Saturday, July 19, 2008

a so-called saturday.

ok as in the previous post i didn't story-mory much...i'll do so in this one lah..

yesterday was so-so. it was the last day of my paediatrics posting, meaning i'm having an exam on it this monday.. i didn't do much at the hospital yesterday since the stomach cramp was killing me..i couldn't even finish listening to tini presenting the case and went to the rest room baring2..

back to the coll, during the microbe lecture, dr rajgopal commented on our performances in the previous microbe this was the first microbiology test held, he was quite disappointed.. sigh.. but i expected it already, i know i didn't do very well in the test, and it was very frustrating ok, coz i was thinking of giving good impression..ecece..

but later after the practical class, on my way down, i came across the notice board, and our marks have been put up there. heyy..very much surprising, alhamdulillah, it was not as bad as i thought it should have been..takde lah tinggi sgt pon kan, but considering my effort before the test, and all the merapu things i wrote, the mark is quite ok..suke2...alhamdulillah..

enough about yesterday, let's talk about today okayy..

well this morning i was rajin enough to wake up early and went to the baptist hosp for 1 hour medicine theory pegi pon for the sake of attendance..and i didn't listen to even one word dr manjeera was teaching in front..heheh..and later after the class, me and neela went to our coll, as neela wanted to see the gynaecologist at the ramaiah hospital. actually, kitorg boleh jer jumpe gynae at the baptist hosp, lagi senang as the doctors sume cikgu2 kitorg, they know us already.. tp jadi segan plak when the doctors kenal ni..nnt diorg mention2 dlm class plak pastu.. i had experienced this ok...i was once suspected for acute appendicitis.and the attack started when i was in the surgery class at the baptist hosp.dah la mase tu dr murthi was teaching about abdominal examination in surgery, meaning that acute appendicitis is one of the listed diseases..tibe2 je i dah tak tahan the pain and tini told dr murthi about it and he told me to get some rest in the library..after the class, dr murthi came to see me and tengok me merengkok2 nak nangis dah tahan sakit, he brought me to see dr benjamin whose on duty that time.malu ok when ur lecturer do all the exams on u..nasib baik die suruh sister yg give me the analgesics injection..

ok back to the story, while waiting for the gynae at the ramaiah hosp, i read the newspaper provided there.. apparently what the guys were saying the other day is true. india is actually having some kind of power what i can do now is wait, and be patient..

i spent quite some time at the hosp.being at the OBG department was kelakar ok.everyone's there came for ante-natal check up.tibe2 tercongok me and neela kat situ.dah la the sister called neela as 'mrs. neela'..hahaha..

the gynae instructed neela to do the pelvic ultrasonography and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level..apparently, there is some finding in neela's ultrasound but it is not yet confirmed since neela's next appointment with the gynae is on wednesday..

finished all the blood test and so on at 130, and we both walked to beijing bites for lunch. i had steamed kuew sedap sgt but i just telan jer sbb tak mkn pape since morning..

went back home, gayut jap ngn arif and later at 3 i went to sleep. bangun2 jer it was already 8.lame gile ok i tido..dah la mimpi i went on a date with patrick dempsey.hihihi gedik gile ok mimpi..tktau nape mimpi die, dh la lame dh tk tgk grey's anatomy..die rindu me la tu kot...hua hua hua..

i had some misunderstanding with arif again.and we had quite a fight tonight.and i don't know why, while talking to neela, i just burst into tears..bukan sikit2..siap teresak2 lagi..hehehe..dah la dlm emergency light jer sbb tgh black out..drama drama..hehehe...

entah la...sometimes i just feel that arif doesn't understand me.i don't ask for too many things. in fact, as far as i remember, i never ask for any thing. i just want some attention.. but hey, u don't usually get what u want easily, life is just like that, right?but i think i'm ok with that, we're new lovebirds, it surely takes some time for us to understand each other better right? and i think i'm very good at being the penyabar one.ececece..hehehe..and for the time being, i just pray for the best..

ok peeps, gotta end here. i should be reading for my paediatrics exam at this very moment, but knowing me, melengah2 is my thing ok!

till then, mwax!


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