Thursday, July 17, 2008

kekelingan yang menjadi2..

i think i have too much things in my mind, too much that i can't say a thing, not a single word. i am unhappy, i am disappointed, i am depressed and so the list goes...

with the electricity being bangang all the time, i just can't deal with any more stress. i heard briefly the guys from my class chit chatting today, one of them read from the newspaper that the bangang electricity is actually has something to do with the indian government ke ape ntah. it seems that they do not have enough resources to provide the power supply to the whole country, so basically what they're doing now is cutting off the power approximately for 2 hours per day, as to reduce the amount of electricity they're supplying. i don't understand. seriously i don't. kena tny org keje TNB nih...hua hua hua.. tak lawak langsung..

today sangat kecoh. as i said, we're going to the commissioner office to renew our RP today. and we gathered at the lobby at 9, as instructed. tetibe they all kecoh2 saying that we're actually supposed to bring a copy of FRO letter, but we're not informed about it yesterday.. so the management guy, mr chandra had to open up our personal files and look for the FRO thingy and made a copy for everyone, which took quite some time. some of us were a bit melenting dah that time, since most of us got the copy at home, kalau die ckp awal2 kena bwk benda alah tu, takde la buang mase duk melengut kat situ kan. but i was still ok. actually sbb i pun tak sure i got the copy at home or not. so i just kept myself quiet and listened to the ipod.

then it was my turn to go into the office and look for the FRO letter tu la.10 of us are called into the office at one time.while waiting for chandra to do ntah ape ke benda die kena bwat tu, tetibe... the monster, our dean, sudha (i don't have the courtesy to call her dr sudha. i don't think she deserves that respect from me ), came out of her room, and started to mengamuk2. she was yelling at everyone. ntah la tak tau la nk cakap ape.but if u guys see her, u just can't even think that she's a dean, jadi makcik cleaner lagi seswai ok.terpekik sane uneducated, with no manner at all.but, (ok there's a BUT here), i think this time around sudha was right to get mad kot. it's just the way that she showed it i couldn't accept. sudha said that she has been instructing the management guys about this RP thingy for the past 3 months, but only now they're doing it, and it was at the very last minute. no wonder they forgot to tell us this and that. so mmg patut la diorg kena marah gile nk mati ngn sudha tu kan. but kesian ok, sudha siap ckp kalau kitorg tkleh renew RP kitorg, she'll throw them out of their jobs.gagagaga.jadi tukang masak balik la ko pasni chandra oi.( owh yes, our management guy was a cook before.masak taik lembu bagi keling makan kot).hehehehe.patot la takleh wat keje..

malas nk citer panjang psl renew2 RP didn't just end there.kat commissioner office tu berbagai2 la pulak citer cut long story short, dpt la jgk kitorg renew kan RP kitorg ni.. but everything was settled at 1245..and we actually have lectures at the baptist hosp at 12.and it seemed that everyone is so f***ed up tired, they (including me, hehe) didn't bother about the class anymore. the guys went to the sigma mall. me, tni, misha, fara, aha and yulie went to brigade road. there we met hanafi and ikmal. so bape kerat je yg pegi kelas tu kan..tggl those batch yang mmg ade clinical hari ni je la..

untuk mengubat hati yang lara mana pon... i had kfc with tni and misha... terubat la sangat kan hati tu... and later we went to the bookstore, i found pilot ballpen there!! yeay!ade jgk kat sini kamu ghupenye..

and we went back to the coll at 230, performed our zohor and lepak2 kat surau as our microbe class was at 330..later yulie, aha and fara joined us and we started mengumpat org like tak ingat dunia.. hehehe...but the microbe class started only at 4, as the students from the baptist hosp finished their class late..and ms babitha (kesian name die kan, tp die baik ok) took the class for only 30mins. i think she kesian tgk us sgt2 penat...pity pity us..hihihi..

and there was an incident before the microbe class started.again it was with the management guy, this time bukan chandra, it's the other old pakcik ntah sape ntah.. and i think my friends were sgt2 bengang tahap dewa naga sari, i heard people yelling here and there..but i was just so tired with everything, malas nk ambik pot sgt dah..and neela surprised everyone today, even me kat sebelah her pon kecut perut ok. she chased the management guy out of the lecture hall. by 'chase' i mean she actually yelled " just get out OK!!".... haaaa korang jgn maen2 ngn osmet i ni, nampak je senyap camtu, korang berani kacau la kitorang, kecit2 macam tu pun semangat waja membara2 tauu...hehehe..but i think neela pon dah tired with everything..we have too much to handle la dgn keling2 ni..

in fact, later tonight pon neela was still uttering about going back home. she must be very very very homesick dah kot.. i just couldn't say much... i don't have any more words to console her, i couldn't even console myself dah, apetah lagi nak pujuk2 die kan...sabar je la neela..

as for me, i think i'll just keep things to myself, at least for some time..malas nak membebel kat arif ke ape ke...wat spoil mood jer..and arif lately pon seems gedik2 nak manje2 with me all the lagii sukeeee...luckily i have this guy, tgh meroyan2 pon, hearing his voice is enough to mend everything up..sangat menghiburkan hati ok..

and owh, abah has booked the flight tix from kl to kb for me..surprisingly dah takde tiket ok..i actually wanted the morning or afternoon flight, but only evening flight is available, and it's at 6pm ok, meaning dekat2 nak bukak puasa dh.. and i have to wait for 10hours la kan...maybe i'll just take the klia express to kl kot...and g jalan2 klcc ke midvalley ke, spend the day there..takkan nk tunggu kat klia je kot...harus meroyan kat situ..dah la puasa... and by that time i think arif pon dh balik kb already, so do my kaklong and her family..terpakse la duk sorang2...takotnyeeee..arif, hint2... gagagaga...

wuuuuu very the long post aaa this time...time to sleep..adios amigos bzzztttt!!

till then, mwax!


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