Thursday, July 3, 2008

the incredible hulk.

well..i havent been updating much for the past few days.bizi bizi..hehe..sat for ophthalmology theory paper this morning, and it was like demmmm..i was told yesterday that we'll be given 20mcqs and 2 short notes only, and when i asked dr philip, "how short are the short notes?", he said it depends on how short our answers are, so we didnt expect much, i seriously thought that its going to be a 5 mark question or something like that.tup tup the short notes carry 20marks each. apekah??so how is it in the final exam nnt when we are supposed to have long essay??

finished the exam at 930, and we're once again surprised by dr philip when he said that we're having spotters xm plak.heyyy u didnt mention it earlier,at all! so tibai je la td kan..let's see hows the result nnt la kan..

finished the spotters, me and neela went doing something that we love soooooo much....watching movieeeeee...we planned to watch the incredible hulk at 1020,but thanks to the spotters which were not helpful at all, we missed the show..and the next show was at 1255..ingtkan citer tu kejap je..coz we have microbe class at 330,but then it finished at 310...terpakse la ponteng..hehehe...and arif marah me sbb ponteng..bukan org sngaje pon nk ponteng..mrh dr philip la..die yg tibe2 wat spotters tu...

and the incredible hulk is tak best first it was ok..but last2 tu,we started to feel lost..and the ending was like ngn neela both didnt understand the criter..anhar cakap best,worth watching...takponnn...and i was shocked seeing liv tyler..she's oldddd...i really like her in armageddon,she's like soooo lovely and sweet dlm citer tu....but now she nampak sgt gemuk with big bones.hehe.nk bg seswai ngn hulk tu kot..

owh owh...i broke my glasses this morning...i put i on the bed and took my shower...came out from the toilet..sedap je landing atas tau2 je org br dpt duit...hehe...but i dont really mind pon since i think the power has increased,so sometime later i still have to get a new one..tkpe la kan...seriously dah keje nnt wanna get laser done on my eyes!!leceh la kena pakai2 spec ni...tkkan smpai tua nk pakai contact lens kan...

btw,sy sgt geli dgn sorng kel*ng ni...when i first started wat blog ni, he bagi komen (kena tulis dlm bm ni,nnt die phm) i thought tu biase2 je die nk welcoming ke ape ke..but later on, die bagi lagi another komen, about my entry yg duk kutuk2 india i replied la kan,mtk maap and everything kot2 die terase org kutuk2 negara die ke ape ke...and tgk2 pagi tadi...die reply balik komen seems that dia ni keep updating himself dgn blog ni..yek yekk geli tauu...ok la die nk wat baek still...yekkk..sgt geli ok!!bkn nk ckp pape...but its kinda scary tau ngn kel*ng2 ni..diorg ni creepy tau..psycho ok..kalo pk2 kan,most of my entries are all campur2 bm ngn bi kan..i used broken english everywhere..and kalo die bace, half way through pun tk tentu lagi die blh paham ke wat pe nk bukak2 lagi blog ni kan kalo die tk still die duk view jgk...rimas pun mls nk lyn..nk tulis2 byk2 kot bm pasni..bia die tk phm satu benda pon...padan muke..musti kel*ng tu busuk...tgk muke pon dah nmpk cam busuk..euww..

sy sgt homesick..sgt2 rindu mesia...umi and abah are coming back home tomorrow from london after 2 months...nak balikkkk jgk.....lmbtnye cuti..lambat gile lagi ok!!and last night when talking to arif, he said that he doesnt mind pun if i dont go back for his convo since i'll be back home again one month later for raya holiday..hurm so tk jd blk la kot bln 8 ni..tgk la camne kan b..

sy sgt rindu boifren dear arif, for the past 3 months, i feel like being in heaven, i've been showered with so much love from u,which keeps me going everyday since then...ur love strengthen me whenever i feel the whole world has been so unfair to me..for once in my life i have this kinda feeling, and i'm not ashamed to tell the world how deeply i am in love with u..

hihi.ok dah jiwang2..gotta flip thru few pages of ophthal...hins2...

till then, mwax!


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