Saturday, August 30, 2008

the examsssss.

i'm not feeling good. but i didn't really know why.

but now i realize why i'm feeling so..i think it's the exam sickness.
my notes are everywhere. i switched place from my study table to the floor.i think all my books of the three subjects are opened but i just couldn't finish reading any of them..


now i'm freaking out. out of 4 subjects, i think i might not worry much about pathology, since i've been doing the revision every now and then sbb selalu sgt ada tutorial. microbiology?..hurmm.. i only finished reading like 10% of it..and like zero. ok i started on sulfonamides ages ago, but i didn't seem to continue on it even then..but luckily i have quite a pile of notes which i did for the seminars dulu, so maybe nanti i'll just read the notes lah... forensic medicine? i think i'll just read it on the night before the exam. it worked that way last time. i scored second highest in my batch ok.haha.berlagak.pasni sure fail ni.

when it comes to the exams, i really hate the system they're following in my college. mcm taik. there, i said it. we're having exams in the afternoon, and yet in the morning, we're still having our clinical rounds in the hospital..they just can't synchronize our clinicals and non-clinicals timetable..when we complained about it, mcm2 la alasan. tu tak boleh ni tak boleh.. tup2 next term when our juniors enter the 2nd phase, diorang nyer jadual musti dah wayyyy better than us. like hampeh.

why am i whining so much niii? ni lah org panggil gelabah nak exam.paham?

tp kan, mcm nak cepat2 abis exam jgk. sbb right after the last paper, i'll be flying back home!!!!!!
and in october i'd be returning for my 3rd year! no worries of failing or anything. sbb our professional exam is in april next year..tak paham takpe..

tp kan, tengah2 tension camni pun...esok nak keluar ngan neela.. am going to hardrock to get kaklong her shirt..pastu buy few stuffs nak wat balik..asked umi tadi if she wanted anything, tp takde pape pun...good for adik, nuni's birthday was few days ago. should i get anything for her?? i think nanti balik la tanye die nak ape..senang skit..tak pon wat2 tak ingat jer..lagi senang..

i think my entry ni mcm merepek je..

till then,mwax!

Friday, August 29, 2008

the updates.

good news. after exactly one week consuming herbalife, i've lost 1kg. for real. because sebelum ni die mcm fluctuate, kejap turun kejap naik balik. but now die dah constant, tk naik balik even after makan. hehe.

u know, i've been taking HL very religiously. i took one shake for my breakfast at around 730 am every morning, and another shake at 1pm, and i didn't take anything, at all, in between. and for my dinner, i only had 3spoons of rice with lots and lots of vegetables. and i took meat or chicken only on alternate days. whenever i'm feeling hungry, i just drink lotssss of water. so asyik nak terkencing je la kan skarang ni. but it's good actually. it indicates that my body is excreting out all the toxics..

just so u know, i just began my 2nd obstetrics and gynaecology posting. and this time around, it is much much more interesting, as we're now allowed to go into the labour room and the operation theatre. as for today, we were learning on the antenatal assessment of fetal wellbeing. so a part of it was about the Non-Stress Test. and we were brought to the labour room to see that machine thingy...meanwhile, there were 5 pregnant mommies in labour pain, waiting to deliver their babies in the labour room.. and one of them was screaming like....sangat2 menakutkan okay. she was in the 2nd stage of labour already, so she's having more contractions, and during every contractions, she was screaming sooooooo kuat... sampai kitorang duk blajar kat situ pun distracted...but not to blame her, i could see clearly how painful it was..

tgh syok2 kitorang duk dgr dr.nilima explaining about the NST, suddenly one of the nurses said that the previous lady is now ready to deliver...omg!! and dr nilima allowed us to watch it... i was first afraid to watch it, dgr perempuan tu jerit2 pun dah kecut2 perut dah... so i just sat at the corner, leaning against the wall, mane la tau kot2 pengsan ke kan...but then, seeing my other friends enthusiastically watching the doctor doing whatever she was doing that time, i felt like tak best la pulak...orang lain tgk, takkan me sorang je tak nak tgk there was me, buat2 tak takut and in my mind i kept saying ,"no no i won't faint. this is nothing. i shouldn't be afraid"..
hey it works okay... i managed to watch all the way throughout the delivery, up until the placental delivery okay. hah!

but seriously i tell u, lepas tgk this normal vaginal delivery, i think i nak ambik anak angkat je lah.. or maybe i'd go for caeserian section.. tak sanggup okay.. the doctor cut the vaginal opening okayyyyyy.. with scissors.. and dgn sgt kejam.. kitorang yang tengok ni pun terkepit2 jugak mcm terasa je sakit...gile tak sanggup...and there's blood everywhere...sgt byk..this normal vaginal delivery is waaayyyyyy scarier than the caeserian section okay.

i have no idea how umi managed to experience such pain when she was giving birth to all five of us, but after today, i think i should appreciate umi more and more...

on the other hand, after the class today, me and neela went to buy few sarees that i planned to sell balik malaysia nnt...i managed to get 6 pieces only today, takleh nk beli byk sbb beg berat and neela plak bawak buku robbin yang besar gabak tu kan... arif suggested me to start a fotopages ke ape ke to display the samples of sarees, mane la tau kot2 ade orang nak pesan ke ape kan... it's actually easier for me bile dah tau which particular pattern yang orang suke.. tapi cam malas je nak amik2 gambar kain2 tu.. lagipun i only have few days left je kalau nk g beli kain lagi, coz after this i'll be busy with my exam..

tengok la..if esok cam rajin ke, i'll do it..kalau tak, i'll just jual je la kat sape2 balik nnt..bukan nye nk wat balik byk pun..but i found more varieties of sarees yang suitable to buat baju kurung and the material pun bukan yang jenis panas tu best jgk..kalo tak laku, nak wat baju kurung for myself lah..

and tomorrow my dearly sunshine is leaving for penang, and he's going to stay there for quite sometime..sob sob..tak tau nape sedih...hehhe tak pasal2..kalo die duk kl pon mcm la dekat ngn me je kan..saje nak menggedik la tu namanye..

and back is fine now..the ibuprofen works for me, and i think it must be musle catch je kot...nothing serious, thank god..

till then, mwax!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the c-section.

nothing much happened that is worth to blog about.

and owh. i had a chance to watch a caeserian section in the operation theatre today, and it was my very first time watching a delivery, like for real. it was just amazing u know. everything happened so just one blink tgk2 dah kluar dah beby tu... sgt2 amazing fact sampai rase cam nak nangis jer...heheh emo tak pasal2 tgk org lain beranak..but hey, the feeling is undescribed okay..

and more piccas while waiting to get into the OT.

the girls. yulie the cardio-thoracic surgeon, anies the gynae, me the ermmm still-looking-for-the-one, and misha the ape eyh? gynae gak kot..

and yours truly.

malas la nak tulis panjang2 skarang ni. and i'm having this back ache since monday and it seems to get worse. dr fawwad prescribed me ibuprofen today, hopefully it'll get better in 2 or 3 days.. exam is coming soon..taknak la sakit2 lagi time exam.... god forbid.. :(

till then, mwax!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

hari lucah sedunia.

as disturbing as the title is, that's exactly how my day is!

tomorrow i'll be having a pathology tutorial on syphilis and leprosy. so as i was doing the revision on syphilis, there is this one pic on syphilis-infected pe*is displayed in my text book, been really2 disturbing me. eeuuuwww..geli gile okay. dah la the description about the disease tu panjang nak mati, so i have to stick my eyes on that page for a long time, nak highlight la, nak wat notes la...

so i did this..

hehe.letak sticky notes kat gambar tu. tak nampak dah kan.takdela geli sangat nk baca buku kan.

ok.problem no1 settled.

while reading the book, then a lazy thought came across my mind. nak tgk forgetting sarah marshall la sambil2 baca buku i clicked on the title, suddenly so many2 things came popping out on my desktop. shitttttttt...i downloaded a virus instead of the movie. mati la mati la.anddddd...the most disturbing thing of the day many many porn icons keep appearing on my desktop okayyy.. wth??? geli gilerrrrrrrrrrr tak tau nak cakap ape....

tension nyerrrr....and my antivirus doesn't seem to detect the virus..thank god ade neela.. so i installed a new antivirus from her.. and lappy is now clean and clear again... hehehe... takde dah porn2 punye icon tuuu.. hehehe...

being buta it ni, i'm so takut if my lappy kena virus ke ape ke. susah okayyy... camane nak tgk movie kalo tkde laptop?? tkleh idop okay.hehe.

ok so that's it.

till then, mwax!

Friday, August 22, 2008

the gift.

i managed to get a little something for my graduating boyfie.

yeay.thanks kaklong for helping me out and all. i always know when i needed some help, she's gonna be my number one! hehe ayat puji meletup2 nihhhh..

btw, i was hoping that it's gonna be a surprise. but being me, mulut ni mane boleh nak duk diam kan. ade je nak tanya arif. what time are u coming back home? kol bape kua hall? boleh on fon ke dlm hall?...and it looks like as if he was suspecting something dah...but i can blog about it here without any worry sbb sy tau he won't be reading this in anytime soon..hehe..

anyhow, i hope arif's gonna like it..there's nothing much i can do when this thing came across my mind when i was somewhere in the lecture hall..and with very2 low budget..hihihi..dah la tgh2 msg kaklong, tgk2 kredit dah abis, quickly ran to the mobile store..sampai blk kt lect hall punyelah berpeluh tak hengat dunia..siap melecet kaki jalan cepat2 punye pasal..haa arif, u see how much i love u???kalau tk nampak jgk tak tau la nak ckp ape..haha tak ikhlas..

nnt esok when arif finally receives the gift, i'll paksa him to snap few piccas of it and send it to me. tak kira, nk tgk jgk..

ok lah. i have ENT theory paper tomorrow at 8.

till then, mwax!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the shake.

ok now that i finished my practical ENT exam, i can blog about the Herbalife thing that i just started using today.

well yesterday, i went to see mr ehsan, the HL distributor. he asked me to come to his house, so that his wife and him can explain everything thoroughly. just so u know, his house is sooo near to mine, it's like 15minutes walking distance. sgt2 sokaa okay. it makes everything's easier.

mr ehsan's wifey is sgt2 chantek okay. she's not the typical kel*ng yg hitam melekit tu la. ni yg ala2 citer industan ni..and she's wearing hijab as well.saaaangat chantek..and she said that she's also consuming the HL, so lagi la berkobar2 smangat nak mkn HL jgk kan..

when mr ehsan and his wife first saw us, both of them tanya, "which one of u wants to lose weight??" and when we said we both want for it, diorang cam tak caya. but later, when his wife took the measurement of our body fat %, haahhh, amik kau...tadi tak caya sgt when we said we're fat. our body fat % are almost obesity, i mean fat obesity. the % is measured using somekind of alat ni, it has 2 electrodes, which will do the fat analysis thing, based on our height and muscle mass.

so they gave me this one set consisting of one shake, one protein concentrate and one tea-mix. and agak murah la compared with the price that we can get in malaysia. gud gud. i have to take the shake twice a day, so i decided to replace my breakfast and lunch with it.

and today i've started consuming it. owh god. i took the mango flavor, and it is sooo tak sedap. wek wek. i mixed it soy milk, and the soy milk here is unsweetened, the shake is tooo thick, susah giler nak telan. tapi sbb dah gigih gile nak kurus kan, telan la jgk. i think tomorrow i'm gonna mix it with more juice and lesser soy milk.

and the magic thing is, i don't feel hungry at all. ok i took the first shake at 6a.m. and later at 1230p.m tu baru i started to feel a bit hungry, tp takde la lapar gile cam sebelum ni kan. dah la i had an exam earlier, usually after the exam i must be very2 hungry and penat.but not today. so i had another shake at 1230p.m. and u know how long it could last? i had my dinner only at 830 p.m. unbelievable okay. i could stand 8hours without eating anything at all. only lots and lots of water. and yet, i didn't feel tired.

but it's too early to say anything. i'll be meeting mr ehsan's wife again on coming 31st, she's gonna take another measurement and see how well this thing works with my body. till then, i won't be mentioning anything about my kgs here. hehe. let it be a surprise. mane la tau kot2 tak turun jgk berat kan, wat malu jer.hehe.

on the other hand, what should i get for arif's convocation..idea anyone?? i think i'll just combo his convo's present skali ngan birthday present die lah. birthday present die yang dah berbulan2 lepas pun tk bagi lagi.hehe.senang je dapat boyfriend cam arif ni haa..tak bagi present pon takpe...hehehe..

and owh. i'm thinking of nak wat balik kain sari la nak jual kat mesia nanti. but i'm not good in talking people to buy my thing ni, so maybe i'll just bring them back and ask umi to jual kat cikgu2 skolah die, or maybe kaklong and kakliz tlg jual kat kwn2 diorang..without komisyen.heheh..or kalo susah2 sgt, i'll just jual kain tu kat diorang. more free kain sari pasni.. so anyone wishing for sari with particular design, feel free to contact me. otherwise, i'll just grab those yang mane i feel cam tak best jgk coz i'll be back only few days before raya, kalau balik awal2, boleh jual wat kain baju raya kan... tp takpe, i won't bring too many pon, just nk try market je dulu..hehe..

till then,mwax!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

remember i told that i'm going to see the herbalife distributor today??
yes, i went to see him.
and i got my set.
tomorrow i'll start consuming it.
i'll come up with the details in the next post okay.
need to hurry. ENT practical exam tomorrow, and demmm, it's already 10pm, i haven't started my revision at all.

till then,mwax!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


since few days back, i've been going through few blogs own by this Herbalife users.

and i think most of u guys know what it is, aite?

and it interests me somehow. i've never been using any kind of products for losing weight. but this one is different i think.

from what i know, this Herbalife thing works by erm, easy to say, correcting what is not right in your body. it's like, u have to0 much cholesterol in ur blood, so it reduces it. if ur body metabolism rate is not ideal for ur body weight, it corrects it. so, it kinda reduces your weight in a healthy manner, where u don't have to ikat perut to diet or anything because this thing with Herbalife, it controls ur appetite and still it gives u energy for ur daily activity.

i know for some people it might not work. but i think i just wanna give it a try. since i'm so determined to lose some weight, and i think my diet is not really working (u know, by the time i reach home everyday, i'd be damn exhausted and due to that, i eat a lot!!)... and since i'm not having proper meal for my lunch everyday, as i barely have enough time for it, but still i need energy to attend all the classes and everything, i think this is not a bad idea.

furthermore, with the fasting month is coming, and we have classes and clinicals whatnots everyday, i think maybe this Herbalife thing will help me la kan.

so, dah gile semangat ni kan, me and neela browsed the internet for the Herbalife distributor, and they have one here in Bangalore..dapat je fon number, terus me dialled for it, and yess!!! tomorrow after the class, we're meeting the guy and his wife. and lucky for us, the guy lives very near to our place, and he apparently is our lecturer's cousin. anddd, he's a muslim!! so, in a way, he can be trusted la kot. insya Allah..

i don't mind spending my money. tak kesah la abis duit saving yang konon untuk shopping balik nanti ke ape. i just want to lose few kgs!!desperately. u know, my kegemukan is at the tahap which i think i look very ugly, my face sangat bulat, with the double chin, and my jeans are all ketat, and i feel so uncomfortable wearing most of my shirts now, especially when i'm walking around guys. i feel like in their mind, they're saying, "omg.look at her.gemuknye die skarang." and i know, some of them really did say that.coz they said it straight to my face.sangat tak selesa i'm wearing tudung, so when the baju and seluar are all ketat, i don't feel right. mcm tak sesuai to kurangkan my discomfort around the guys, i chose to wear my white coat all the time..ok la tak nampak sgt perut buncit, seluar dah ketat whatsoever,

so people, tomorrow i'm meeting mr ehsan and his wife. he said just now, maybe i should go with the trial set for the first 10 days, see how it works with my body and whether i like the flavor or not, and later on i can continue on whatnots.

i hope i'm not hangat2 tahi ayam with this thing. but i never want anything this bad, so i think i'm gonna follow whatever the rules, dos and donts.insya Allah.

btw, i'm having ENT practical on thursday, but still i don't have the kesedaran langsung.whateverlah.gemuk cam anak badak camni, camane nk study?? i think the fats are depositing in my brain.that explains why i am so lazy and sgt lembab skarang ni..

till then, mwax!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

better me today.alhamdulillah.

also managed to do some revision.

still missing arif tho.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

when elida turns mengada2.

finally i got to talk to arif. a bit relieved.

as soon as i heard his voice, i couldn't stop myself anymore...terus nangis..hihihi..pastu gelak2...pastu nangis balik...hehehe gilo apo..

after all, i feel better. much better..

thank u boyfie. i love u.

i just can't imagine my life without him.

u know, i've been in many relationships.but let's not go into every details of it. that's not the point i'm trying to make here..well, being in this very relationship with arif, is different. it's like u know that u've found the right one, and there is this moment u feel that ur life is so complete now that u've found him..

the moment i laid my eyes on him.. i knew it, "yes, he's the one i wanna marry"...hehehe sound familiar huh?? yes it's from the gossip girls..cheesy, i know.but it's true in many ways!

i'm used to be a girl who does not express her feeling a be exact, i rarely said those 3 words. very often, the guys whom i was in relationship with complained about that. i used to think that only guy should say it, and me on the other hand should only go with the replies like "ok" or "u too" or "me too"..i don't know why, maybe because deep down inside, i know that the guy is not the right one, and knowing me, i just couldn't stay single for long time, so my previous relationships were more of 'baik ada dari takde' and filling in the blank thingy.yeah i know, that's the dark side of me.

but now with arif, i've changed. a lot, i should say. i become a girl who shows her feeling a lot. sometimes it's even too much. there's a part of me feeling like to say...afraid i think. i'm afraid that arif doesn't realise how much i love him, so i keep saying it every now and then, to ensure that he knows it well.

all in all, arif has changed my life a lot. and i never forget to thank god for that. our relationship and his well-being will always be a part of my every doa to god..

gatal kan saye? let's see what my sisters will say about this entry. sure termuntah hijau keluar steam boat diorg mkn tadi..

and owh. kaklong, happy 29th birthday.enjoy ur last year of being twenties. as the number grows, so does ur weight, amin..lari lari...

till then. mwax!

am not in the mood. and it is so bad.

i don't feel like talking. i don't have the courage to read the books. i couldn't manage to finish up my microbiology assignment tho i've started doing it since 5 pm. i did typo error here and there while typing this tho there're like less than 10 sentences typed. i hated every song played in my ipod, so bad that i started to delete each of them. i feel like watching gossip girls, but i ended up switching from one episode to another, naah i've watched enough of gossip girls..what about grey's anatomy? or the oc? or one tree hill? or maybe chuck? maybe house? no, none of them interest me anymore. i'm hungry, but i don't feel like eating. neela asked me what to eat for dinner, i even said that i'm not hungry. poor her to cook alone. sorry dear, i know i'm such a bad mate.

this feeling is not good. i miss home. i miss everyone. and knowing the fact that everyone's back home in kelantan except for me having to stuck in this sucky yucky place, everything's worsened.


tried to sleep tho it's barely 9pm, but i ended up rolling beneath my comforter, crying. pathetic, i know.

called arif. went straight away into the voicemail.

i cannot call abah neither umi, at least i don't want to.not in this state of mind, or else i'll burst into tears. and i don't want to do that. i want to be a good daughter, they have many more things to worry other than me. i have them worried about me enough all these while.

i miss abah and umi. i miss my loud siblings. i want to go home. there, i said it.


home is where the heart is.

saye nak balik belajar kat mesia..ade tak sape2 nak terima saye???

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the holiday.

esok chotiiiiiiii!!!!

yeah yeah!! it's indian 61st independence.. apparently they gained their independence 10 years prior than we did, but still they're way left behind... kesian kan..

tak kesah lah dah brape tahun pun diorang dah merdeka..yang penting kitorang cuti esok okay!! jgn jeles haaaa... dah la i don't have clinical on this saturday since i already did mine last boleh sambung choti 3 hari okeyh!!

my sister and arif have been kecoh2 with geli mat geli mat ape ke benda ntah.. so i watched it on youtube just now... super kelakar...hahaha....tho it was menggelikan tgk tamil mcm tuuu (fyi, so typical of kel*ng ok, pakai baju kaler ntahpape, buroks!) funny laa that clip...

on the other hand, yesterday, i received a box of food supply from umi and a card from arif!! yeay... rasa cam disayangi lah plak kan... hehehe..

ok lah.takde benda lah nak criter..

till then,mwax!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the reasons.

ok what to blog eyh?? owh well, as a successful med student, i'll always find a way to waste my so-called precious time..

owh owh..i have a scary story mory here... me and my friends did the counting today... and there are about 320 pages of robbins' pathology, 400 pages of satoskar's pharmacology, 200 pages of baveja's microbiology left for us to read for the coming internal assessment..and it's like 1 month away....and today after comm-med class, i went to the library to start my pharmac revision, and within 1 and half hour, i managed to read up 4 pages... so ade 396 pages left...hua hua hua... camane tu??

what ever lah!

on the other hand, insya Allah arif's convocation is going to be on this coming 23rd... and i was supposed to be there.. should i be there?? or shouldn't i??after all, i think it seemed like tak jadi lah..

why tak jadi???

ok since i'm super duper bored here...let's make a list of the pros and cons nak nak???

5 reasons why elida should go back and be there on her boyfie's convocation..

1. hey it's her lovey dovey boyfie's convo we're talking about ok.bukan anak jiran sebelah rumah maupun anak ketua kampung...ok lawak tak jadi..'s been 4 months since elida last saw her boyfie..

3.elida has never been around during her boyfie's uni days, ( yer lah kate lah masing2 tak kenal each other lagi kan mase tu, plus masing2 ade pacaran snirik mase tu..hehe) so she thinks she should be there on the day he ends it. <--valid kah alasan ini??

4.boleh balik MALAYSIA okay!!

5.there'll be my face in his convo's nanti bile anak2 kitorang tengok gambar convo arif nanti takde lah diorang tanya where was i kan..hahaha sy tau sy gedik..pedulik ape...

5 reasons why elida shouldn't go back for her boyfie's convocation.. deficiency.the cheapest flight tics that she can get would require her to transit at the singapore airport for 8 hours.

2.elida thinks she is not ready to meet her boyfie's parents and fam.hehe.she's not good at this.

3.elida is supposed to have an ENT exam that weekend.if she's going back, then she has to ask for permission to sit for it earlier, which she thinks is cumbersome. the time it reaches 23rd august, there's only 34 days left for elida to go back again for her holiday.

5.her internal assessment is very2 around the corner lah..

so what do u think?? which reasons are way more concrete??

tapi kan...mane la tau kot2 dato' K ke, mane2 jutawan terbaca blog ni kan..well,kami menerima segala bentuk bantuan yang dihulurkan..

ok lah.enough menggedik..ape la nak jadi ni...

wait wait..lupe2...we're 4 MONTHS today!!!! clap clap.. or should i say alhamdulillah, we're still strongly truly madly deeply in love....hahahah...

nak tepek gambar lah...bagi korang nyampah sketttt...

peewiittt....haha syok snirik la weyh..jeles jeles???

owh...bile dah bukak folder nak carik2 gambar ni kan, i just realized that we didn't have much piccas together kan arif kan?? sob sobb..

ok lah..neela dah masuk suruh study.takotnyerrrr kat inspector neela...huahuahua...

till then, mwax!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

boyfriend saye.

seriously tak tau nak tulis ape..tapi nak jugak tulis...nak jugak cari alasan taknak bace buku...

owh boyfie had been complaining..he said i seemed to care about him less and lesser everyday..why did he say that?? sbb nye..dah 2 3 ari sy lupe to text him before i went to class, and last night after the bbq and did this blogging thingy, i just went straight away to bed without texting him, so he woke up this morning wondering where have i been, and today evening, again, i forgot to tell him that i'm going out to the market, and to make it lagi menyayat hati, i accidentally left my when i came back home, there's missed call and sms from him looking for me...

so that was my boyfriend...pity pity u honey... it's not that i wasn't thinking about u lah, many of the times it was just me saje2 je taknak msg is nice to know that my boyfie is looking for me and wondering about me, it feels like i'm needed..cecece...

gedik ke mcm tu??? suke ati org lah!!

ok lah..

till then, mwax!

the barbecue..

ok quick update....tired like tak terkata...but still nak jgk update..

me and the girls were having a BBQ tonight...thank goodness the weather was fine,it wasn't raining or anything except for the wind yang blowing tak ingat ok ape...ala2 tepi pantai la skit kan..btw it was held on the rooftop of sape2 yang terdengar kitorang duk jerit2 everytime udang terkorban bersama arang2 tu (banyak giler okay udang jatuh dalam boleh imagine la brape kali kitorang duk terjerit2 kan..)...harap maap la yer...

aha started to lit the fire at around 630, tp tak tau lah ape dosa kami....susah gile okay nak hidupkan api tu...the guy who's borrowed us the BBQ set also lend us the fire starter, but the arang is sooo ketegaq bak kata tini...dah habis fire starter tu pun still the the arang tak nak terbakar2 jgk...then thanks to tini and fara who then rushed to the kedai and beli kerosene... to cut short...after almost 2 hours bertungkus lumus....finally, we made it!!!!! api nyala dengan membara2 sekali..wah wah wah...

i'm still waiting for piccas from the girls... but here's are some from my phone, pls excuse the quality of the pics la kan..

the pics are arranged in the sequences of events dah....tgk jer lah..penat dah nak criter...

before....yang berbungkus2 cam telur dinosaur tu adelah potato yer...

hah nak bagi korang jeles....tempting kan kan??

aiseh...dah siap susun2..arang tak cukup la pulak...angkat balik!!

finally..yeayy... yg tgh konon2 efficient gile duk mengipas tu adelah tini...

layan jer lah muke2 diorang nih yer...

takleh jadi ni takde muke snirik lagi...hehehe....mane leh lawan tokey...

and.....MAKAN2!!!!!cube tengok pinggan sape paling byk kulit udang ngn tulang ayam??? mesti lah tiniii!!!hehehehe...

hah ni kalau muke sebesar pasu bunga ni sape lagi kan....hehehe....on the side, fara tgh suluh lampu kat the back..aha tgh gigih mengipas ikan...

last but not least..the jagung!!!

nantilah dah dapat pics from tini and fara, i'll upload more okay...dlm camera diorang ade byk skit muke me...hua hua hua...

and at 1130, it started to we cepat2 kemas2 everything, went down to my house...and at around 1145, everyone went back home...

after all, it was sgt2 seronok okey...well...this might be our last makan2 hanging out together since ramadhan is coming very soon, and most importantly...the exams!!!! gagagaga.... though it was very tiring, especially for aha (yer lah me nak penat ape kan duk membebel jer lebih..hehehe)...but it was worth it kan aha kan??

banyak la lagi nak dah sakit2 badan's bedtime...esok dah kena start study dah...ececece...hehehe..

till then, mwax!

Friday, August 8, 2008

the one with the OT..

well oh well..i should've been updating yesterday, but the connection sucks i tell u!! i wasn't able to connect to the internet only until now..

yesterday, i had my clinical posting and it was interesting!! as i said in my earlier posts, i'm now doing my ENT posting... and yesterday, i was given a chance to go into the operation theatre and watched 2 cool was that???...i think it is my third time being in the OT since i started my wonder la i was so excited kan!!..the first and second ones were when i was in surgery posting, and they were on orchidectomy, lymph node biopsy and the other one was for a cancer patient, tak ingat dah...

and yesterday, the first surgery done was endoscopic dacrocystorhinostomy (DCR)... basically, it is done on a patient with chronic dacrocystitis...senang citer it's like ur lacrimal sac (kelenjar air mata) has been infected for quite long enough, and u've started to have symptoms like watering of the eyes etc...the patient was referred from the ophthalmology dept actually....ok back to the story, so when the sac is inflammed, u have to drain the pus inside can be done by small incision directly on the lacrimal sac, but since it's situated just below ur lower eyelids, beside to the nose, there'll be to avoid that, they did the DCR... what they did was...erm if i'm not mistaken la..this is what i understood..correct me if i'm wrong.. the surgeon has to drain the pus through the nose, where they insert an endoscope into ur nose, and along with it, they insert whatever instrument they need to, and they remove a small part of lacrimal bone in the nose, so that u can expose the sac through the nose, and the incision is made, so that the pus is drained through the nose...

and the second surgery done was tympanomastoidectomy on patient with chronic suppurative otitis media (it is the inflammation of the middle ear)...yang ni i managed to watch only half way through it, since it was almost 12, and my surgery class is at 12... best ok masuk OT...i don't know why... but it just feels good being there... tapi penat nak mati la kan...i was standing on my feet for 3 hours...mcm nak patah je kaki...

and sempat jgk amik gamba...tapi cepat2 takot kena mrh ngn surgeons..tau takut....teeheeee....and owh...they've provided us with separate OT dress..last time i just wore the staff's dress...baru lagi i tell u haa!!

hehehe....after 3 hours! cap pun dah terkebelakang dah...

am i still recognizable?? gedik2...hehehe...

later in the surgery class, we've started our class on surgical skills...and yesterday, we learnt the basic surgical lagik best...tetibe rase smangat jer nak jadi surgeon kan...though we're only doing the knots using our tali kasut, and i was using my ipod gempak ok!! hehehe..

that's it about yesterday...

and usual, i had my community medicine class...tak sokaa laaa..tak tau la nak ckp ape..we had problem solving today..and the problems given were about the prevalence la, disease rate la bla bla once again we had to do the calculations thingy..and dr gopinath was treating us like bdk skolah rendah yg tak ingat sifir 12.. i think his maths is soooo teruk... die yang tak fhm, pastu mrh2 orang...ntahpape..

why i seemed to dislike this dr gopinath so much?? let me tell u here... ok la i know dr gopinath is a well-experienced in teaching comm-med, and i know i should pay him some respect...but sometimes i think he just doesn't have the common sense...the class is supposed to start at 9, and today, and days before pun, dr fawad or the new lecturer pompuan tu took the class...and when we're half way through the class, say around 940, dr gopinath will just come in, and he'll repeat everything all over again...and i think the way he did it was so not right..dah la he was interrupting the flow of the class...pastu kalau die masuk lambat bersebab takpe we didn't know yang die tu lambat sbb duk smoking upstairs kan...and if he feels that he knows the right way to teach, why asked dr fawad or the other lecturer to begin the class in the first place???dah la the subject itself is not interesting, and he successfully made it worse!!

but still...kena la blajar jgk kan...sighh..

on the other hand...the stress is on!! today, the pharmacology dept has put up the portions of the subject which will be covered in the coming internal assessment...banyak nak matiiiiii...and there's like 1 month to go before the exam...pengsannnn...

and's 08.08.08....best2...musti ramai org kawen ari ni nanti nak kawen 20.12.2012 lah...hahahaha...pastu hantaran pun rm20122012..cun cun..ok arif, boleh pengsan skarang!!

ok peeps...schleep time....clinical's tomorrow...and owh...azam weekend ini adalah to finish 2 chapters of microbiology, chapter on inflammation of pathology and for pharmacology, tgk lah chapter mane paling sikit..boleh ke??insya Allah..hehe..

till then, mwax!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

misi gagal.

malas lah nk update...

takde pape sbenanye... mission smalam tak to know why??

tu so-called neighbour's door punye outside lock tu ketat gile nak mati.... i tried to pull it as strong as i could, but i think they've never been using it before, so that thing jadi macam stucked.. (can't find the exact word lah to describe it..pandai2 korang lah imagine snirik..)..terkangkang2 i'm pulling it tp takleh jgk...dah la mase duk tarik2 lock tu, siap bunyi kreekk kreekk lagi...berdesup i lari masuk rumah...cuak2...hihihi..tau takut....

so that was misi pintu is inaccomplished..hehehe... dah tak berjaya tu kan, i balik rumah duk pk2...i think i now know why lah my neighbour's son tu suke sgt main lock kat my house ni kan....sbb die takleh main lock rumah die..dah lock rumah die ketat nak mati tu kan...and today morning pun when i told the girls about my mission tu, they also said the same thing....ok lah, i forgive him once again lah...see...i'm a kind, forgiving girl tau...hihihihi..

ok story lah today...

till then, mwax!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

misi pintu.

today was not early morning incident ruined my day all along!!

as i'm having clinical today, i woke up at 7, took my shower, bersiap2 and 730, i was ready to leave the house, went to the front door, unlocked the door, pulled it but it was unopened..ok i tried again, this time, i pulled it harder..and still...tak terbukak2 jugak..

demmmmm....sah kena kunci dari luar lagi...i knew sape punye keje neighbour has a son aged around 6 i guess..this is not the first time he did this...the first time it happened, i had no idea sape la nak wat lawak bodoh locked us from the outside kan..and i just called the neighbour through the provided intercom, asking for her help to unlock the door...

and the 2nd time it happened, budak ni terkantoi, i was about to get out of my house when he was locking my door, and when i couldn't open the door, his atok heard the sound i was making from the inside, and he opened it for me..and when i got out of my door, i saw his atok was scolding i just let him be...

and this time around...i think budak ni dah melampau...this is not funny at all!!! i called his house through the intercom, but it was unanswered...yer la kan pagi2 buta ni mane nye nak bangun lagi keling2 bodoh nii.. i was buntu for a while...nak kejut neela kesian kat die plak...lagi pun bukannye neela blh wat pape jgk kan...

then it came across my mind that i should ask for help from my friend, hanafi, he's staying in the first floor, but i wasn't sure which house it i just picked up the intercom and randomly dialed for E-22...skali dengar sore keling tua jwb...hung up!!silap2..dialed for E-26 plak...hah nasib baik betol this time, lucky me hanafi was there, and he tgh siap2 nk g class jgk, so he just ran upstairs and opened up the door...

thank god i wasn't left by the bus, and if i was, siap la kena bomb rumah tu mlm ni.... but still i'm not friends said i should go and talk to that kid's mom, but knowing keling, mak ngan anak same je bodoh... and i've decided, jap lagi at around 12, i will sneak out quietly and i'll do the same thing kat rumah die plak..lantak die la...biar padan muka satu family takleh nak kluar pagi esok, and owh of course i'll unplug my intercom la kan...

i know it's just a silly thing, but hey, what if something bad just happened to me, say my house was caught on fire, and i was trapped inside, only because her stupid son found that it is funny to lock people from the outside..tak ke mati rentung me and neela kat dalam tu??

ok whatever lah..

on the other hand, since in the previous post, i wrote a quite lenghty story about my schooldays and my friends, arif asked me to write about us plak....hurmm..that idea had been on my mind one time before, but i just didn't have enough courage to make it real..nanti lah someday..i'll write about it..maybe i'll begin with how i got to know him, our first conversation (yang mane pun tk ingat..kena pk2 dulu ni...), our first date, and the next2 date..alaaa brape kali jer pon kitorang had the chance to go out on a date since i went back ari tu for only 2 weeks....

and's august already..meaning...(drumroll pleaseeeee)......... I'M GOING BACK HOME THE VERY NEXT MONTH!!!!!! yippp yippppp!!! also means that my internal assessment is coming soon...sighhhh...i think i should have started my revision by now...

ok lah. i'm going on a mission nih...MISI PINTU!!wish me luck....hehehe..

till then, mwax!

Monday, August 4, 2008

the good old days...

i wasn't planning to blog today..but then, my long-lost friend, a classmate back in mrsm jeli, syikin wrote me a comment on my friendster, which then made me feel like writing... write everything about my school days would be impossible, as i switched my secondary school thrice..but let me made it brief...who knows one day i might get hit on my head and hilang ingatan ke pastu, at least i have my blog kan nak citer kat anak2 i pasal my school days...hihihi...gatai2...

to begin with, after my primary, i went to a boarding school, sek men sains pasir puteh, where i spent my form1 and 2..i don't know why, i just couldn't adapt to this school..even after 2 years, i was still crying each and every time i called abah and umi..abah and umi had to pay me a visit every single weekend, for 2 years they were being patient with me, long enough!heheh..only when i was at the end of my form2, they finally made up their mind and took me out of the school... i think they were afraid that me being very homesick will somehow affect my pmr later on..other than the part that i was being so homesick, and skolah tu slalu takde air time tu, i actually loved this school..i love my friends there, mcla, jue, leen, are-were, yus and sume lah yg lain2 tu...

so i went to sek men zainab1, a daily school, where i no longer have to stay in the hostel... BUT...sorry to say... it was way beyond my expectations..i never thought that a daily-schooling would be a hell for me..i don't know why, it was hard for me to find good friends there, plus the god-knows-who yang suke2 conteng2, made a mess on my desk, it made me regret a lot...but there's no way i can show or tell it to abah and umi..mati kena sekeh ngan diorang kan..

so i made my mind, somehow, someway, i have to get out of this school, and that was when i started putting all my effort, striving very hard, sbb nye is....i nak masuk MRSM form4 nanti... i don't wanna spend my next 2 years in zainab my friends back in zainab, u guys are great, maybe it was just me who were being reluctant to open up and be friends with u guys, or maybe sbb korang dah kenal each other long enough, so it was hard for all of u to accept a stranger...i totally understand that....

so i made it..i was offered to mrsm jeli after my pmr...though at first it was a surprise to me, as i was expecting to go to mrsm pc ke, taiping ke...hahah berangan, but as i swore to myself to get out of zainab, i just accepted the offer...

so there was me, in mrsm jeli...but heyy...u never know what the future has to offer u...

there i met new friends.perfect, totally new strangers.. yeen, cheah, dilah, shaira, aqah,achik, aainaa,suzi, syikin etc2 (sorry korang, ramai sgt lah nk list out each and every one...but hey u guys are still my number one okay!!) we never knew each other before..but well, seriously, i am so grateful that our paths did crossed...

i learnt the meaning of true friendship here..though there were bad memories, with the seniors who always made dajal to me, kacau my things, put my teddies in the dining hall la, hid my toilettries, made a mess on my bed and all the uncountable things, but being surrounded with nice friends like u guys made me okay and i managed to just ignore all those stupid things that those stupid seniors did to me.. (if it happened that my seniors, or maybe my juniors, who did all those things to me, came to read my blog ni, shame on u lah people...)

when i got into form5, things were finally becoming fine.there were no longer seniors who can cari pasal with me, and those stupid juniors pun were busy facing their pmr..dah nak pmr tu tau pulak takut korang nk tehegeh2 mintak maaf kan...phhbbbtttt...hehhehe...

i really miss my mrsm days...where me and my friends just broke all the rules whenever we wanted to..ponteng surau, ponteng prep..and even ponteng skolah...and i just couldn't stop laughing when reminiscing how much those wardens (need i mention their names here???hehehe) hated us... but hey, we're not as jahat as they thought kan??? we're bad kids, but we never neglected our studies...tak kire lah how gatal and jahat i was back then, but when it comes to study, we're good at it...hahah prasan...

but hey...look at us now, me as a tak berapa nak jadi med-student, cheah is in her 3rd year in melaka-manipal, dilah in dublin also doing medic,aainaa also in med-school in russia, yeen pursuing her degree in pharmacy, shaira soon to be english teacher, aqah doing her aeronautic engineering,achik in accountancy, suzy (hg wat course pe sbenanye??) in uia..and syikin...our GTO-inspired add maths teacher...

and one thing that i will always first conversation with yeen...we were in the great hall during the orientation...when i think i might recognized her from somewhere...pikir punye pikir...she suddenly turned at me who was sitting behind her...and smiled to i just asked...

yeen : haiiii.....

elida : boifren eyh??? (boley tak tny mcm ni, but hey i have a point here, i think i knew her bf)

yeen : a'ah...ade2...hehehe... (boley tak bdk ni tak malu langsung....but that was just yeen!!)

elida : is he one of those hip-hoppers?? (actually takde la kot BI soklan tu, but to make it sound better, let's just assume the question was like this okay!)

yeen : a'ah..eeyyyy kenal kerr???? that was it...our very first conversation...and since yeen is well-known with her over-friendly tu, she introduced me to the others...

but that was then...we're so separated from each other now, everyone with own's life..god i miss u guys!!!

wah wah wah...what a long post lah....wellllll...specially dedicated to all my mrsm friends..sayang korang okay!!

but they said that in every girl's life, there'll be a friend who knows her better than the others, and whom she loves the most, and that would be NOOR AFIENNA CHE ZULKIFLI!! who knows kan fie, we're still friends after almost 12 years....maybe next post i'll write about me and fifie plak, how we become friends and everything..

and dear arif..u'll always be my boyfriend, my bestfriend, my everything..although tonight when u asked me,do i know how much u love me, and i said i don't...i actually knew it well enough, i always know how much u love me...and i love u more than that!!

till then, mwax!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

the dark knight.


oh well... today, me and neela went out to watch the dark knight as early as 9.45 a.m.. we've planned to watch it at the lido mall, and very much surprising, when we reached there, the ticket for 11am show was already sold out..and the next show is going to be at 7p.m....sighh...

and since kitorang dah tersgt determined to watch the dark knight jgk, i called aha and asked her to search in the internet whether if there's any show left in the sigma mall..thanks to aha, she said there's a show at 1pm at the sigma mall..sepantas kilat both of us gerak to sigma mall...

untuk menguji ketabahan kitorng lagi, the tics were also sold out...huahuahua.. and still...we didn't give up..we bought the tics for 630 show..and we were separated from each other as only single scattered seats available..gigih gile okay kitorang nak tgk the dark knight..kalau heath ledger bace nih, sure terharu giler..

since it was only 12 o'clock when we bought the tics, we have like ermm 6 HOURS left for the show!!! so, utk meluangkan mase yg dah ter'abundant' sgt tu...we went to the brigade road as i also planned to buat spec baru kat situ.. and we had our lunch at the soul...

some piccas at the soul..

our blueberry cheese cake...owh yes, me and neela mmg suke mkn dessert first...suke ati kitorang lah nk mkn ape dulu!!padahal dah lapar tak ingat dunia sbenanye tu..hehehe...

my fish and chips..not bad la..though i'm not a really fish-lover, it tastes good..

neela's chicken steak..this is also sedappp..the mashed potato sgt2 nice..

and my strawberry+mango smoothies..sedapppp okay! tu adelah muke tgh menikmati..

and after the lunch, we went jalan2 at the brigade road..seriously we're so drifted...tak tau nak gi mane lagi...went into every shops yang nampak cam best, and there were like millions of people...haihh..

and we got into the levi's...picked up few jeans to try on, and look what we found!! the fitting room was sooo and neela pon gedik2 lah amik gamba...katelah nak spend mase kan..

hah nak termuntah dah tgk muke kitorang??? sape suh tgk!!

dah tak tau nak gi mane lagi, we went back to the sigma mall at around 4, thought of nak lepak at the reliance, but then they had apetah like ceramah ke ape ntah there, so we just went lepak at the mcd..we both just had coke float...and my eyes started to buat hal there, neela said they were very red and looked very congested...lucky me, i brought my lens case, solution and most importantly my half-broken i just took the lens out and wore my glasses... taddaaaa...

i think i look like umi with glasses on..and neela said i have a chekgu face...katelah anak cikgu kann..

finally we managed to spend beribu2 hours itu and proudly to sayyy....we did ittt!! we've watched the dark knight!!! weeeee...

the movie finished at 920pm, and to cut long story short, we reached home safely at 1030... alhamdulillah selamat gak kitorang kluar ari ni..nasib baik tak kena bomb...heheheh...heyyy there were policemen everywhere okayy...i think they've doubled up their security since the bombing thingy tu kot..

and owh owh...lupe nak crite....before the movie started, they had their national anthem played, and everyone stood up straight mcm nak berkawad okay...i think sbb august is also their bulan merdeka, mcm malaysia jgk..and neela refused to stand up during the anthem, and she was like, " hey it's not ours!!"..suke ati die je minah ni...kene cepuk ngan kel*ng kat sbelah tu baru tauu!

my back is killing me..i've been walking too much today...

if i rajin, i'll continue tomorrow..many things left out, tak larat dah nak criter..

till then, mwax!!

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