Monday, July 7, 2008

hurry elida hurry.

ok this post is going to be a short one.i dont have much time to mumble2 lah jadinye...awal2 duk tgk baru kelam kabut...padan muke hang elida!!hihihi.. ok azam sy mlm ni is to finish 20 pages of patho and make a note on triple sugar iron agar, kot2 esok practical ngn mr butcher tuh,tk larat nk kena bebel...sempat ke nk abis bace 20pages?? sempat kot, its 10pm now, jp lg tito kol 1..insya Allah sempat..hihihi.... tomorrow i'll read up another 10 or 15 pages... and lusa morning, i'll read the rest of it after community medicine pny class..sempat2..see, pandai kan sy bahagi mase students out there, i can be ur example to be a successful med student.. =p

ok enuf.hands off the keyboard.. tp still nk ckp jgk, SAYE SAYANG BOYFIE SAYEEERRR!!!NAMA DIA ARIFF....

till then, mwax!!


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