Sunday, July 27, 2008

i'm huge!

ok now i'm hating weekends. it makes me eat a lot, like too much!

i woke up for subuh today and i couldn't find a way to get back to sleep as the weather is killing me, it was like freakingly cold. later at 630, aha buzzed me asking to come over for breakfast..hihi murah rezeki tau orang tak tito pas subuh nii...

went to aha's at nearly 8, and there were like mountains of food. they're having a guest, my junior back in kyuem, she's doing biological science in edinburgh i guess, and she's here for a visit..they're actually planning to bring her for a picnic at a park nearby, but since this bombing thingy is happening everywhere, we just had makan2 kat rumah..i had nasi lemak, coleslaw, mashed potato, fried chicken, puding and kek batik.banyak giler for a breakfast okay.

after makan2, aha suggested to watch a movie, and tini and me just couldn't resist it. we watched Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, it was hillarious okay. dirty dirty movie.. and i managed to finish the pharmacotherapeutic exercise while watching it..after the movie, tini sumbat me with laksa pulak..

back home at 12, did some personal stuffs, and later neela ajak masak pulak..we cooked spaghetti.. and i ate, again!! there goes my diet. i gained a kg in one day okay.. but the spaghetti was yummy..heheh prasan sorang2..

let the picture does the talking. the melting cheese just looks yummilicious kan kan??

as a punishment for eating too much, i restrain myself from having dinner tonight.. and now it's 11pm, my tummy is crying for food way. only hot milo is allowed tonight..

and owh, i've been a lazy2 bum today. not enough with the movie with the girls, i spent the evening watching the made of honor..and now, i'm in the middle of watching juno..3 movies in a day is sooo unhealthy least for med students i think.but who cares, it's the only weekend i have without any string attached to a test, exam so on..

on the other hand, arif asked me today whether i trusted him or not... he's never been asking such question before, so when he did, it kinda gave me a rough time finding the right answer.. i think i trust him. at least i have to kan? being in a long distance relationship, trusting him is the thing that i should be best at..talking to him about this trust matter somehow raised some doubt in me, about him and about us..but later at the end of the phone call, when he said " i love u baby"...i just know for sure, for certain.. that he loves me dearly as much as i do to him, and i know i can trust him with everything i have...

i gotta to finish watching juno..i should have watched this movie earlier...sangat best ok!

till then, mwax!


Arif Sayven said...

really...i do love u, baby.

elida. said...

and i love u too...

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