Friday, August 22, 2008

the gift.

i managed to get a little something for my graduating boyfie.

yeay.thanks kaklong for helping me out and all. i always know when i needed some help, she's gonna be my number one! hehe ayat puji meletup2 nihhhh..

btw, i was hoping that it's gonna be a surprise. but being me, mulut ni mane boleh nak duk diam kan. ade je nak tanya arif. what time are u coming back home? kol bape kua hall? boleh on fon ke dlm hall?...and it looks like as if he was suspecting something dah...but i can blog about it here without any worry sbb sy tau he won't be reading this in anytime soon..hehe..

anyhow, i hope arif's gonna like it..there's nothing much i can do when this thing came across my mind when i was somewhere in the lecture hall..and with very2 low budget..hihihi..dah la tgh2 msg kaklong, tgk2 kredit dah abis, quickly ran to the mobile store..sampai blk kt lect hall punyelah berpeluh tak hengat dunia..siap melecet kaki jalan cepat2 punye pasal..haa arif, u see how much i love u???kalau tk nampak jgk tak tau la nak ckp ape..haha tak ikhlas..

nnt esok when arif finally receives the gift, i'll paksa him to snap few piccas of it and send it to me. tak kira, nk tgk jgk..

ok lah. i have ENT theory paper tomorrow at 8.

till then, mwax!




elida means what?

Arif Sayven said...


elida means stinky :P

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