Thursday, July 31, 2008


i don't feel like updating lah..

and dear encik's already 31st july, tomorrow is 1st august..kenapekah duit belum masuk2 lagi??miskennn... =(

and i need to lose few kgs,drastically.or else i'll be in crazy state..i feel so burokkk..any suggestion anyone??

erm nape sy tetibe meroyan nak kurus??? ok..being restless few weeks ago, i just saje2 tengok old pics in my lappy, and i found these!!

this pic was taken when i just arrived here 2 years back, on our outing to get the basic households.excuse the yellow thingy.that's neela. gamba ni sensitip katenye.she hasn't worn tudung yet mase tu..well that's not the point.look at meee...takde perot lagi ok..

and this one also i think it's taken 2 years back..what i'm trying to say here is...takde double chin lagiiii!!

and this one also...see...dulu amik gamba angle mane2 pun tak kesah..takde nye nak nampak double chin ke ape ke..skarang jgn harap nk amik gamba angle camni kan..sah2 nampak chin berlipat2...

yang ni ponnn...takde nye perot berlipat2 mcm skarang ni...erghhh..

and u wanna see how do i look nowadays?? its like this!!

my face looks like a periuk nasik ok!!

and so does this one..

and the double chin...

and the perot...sighh~~

erghhhhh....nih nak meroyan lain dtg sini jadi lagi kurus..i'm the one who's gaining weight...why god why???

i've always asked arif, if i turn out to be sooo gemuk after this, will he still love me as much as he loves me now...and the answer was doubtful ok!! uwaaaaaaa...

ok that's it for today.takde pekdah pon korang bace entry ni..alang2 korang dah bace, what if, korang try to console me like neela always did... "takdelah elida....mane ade gemuk...normal je tuu..."..okay!!hihihi...

till then, mwax!!


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