introducing me to tgk cerita2 melayu ni..lagiponn, mcm la awk tk tau ur gf ni is a lazy2 bum...hihi and arif membebel pon cam chomel jer...membebel la lagi...

hurm today morning, 850am neela dh kecoh2 waking me up..."elidaaaa,bangooonnn,kol 9 kite dh kena gerak g pasar"...hehehehe...semangat giler minah ni nak gi pasar...and yesss!! we did went to the market..wuwuwuwu...and i spent exactly rs1000 there...since last time we went to the market, neela paid them all, so this time around is my turn la kan...well, i never follow umi to the market back in msia, so i didnt know whether mahal ke tak those fresh stuffs yg kitorg beli.. but byk kitorg beliiii...we bought beef, prawns, squids and fish...and we tk kenal fish, so we bought ikan kembung and ikan bawal jer...hihihi..luckily they (fish monger) did the cleaning, so we balik rumah no need to siang2 ikan dah...but to make the fish look nicer, i just chopped off their heads...tak baek makan kepala ikan ni, jadi tk pandai nnt....hehehhe...

but after all, i think umi should be proud of me.yes i now know a lot of things tau including pegi2 pasar nih...i can still remember clearly how worry umi was when sy nk fly dtg sini 2 years back... why??sbb sy tk penah masak nasik pon kat rumah...never...even for once in my 20 years of life..until i came here...but still tkleh blame on me, bibik la ni...baru jer bukak peti nk kluarkan nugget, bibik came aside "takpe2 kak ida, bibik grgkan"...hah!nugget pon bibik tlg grg, apetah lagi kalo nk msk nasik kan...but hey, i think i've grown up so much since i came here...when i'm hungry, there's no one to cook for me, or even grg nugget for me..i clean my room, do all the laundry, clean the toilet, everything on my own..i know to some people this doesnt sound weird at all, and i understand why neela can be so pelik tgk why i dont do my bed every morning... but i think this is just the way how i was brought up, bibik was there for everything...but i'm not that bad after all, my lil sis and brother are far worse than i am..esp my brother, masuk mandi dlm toilet pon tk bwk towel, dh siap mandi, he'll just shout as loud as he could, "bibiiiikkkk, towellll!!" hey, kalo die bdk kecit takpe, my brother is in form 2 skarang ini okeyh...

whatever it is, bibik esih (camni ke eja?), ur the best!!! cayalah bibik!! bab2 tlg cover line pon best jgk bibik nih...hehehe...

umi and abah are back in kelantan dh pon, umi bought byk2 chocolate...already pesan her tu put aside, sorok betol2 mine...jgn bagi kaklong jumpe...wuhuhuuhuh..i know she'll be reading this..hihihi....thinking of nak suruh umi hantar parcel lah...kicap dah pon sume dh abis..maggi pon tggl sikit...sedeyh2...well kaklong, just get ready okey, in a week or two, umi will be sending u bags of food untuk dihantar kpd adikmu yg tersayang iniiii...hihihiih...

erm.last night me and arif had a small fight.i think its just a misunderstanding.and arif terasa with me.i'm a kind of tak suka nk pujuk2 ni, so i just let him be.hehehe...but later that night, i dah start dah tk sedap bontot since arif went to sleep without we sempat baek2 pon...wat muke tk malu jer, called him, and we baek2 again...weee...honestly baby, i hate it badly when we're fighting, coz we are way apart, kalo ade depan2, i dont mind nak bgadoh 24/7 (tanak2)...hehehe...

ok dah.schleep time.mlm ni nk tdo mimpi tg.haidar from sindarela tuh.omg omg.he's sooo damn suuuwweett...busan dh tiap2 mlm mimpi arif... =P arif jgn marraa haa..nnt kena jual..

till then, mwax!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


hurm..its finally weekend...this week has been a looooong one..and we're done with ophthalmology..hukhuk..yesterday was the practical exam, and luckily i got a case of scleritis, so it wasnt so hard..dr philip and dr rina were sgt baik when i presented the case... and alhamdulillah, the theory result isnt bad at all, if i managed to read betul2 on cataract and corneal ulcer the day before,i could have got better marks, tp kena bersyukur la kan...well, after almost a year doing clinical rotation, i think i've finally found one specialty that i like...i've crossed out surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology (this is sooo not me,tak sukeeee), dermatology, and medicine ok la.. jadi general physician pon not bad jgk kan...

watched kungfu panda alone in my room last night, dah berzaman downloaded it but couldnt find enough time to watch it..and it was ok la...chomel la jgk..panda tu chomel la, sbb name die PO.. and die buncit mcm arif..heheh..=p...and i like this one phrase from the movie, which the master said "yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mistery and today is a gift,that is why its called the present"...interesting2...

bosan la skarang series sume tk kua lagi..yesss, i'm a hantu of tv series...thinking of nak tgk balik one tree hill right from the beginning, season1...the oc dah bosan dh tgk sume2 season..and plus its season 4 is very lame without mischa barton..cannot wait for next season of one tree hill, lucas actually proposed sape?? i think it's brooke..yeay!!lucas is meant to be with brooke, not peyton..but peyton sgt chantek at the end of season5...she's freakingly kurus and her hair pon sgt best...

well i think abah and umi are already at klia now...welcome hoooome...their flight back to kb is at 3...mlm nnt lah ida give u a call ok..

i'll be starting my paediatrics posting next week..and my friends said paed is ok, best jgk la..sbb dealing with budak2 kan..but i'm not into kids so nephew and niece ok la..other than that, i can easily get annoyed with they said those sick kids tau nangis je kann..lagi la rase nk ketuk tak baek..hehehe...takpe,this posting kejap je, 2 weeks only...

pathology test on GI system this coming wednesday, which means i'll be spending this weekend with patho je la kan..sigh...

ok,gotta clean up my room, do the laundry etc2..

till then,mwax!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

the incredible hulk.

well..i havent been updating much for the past few days.bizi bizi..hehe..sat for ophthalmology theory paper this morning, and it was like demmmm..i was told yesterday that we'll be given 20mcqs and 2 short notes only, and when i asked dr philip, "how short are the short notes?", he said it depends on how short our answers are, so we didnt expect much, i seriously thought that its going to be a 5 mark question or something like that.tup tup the short notes carry 20marks each. apekah??so how is it in the final exam nnt when we are supposed to have long essay??

finished the exam at 930, and we're once again surprised by dr philip when he said that we're having spotters xm plak.heyyy u didnt mention it earlier,at all! so tibai je la td kan..let's see hows the result nnt la kan..

finished the spotters, me and neela went doing something that we love soooooo much....watching movieeeeee...we planned to watch the incredible hulk at 1020,but thanks to the spotters which were not helpful at all, we missed the show..and the next show was at 1255..ingtkan citer tu kejap je..coz we have microbe class at 330,but then it finished at 310...terpakse la ponteng..hehehe...and arif marah me sbb ponteng..bukan org sngaje pon nk ponteng..mrh dr philip la..die yg tibe2 wat spotters tu...

and the incredible hulk is tak best first it was ok..but last2 tu,we started to feel lost..and the ending was like ngn neela both didnt understand the criter..anhar cakap best,worth watching...takponnn...and i was shocked seeing liv tyler..she's oldddd...i really like her in armageddon,she's like soooo lovely and sweet dlm citer tu....but now she nampak sgt gemuk with big bones.hehe.nk bg seswai ngn hulk tu kot..

owh owh...i broke my glasses this morning...i put i on the bed and took my shower...came out from the toilet..sedap je landing atas tau2 je org br dpt duit...hehe...but i dont really mind pon since i think the power has increased,so sometime later i still have to get a new one..tkpe la kan...seriously dah keje nnt wanna get laser done on my eyes!!leceh la kena pakai2 spec ni...tkkan smpai tua nk pakai contact lens kan...

btw,sy sgt geli dgn sorng kel*ng ni...when i first started wat blog ni, he bagi komen (kena tulis dlm bm ni,nnt die phm) i thought tu biase2 je die nk welcoming ke ape ke..but later on, die bagi lagi another komen, about my entry yg duk kutuk2 india i replied la kan,mtk maap and everything kot2 die terase org kutuk2 negara die ke ape ke...and tgk2 pagi tadi...die reply balik komen seems that dia ni keep updating himself dgn blog ni..yek yekk geli tauu...ok la die nk wat baek still...yekkk..sgt geli ok!!bkn nk ckp pape...but its kinda scary tau ngn kel*ng2 ni..diorg ni creepy tau..psycho ok..kalo pk2 kan,most of my entries are all campur2 bm ngn bi kan..i used broken english everywhere..and kalo die bace, half way through pun tk tentu lagi die blh paham ke wat pe nk bukak2 lagi blog ni kan kalo die tk still die duk view jgk...rimas pun mls nk lyn..nk tulis2 byk2 kot bm pasni..bia die tk phm satu benda pon...padan muke..musti kel*ng tu busuk...tgk muke pon dah nmpk cam busuk..euww..

sy sgt homesick..sgt2 rindu mesia...umi and abah are coming back home tomorrow from london after 2 months...nak balikkkk jgk.....lmbtnye cuti..lambat gile lagi ok!!and last night when talking to arif, he said that he doesnt mind pun if i dont go back for his convo since i'll be back home again one month later for raya holiday..hurm so tk jd blk la kot bln 8 ni..tgk la camne kan b..

sy sgt rindu boifren dear arif, for the past 3 months, i feel like being in heaven, i've been showered with so much love from u,which keeps me going everyday since then...ur love strengthen me whenever i feel the whole world has been so unfair to me..for once in my life i have this kinda feeling, and i'm not ashamed to tell the world how deeply i am in love with u..

hihi.ok dah jiwang2..gotta flip thru few pages of ophthal...hins2...

till then, mwax!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

as busy as a bee.

nothing much to update.been busy with everything.

and i feel so intimidated with this one girl. tktau nape.but neela said, there's nothing to be intimidated of.ok,will try. =(

and arif hasn't been so well since few days back.get well soon b.pls take paracetamol n whatever medication u need to on time ok!i'm missing u soooooo much!!

till then,mwax!

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