Saturday, August 30, 2008

the examsssss.

i'm not feeling good. but i didn't really know why.

but now i realize why i'm feeling so..i think it's the exam sickness.
my notes are everywhere. i switched place from my study table to the floor.i think all my books of the three subjects are opened but i just couldn't finish reading any of them..


now i'm freaking out. out of 4 subjects, i think i might not worry much about pathology, since i've been doing the revision every now and then sbb selalu sgt ada tutorial. microbiology?..hurmm.. i only finished reading like 10% of it..and like zero. ok i started on sulfonamides ages ago, but i didn't seem to continue on it even then..but luckily i have quite a pile of notes which i did for the seminars dulu, so maybe nanti i'll just read the notes lah... forensic medicine? i think i'll just read it on the night before the exam. it worked that way last time. i scored second highest in my batch ok.haha.berlagak.pasni sure fail ni.

when it comes to the exams, i really hate the system they're following in my college. mcm taik. there, i said it. we're having exams in the afternoon, and yet in the morning, we're still having our clinical rounds in the hospital..they just can't synchronize our clinicals and non-clinicals timetable..when we complained about it, mcm2 la alasan. tu tak boleh ni tak boleh.. tup2 next term when our juniors enter the 2nd phase, diorang nyer jadual musti dah wayyyy better than us. like hampeh.

why am i whining so much niii? ni lah org panggil gelabah nak exam.paham?

tp kan, mcm nak cepat2 abis exam jgk. sbb right after the last paper, i'll be flying back home!!!!!!
and in october i'd be returning for my 3rd year! no worries of failing or anything. sbb our professional exam is in april next year..tak paham takpe..

tp kan, tengah2 tension camni pun...esok nak keluar ngan neela.. am going to hardrock to get kaklong her shirt..pastu buy few stuffs nak wat balik..asked umi tadi if she wanted anything, tp takde pape pun...good for adik, nuni's birthday was few days ago. should i get anything for her?? i think nanti balik la tanye die nak ape..senang skit..tak pon wat2 tak ingat jer..lagi senang..

i think my entry ni mcm merepek je..

till then,mwax!


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