Saturday, July 12, 2008

sudah keringg..

WE'RE THREE MONTHS TODAY!! yeayyy.. alhamdulillah... yes we're only three months.. but it feels like forever, like i've known him my whole life..arif, elida loves u very2 much!!

well, today was ok. woke up at 650, went to baptist hospital, and had medicine theory class with dr manjeera..finished the class, on the way to the hospital gate, heading off to the town,

neela said.... "kite tk penah pon amik gamba kat baptist ni kan?"..
me said... "a'ah kan, jom amik"..

so this is it... tarrrraaa... my first pic published in this blog...busan la kan ayat je manjang2.. mcm bace karangan upsr jer...

okey family and frens, introducing to u exclusively the bangalore baptist hospital, where i've been doing my clinical posting for almost a year...and owh i should be wearing the white coat here, ade tu dah simpan dalam beg.. (yeah yeah i know i gained weight...)

well, this hospital is not so bad at all. die takde la besar sgt, but complete la..basically ape yg kitorang should learn tu ade la kat situ..and the best part is, the doctors are sangat2 baik... yes they are... why am i stressing it so much?? gini, dulu2, when i was doing my a-level, i kinda did a job attachment at kb general hospital, there, i saw how garang the senior doctors to the interns, nurses sume tu.. and it scared me to death... they just tengking2 the interns in front of everybody and byk lg lah.... but that time, i thought all doctors everywhere are like that,u know, since they're dealing with people's life,u can't just take even small things for granted..but when i started my clinicals here, i saw how nice the senior doctors are...even to the interns and to us...fara told me the other day, her friend who's doing medic back in msia said that the paeditricians are the scariest doctors..but here, the paeds are the nicest...cut long story short, i love doing my clinicals here.. though its very2 tiring, but it's just paid off, coz u learnt a lot there...

ok..back to the story, since the baptist hosp is quite near with the town dah, we reached garuda mall at 950, aiseh...the shops aren't even opened yet.hahaha...neela suggested me to watch get smart, so we went upstairs to the cinema... but wth, dh takde dah get smart, it was just released like 2 weeks back, along with the incredible hulk, and the show was only for 2 weeks???? WTH??..dh la crite klua lambat, klua plak sekejap nk mati...bongek2..kalau crite kel*ng tu bersepah pulak...hampehh..nk tgk hancock, since arif said it was ok la, but only front rows left.. lagi hampeh..

went to MNG, alaa sales up to 30% jerr..and the baju pon cam tahpape... i like this one black skinny jeans, lupe nk amik gamba tadi..after discount the price is rs 2400 ( +- rm 200).. tp pk2 balik, tknak la beli jeans skarang ni, pewot buncit...mane la tau kot2 pasni kurus balik ke, tak ke longgar jeans tu pasni..hahahah in my dream!

i ended up buying nothing from MNG...and we walked to the lifestyle ( another kecit nonet shopping mall).. ESPRIT was having sales also... and i bought 3 baju...yeay!! ok la coz i spent rs2600 for 3 items... not so mahal la kan.. and i bought sume baju sopan2 jer, i dont think i can wear fitted shirts anymore, pewot buncit, shy2...hihihi...and these are what i got todayyy...

neela actually likes this one, but i grabbed it first and it was the last piece..tu pun size s..i wear xs for ok la, good way to cover my pewot..

this shirt saje je beli..coz it was lessed by rugi pun kan..

ok i like this one since i only have few red shirts only..

sopan kan baju2 saye beli..ok so this is more shopping for this month. not until august allowance masuk.. another 14 days to go..

ok, study more lepaking..

till then, mwax!


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