Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the c-section.

nothing much happened that is worth to blog about.

and owh. i had a chance to watch a caeserian section in the operation theatre today, and it was my very first time watching a delivery, like for real. it was just amazing u know. everything happened so just one blink tgk2 dah kluar dah beby tu... sgt2 amazing fact sampai rase cam nak nangis jer...heheh emo tak pasal2 tgk org lain beranak..but hey, the feeling is undescribed okay..

and more piccas while waiting to get into the OT.

the girls. yulie the cardio-thoracic surgeon, anies the gynae, me the ermmm still-looking-for-the-one, and misha the ape eyh? gynae gak kot..

and yours truly.

malas la nak tulis panjang2 skarang ni. and i'm having this back ache since monday and it seems to get worse. dr fawwad prescribed me ibuprofen today, hopefully it'll get better in 2 or 3 days.. exam is coming soon..taknak la sakit2 lagi time exam.... god forbid.. :(

till then, mwax!


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