Monday, July 21, 2008


erm.i think i'm gonna get fever soon.this sore throat has been messing with me since morning, and strepsils didn't do any more good.and when i looked at my tonsil and pharynx in the mirror, they seem a bit inflammed (yes kitorg suke wat self-examination ni.tgk neela lagi klakar ok, duk dlm blk bosan2 dgr heart sound sdirik...xpun main ngn knee-hammer..tu pun nasib baik kitorg takde BP apparatus kat rumah)..

well, the exam today went quite ok.alhamdulillah la coz i didn't leave any question unanswered. lagipun the main question was on the general physical examination in paediatrics cases.senang je kan??hehehehe...

after the exam, me and neela headed back to the coll, and since we have few more hours before the lectures, we went lepak2 kat coffee day.. and neela was being so nerdy kat situ...lepak coffee day pon bace buku..

skema giler kan neela??hahahaha..and those were my chocholate croissant and neela's donut!

ni pulak makngah ari ni...merahnyeeee makngah... and i think i look hideous in red. sgt burokk! red is soo not my colour la kan pasni..

and owh, my busyuk masham arif has been assigned to PJ..which was a relief to me...hehehe..yer lah, neela was teasing me before saying nanti tengok2 arif kena kat mane2 ntah and listing all those weird-sound places in srawak and sabah..taknakkkk okeyyy...hehehe...btw mcm lah me yang nak keje kan..kecoh je lebih...hehehe..

on the other hand, i talked to abah today, and saye rase sgt2 hepi..apparently he's getting healthier and this thing with his peptic ulcer seemed to subside day by day..actually abah has been not so well for quite some time, and the doctor said he has some kind of infection and later it caused ulceration in his stomach..that was what the doctor told him (of course the doctor needs to change so many medical terms into lay man's words), and from my understanding, i think abah has been infected with Helicobacter pylori, since it's the only microorganism which can cause peptic ulcer, and abah seems improving with antibiotics..

the first time i heard about abah's illness, i was sooooo freaked out. i went through all my books ok bace pasal peptic ulcer. and it's written in every book that heavy smoking is one of the leading causes of peptic ulcer..but when i told abah about it, i don't think he believes me. i think he feels that i was just trying to scare him off..susah tauu nak explain kat die, in his understanding, smoking will only do harm to his lungs, how can smoking affect his tummy? bukannye die telan rokok tu masuk dlm perut die kan..aihhh..and later on when his doctor informed plak that the ulcer is due to some kind of bacterial infection, lagi la die sedap hati kann, bukan sbb rokok die tu kan...hurmmm entah la labuu...

but what ever it is, alhamdulillah he's getting better and according to umi, his appetite is fine now and he's been eating well..thank god..

and owh, kaklong menyebok in my chatbox saying that she'll be back to kb only on the 2nd day of raya, and tu pun tgh mlm baru sampai as she wants to escape the cooking part for the open house thingy...and when i read it i was like, "ek elllleeehhhhh...piirraaahhh...if u're home earlier pon, it's not like u do any good pon..." far as i remember, when it comes to cooking for raya meal, kaklong's must-do job is only wat nasik himpit..hua hua huaaaa...jangan marraa haaa..

ok.tatau dah nak citer pasal ape.

till then, mwax!


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