Saturday, August 16, 2008

am not in the mood. and it is so bad.

i don't feel like talking. i don't have the courage to read the books. i couldn't manage to finish up my microbiology assignment tho i've started doing it since 5 pm. i did typo error here and there while typing this tho there're like less than 10 sentences typed. i hated every song played in my ipod, so bad that i started to delete each of them. i feel like watching gossip girls, but i ended up switching from one episode to another, naah i've watched enough of gossip girls..what about grey's anatomy? or the oc? or one tree hill? or maybe chuck? maybe house? no, none of them interest me anymore. i'm hungry, but i don't feel like eating. neela asked me what to eat for dinner, i even said that i'm not hungry. poor her to cook alone. sorry dear, i know i'm such a bad mate.

this feeling is not good. i miss home. i miss everyone. and knowing the fact that everyone's back home in kelantan except for me having to stuck in this sucky yucky place, everything's worsened.


tried to sleep tho it's barely 9pm, but i ended up rolling beneath my comforter, crying. pathetic, i know.

called arif. went straight away into the voicemail.

i cannot call abah neither umi, at least i don't want to.not in this state of mind, or else i'll burst into tears. and i don't want to do that. i want to be a good daughter, they have many more things to worry other than me. i have them worried about me enough all these while.

i miss abah and umi. i miss my loud siblings. i want to go home. there, i said it.



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