Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my day.

ok today has been great as well as not. i started my day with a big smile. i skipped community medicine since i planned to read pathology for the afternoon test. neela gave me a call at around 8am, i was still sleeping, and she was in the baptist hosp as today is her clinical rotation. i answered her call half-awake, since this makcik usually calls me when she left her keys or book and needs me to bring it for her.but not this time around........

"elida, nk tau benda best tak?"... i was like ape bdk ni pagi2 tepon nk bgosip dah...

"ape??" said..

"u got the highest mark for ophthal theory!!".....whoaaaaa.... ok,terus tk ngntok.. yip yip! (alhamdulillah...)

well, getting good or the highest mark is so high-school for me.i think i havent got good marks for almost 2 years since i started my mbbs. sometimes i feel that med students are just not meant to get good results, what we are meant to get is only result cukup2 mkn, and for me is not to repeat the year. yes we have to resit for one whole year if we failed any subject, even only one subject. freakingly scary.god forbid..

the pathology test wasnt going so well.i left 3 out of 7 questions without any sentence written. but i dont feel really bad about it, since this happens to me all the time. IMMUNED.

after the class, neela and i went to the nilgiri's. it's a mart selling many malaysian products, basically food stuffs. we actually wanna buy tuna, coz they have ayam brand there. but the price was killing can of tuna mayonnaise costs u rm10. haih. but i just closed my eyes, took a deep breath and grabbed 2 cans of it. we havent had proper breakfast for quite sometime and neela was complaining about that...bought few more stuffs, pancake mix, vegetables etc2..

and right after we got into the auto (its the yellow public transport that u watch in cerita hindustan tu, they're called auto here), it started to rain. bukan rintik2, turun2 terus lebat nk mati..sgt bestttt though kami basah kuyup..

i had a long talk with boyfie tonite. we were laughing all the way smpai kering tekak..thanks baby, u always find a way to make my day. i love u so much.

till then, mwax!


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