Sunday, August 24, 2008

hari lucah sedunia.

as disturbing as the title is, that's exactly how my day is!

tomorrow i'll be having a pathology tutorial on syphilis and leprosy. so as i was doing the revision on syphilis, there is this one pic on syphilis-infected pe*is displayed in my text book, been really2 disturbing me. eeuuuwww..geli gile okay. dah la the description about the disease tu panjang nak mati, so i have to stick my eyes on that page for a long time, nak highlight la, nak wat notes la...

so i did this..

hehe.letak sticky notes kat gambar tu. tak nampak dah kan.takdela geli sangat nk baca buku kan.

ok.problem no1 settled.

while reading the book, then a lazy thought came across my mind. nak tgk forgetting sarah marshall la sambil2 baca buku i clicked on the title, suddenly so many2 things came popping out on my desktop. shitttttttt...i downloaded a virus instead of the movie. mati la mati la.anddddd...the most disturbing thing of the day many many porn icons keep appearing on my desktop okayyy.. wth??? geli gilerrrrrrrrrrr tak tau nak cakap ape....

tension nyerrrr....and my antivirus doesn't seem to detect the virus..thank god ade neela.. so i installed a new antivirus from her.. and lappy is now clean and clear again... hehehe... takde dah porn2 punye icon tuuu.. hehehe...

being buta it ni, i'm so takut if my lappy kena virus ke ape ke. susah okayyy... camane nak tgk movie kalo tkde laptop?? tkleh idop okay.hehe.

ok so that's it.

till then, mwax!


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