Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the untitled one.

well, there is no post for yesterday.. wanna know why?? bcoz india sucks!! as STUPID as usual, there was no electricity last night at about 9pm, and since i was f***ingly couldn't do anything, i just went to sleep..and i woke up at 630 this morning, ingat nk iron baju sume tu, got up from the bed, was about to turn on the heater, dammmnnnnnnn the power went off again!! i'm totally more F word, no more cursing, no more swearing. just speechless, i just couldn't say any more word.mereka memang bodoh tahap melampau2.. and i went to the class today tak iron baju, nasib baik ade tudung dah iron..shitty shitty india..

still, life has to go on... sigh...

btw, yesterday tini brought me and neela to this place, somewhere near victoria hospital, bcoz there ade satu bookstore,prithvi, that sells medical books for cheaper prices... boleh tahan la jauh from our place.. but still, it was worth the journey.. coz i managed to get 5 books with only rs1600 (+- rm 150).. murah kan... kalau ikut normal price, the total should be around rs2400, so i jimat like rs800...yip yip..

at least, ade la jgk bende best kat sini kan...buku kat sini murah...i once surveyed the books kat mph mase kat kl ari tu, the price was like doubled, and ade jgk yg triple the price..

erm tomorrow we gotta go to the commissioner office as our residential permit is about to satu lagi hal susah jadi pendatang asing ni... once a year we need to renew our RP.. tp ok la since we're excused from attending community medicine... tak larat ok blaja commed ni.. can u imagine learning one subject for 3 and half years??? dah la blaja psl makanan keling ni..wat pe.. mcm la org kat msia takde otak makan taik lembu cam diorg ni!!! (actually diorg tak mkn pon taik lembu tu, saje je exaggerate sket..)

ok peeps, in no mood to write any longer...kang takde letrik plak jap lg..

till then, mwax!


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