Tuesday, July 22, 2008


as expected, it's getting worse. my body is aching everywhere..and the temperature is slightly high..tak sokeee okayy.. thank god i finished all the exams already. malas dah nk layan exam laaa test laaa... penat yang teramat ok.and i think this fever must be sbb i didn't get proper sleep for the past few days.well knowing me, i do everything at the very last minute, pastu mule la tito pun tk nyenyak sbb cuak kan...hehehe..

erm i had the paed practical exam earlier today. and i think paediatrics is sooo NOT my thing la kan. i was assigned to work up a case of this 1 year old baby girl, and she came in for fever, cough and cold. when i was taking the history from her parents, she was still ok, playful and duk main tarik2 my stethescope.later, when i was just about to begin examining her, she started to cry. kalo nangis jer takpe, pastu siap tepis2 my hand plak.i couldn't even elicit her vital signs.nak pegang tangan die nak check pulse pon die dah melalak tak tentu pasal, apetah lagi nak check BP and temperature kan. i was so so irritated ok. dalam hati rase cam nak cepukkk je budak nih.kalo comey takpe jugak..hehehe..

and the mark for yesterday's theory paper has came out, efficient ok doctor2 ni tanda paper kitorang.cepat gile.alhamdulillah, it was GREAT!hehehe..taktau la camane practical mark ni kan. dah la i was agak blur2 when dr achamma asked me about the facial nerve examination tadi.hehehe.soklan camtu pon tkleh jawab.agak kebodohan la di situ.gagagaga..

meanwhile, being not so well ni lagi lah making me homesick kan. hukhuk.i miss arif so much. lambat nye lagi nak balik.crying....waaa...

ok peeps, time to gobble my tablets and get some sleep.

till then,mwax!


Faeiz Syezri Adzmin. said...

nak balik je tahu
besar-besar pun rindu-rindu rumah lagi (^_^)

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