Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the standard deviation..

boring boring day..

i started my day with community medicine class and it was freakingly horrible! we're learning on epidemiology and somehow out of nowhere, dr gopinath made a point about health statistical data, and he kept on going about it and finally he came out with some facts related to standard deviation.. ok, standard deviation is like the basic thing in statistic, buy heyy, he forced us to calculate the standard deviation using our handphone's calculator..huhh? me dah start to get bengang, we told him already that all of us have strong basic in these statistical thingy, but still he wanted us to calculate it.. then when i said, "sir, my calculator doesn't have the square root.."..he boleh pulak wat tak dengar kan...tak sokaaa laaa wat2 statistic niii...plus if we're well-equipped with the scientific calculator tu, takde la kitorang bengang sgt kan....and when tini was telling me how to calculate all those things, tetibe accidentally me ter'yelled' to tini .."calculator aku takde kurungan2 tu laa!!"... sorry okay tini darling, tak sengaje termarah ko...hehehe...

whatever it is, i just don't like community medicine!senang cakap!

as mentioned earlier, it's a boring day...

and owh..my dear arif is in penang, following his bosses for a meeting tomorrow...i had a quick conversation with him just now, and somehow saye rase boyfren saye macam org tua! hihihihi.. yer laa, gi meeting2..mcm abah dulu2 jer...gagagaga...

ok.that's it for todayy!

till then, mwax!


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