Sunday, August 10, 2008

boyfriend saye.

seriously tak tau nak tulis ape..tapi nak jugak tulis...nak jugak cari alasan taknak bace buku...

owh boyfie had been complaining..he said i seemed to care about him less and lesser everyday..why did he say that?? sbb nye..dah 2 3 ari sy lupe to text him before i went to class, and last night after the bbq and did this blogging thingy, i just went straight away to bed without texting him, so he woke up this morning wondering where have i been, and today evening, again, i forgot to tell him that i'm going out to the market, and to make it lagi menyayat hati, i accidentally left my when i came back home, there's missed call and sms from him looking for me...

so that was my boyfriend...pity pity u honey... it's not that i wasn't thinking about u lah, many of the times it was just me saje2 je taknak msg is nice to know that my boyfie is looking for me and wondering about me, it feels like i'm needed..cecece...

gedik ke mcm tu??? suke ati org lah!!

ok lah..

till then, mwax!


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