Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's not worth reading..

erm.running out of time here.but neva mind,i slept after maghrib td and just woke up, need a booster first. i think arif must be bengang2 with me.hihihi.he texted and called me, i still tak bgn2 jgk..tk sempat nak gayut pun mlm ni...hehehe..esok la eyh..

well today we had the first pediatrics posting. it wasnt bad at all. we had theory class first and later went to the OPD. chomel2 la jgk bdk2 kat situ. they didn't annoy me much pon. and i went to the ward to make up a case there. the patient is a 3 year old girl, came in with fever and jaundice. and it was funny, coz the baby's name is Baby. hehehe.working out on the case wasnt so hard since i just have to get the history only.no examination done. but i think her mom wasnt being a reliable informant at all. she didnt even remember her baby's date of birth.apekah??if she's a nenek tkpela, how come a 25year old mother doesnt remember her daughter's birthday? and she even tk ingt at what age did she get married.hilang ingatan ke ape die nih. later i presented the case to dr achamma,

"a 3-year-old Baby, came from Bangalore, informant is her mother, reliable...." ,

dr achamma stopped me and asked the patient's name. hehe. part that i like,

"the baby's name is Baby"..hihihi..

and dr achamma puji my presentation today.weeee...

and owh, i really cannot understand why these indians like asking money from us so much.. if only i could ketuk kepala they all sorang2...they are the most untrustable people in the world.. sabar yeeee fara....nk jadi pediatrician takleh marah2...hehehe..

okeyh, i think my brain is functioning now. time for pathology...

till then, mwax!


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