Sunday, July 20, 2008

good bye holiday.

ok, what to write ah?? nothing in mind right now, but still nak jugak buang masa kan..

owh i know what to and arif are all ok now..tee hee...he texted me early morning today saying he missed me..i knew it!!! hehehe..sbb i missed him terribly too!!

i have paediatrics theory paper tomorrow, but still i don't have enough courage to start studying. takpe lah..tawakal je lah..kalau study kang jadi pandai sangat susah jgk..(ayat nak sedapkan ati semata2)... hehehe..

on the other hand, tomorrow and the next coming week are gonna be a hell for is the week which i'm having pharmacology seminars..sangat tak sukeeee nyeeeeeerrrr...tak tau la nak cakap apeeeee....nak termuntah nye blajar pharmac nii...takleh ke jd doctor without knowing all the drugs tu, all we have to do is diagnosing the disease and let the pharmacist ke sape2 ke other than the doctors decide what drugs are to be given..kan senang mcm tuu..

lambatnye allowance bln 8 nak masuk..makcik dah pokai niii...sighh~~

and owh. i'm determined to restrict my diet to only 5 spoons (spoon means sudu ok, bukan senduk) of rice perday, juice ONLY for lunch, and eat more vegetables. and owh maybe someday when i'm sober enough, i'll be a vegan.hua hua hua..mcm takkan jadi jer..

ok lah.tatau nk mrepek ape lagi.nampak sgt takde keje nii..

till then, mwax!


Anonymous said...

5 sudu je? satu suap je aku boleh habis!

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