Monday, July 14, 2008

the F word!

i really need to say this out loud....


this time, i just don't care if any true indian happens to read this or whatever, they just deserve it!
ok call me a freak or psychotic emo, what ever u want, i don't give a damn about it!

i'm having a microbiology test tomorrow afternoon, and there are like tons of pages left for me to read and memorize, and the electricity is like PIG!! why do i become so angry?? i'm not that irritable. i don't get pissed off so easy. but i just can't take this anymore. i can't stand it.

i came home after the class at 430, and there was already no electricity. at 5, it was back. ok thank god. me n neela quickly cooked for our dinner. as usual, after cooking then only i'll take my shower, perform my prayer, have my meal and so on...since i wasn't so hungry, i planned to have my dinner after maghrib, and gave arif a call while waiting masuk maghrib. during my 45 mins talk with arif, the power went off twice. bangang enough. i perform my maghrib dlm gelap. ok i dont mind lagi.

its almost 8, and the electricity is still not there. i should have started my revision, and yet i havent had my dinner bcoz of this stupid bodoh bangang letrik. tido lagi baik since i can't do anything better dlm gelap ni. i woke up at 9, the light is on, had my dinner and opened the book.. less than an hour later, black out lagi sekali. after half an hour, it was back and in less than 10 mintes later, again it went f***ing off!!!! ok this time around, i just couldn't take it anymore! the F word came out of my mouth laju jer....

come on la. i just dont understand why. why? why? why? this doesnt happen in my place only. it happens throughout the india. the same thing happened when i was on my holiday in goa..kat msia, hujan ribut petir taufan tsunami tornado ke ape ke, takde nye nak black out camni..paling busuk pun astro je la takleh nak tengok kan.. please la lazy indians, gain some knowledge, and improve ur technology. byr letrik mahal nak mampos, camni je service??

earlier today during the lectures, the power went off for about 3-4 times. and its just a waste of time ok. we needed to wait for the system to restart, for the PA to function again etc2..buduh!! no wonder they are so left behind. the very basic thing like this pon they can't manage properly, apetah lagi in those adavanced technologies kan!

this looks like a silly thing for me to get so angry. but if u're in my shoes, then only u'll understand. i don't mind it if i came here nak melepak. but i have my studies, which i couldn't do best just because of this small stupid thing.. it matters a lot.. ok i rest my case!!

mlm ni kalau wat psychiatric depression test harus tinggi giler score... hehe..

giler emo mlm nih. and for the record, i cried. sakit hati sgt2 ok...PMS kot nih..hihihih...

please MARA, send me back home. sy nk balik belajar kat malaysia... please please please.. when i finish my business here, i'll go back home, and this place will be the last place i'll ever come again..i'll be so done with india..

dear god, please make things go smoothly for me, for my next 3 and half years stay here in india.. aminn..


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