Saturday, July 26, 2008

bangalore blast!

if u haven't heard, there's been bombing in few places here in bangalore yesterday. owh dear. it is no longer safe to stay here. MARA please please bring me back home. i'm so scared. teeeheee~~ (drama drama queen...)

and owh i cilok this from E's blog.E halal yerr..the red spots are the areas being blast.. i think it happened somewhere around the town..but stiillllll....tak selamat dah ni duk sini niii....kena hantar kitorang balik mesia dah nii...

being bosan2 tonight i went through few blogs of my classmates. they amazed me tho. they can still use proper malay. by proper i mean they're using bahasa melayu like the sastera tu. canggih ah korang. reading their blog was like reading buku komsas okayy.. but i just scanned through and skipped most of the entries.complicated okay bahasa melayu korang guna..guna kamus dewan ke ape korang neyh?but it's good okay. cintailah bahasa kita. bahasa kita sangat penting especially untuk mengutuk2 kel*ng2 depan2 muka mereka..e.g. when the auto driver demanded for ridiculous fare just to go to the college, we can go like "kepala hotak kau!" (arif take note, sy tak guna bahasa cam ckp lembut2 jer...hihihi) right away in front of them..kat mesia buat mcm tu harus kena cepuk ngan taxi driver tu kan..

on the other hand, i had clinical today. and it was the second class since our ENT (ear, nose and throat) posting started. bosan okay blajar ENT ni. the procedures done sgt2 scary. masuk kot idung la,telinga la. and there was a girl aged about 5 came with her mother. she somehow aspirated something into her nose, and the doctor managed to get it out. ade macam2 okey kluar kot idung die. mule2 kuar kapas la, pastu sponge la.apekah budak2 kecit ni ingat lubang idung tu tong sampah ke?

after the clinical, me, fara, tini, yuli and aha went for a lunch at the kubera palace. it's a new restaurant situated just outside our apartment. ok la they have thai and chinese dishes. and anhar told that they have nasi goreng patayya, so ordered for it la kan. tgk2 it was just nasik goreng with telur on it. apedaaa...but still we had good time mengumpat today..hey that is just what girls do best okay.. and it surprised me how drastically a girl can change over a guy... but it's true...a guy can do hell of things to a girl, be it good or bad..

and owh i think the thing with the power crisis is getting better now..good good..

okay fullstop.bosan.

till then, mwax!


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