Tuesday, August 19, 2008


since few days back, i've been going through few blogs own by this Herbalife users.

and i think most of u guys know what it is, aite?

and it interests me somehow. i've never been using any kind of products for losing weight. but this one is different i think.

from what i know, this Herbalife thing works by erm, easy to say, correcting what is not right in your body. it's like, u have to0 much cholesterol in ur blood, so it reduces it. if ur body metabolism rate is not ideal for ur body weight, it corrects it. so, it kinda reduces your weight in a healthy manner, where u don't have to ikat perut to diet or anything because this thing with Herbalife, it controls ur appetite and still it gives u energy for ur daily activity.

i know for some people it might not work. but i think i just wanna give it a try. since i'm so determined to lose some weight, and i think my diet is not really working (u know, by the time i reach home everyday, i'd be damn exhausted and due to that, i eat a lot!!)... and since i'm not having proper meal for my lunch everyday, as i barely have enough time for it, but still i need energy to attend all the classes and everything, i think this is not a bad idea.

furthermore, with the fasting month is coming, and we have classes and clinicals whatnots everyday, i think maybe this Herbalife thing will help me la kan.

so, dah gile semangat ni kan, me and neela browsed the internet for the Herbalife distributor, and they have one here in Bangalore..dapat je fon number, terus me dialled for it, and yess!!! tomorrow after the class, we're meeting the guy and his wife. and lucky for us, the guy lives very near to our place, and he apparently is our lecturer's cousin. anddd, he's a muslim!! so, in a way, he can be trusted la kot. insya Allah..

i don't mind spending my money. tak kesah la abis duit saving yang konon untuk shopping balik nanti ke ape. i just want to lose few kgs!!desperately. u know, my kegemukan is at the tahap which i think i look very ugly, my face sangat bulat, with the double chin, and my jeans are all ketat, and i feel so uncomfortable wearing most of my shirts now, especially when i'm walking around guys. i feel like in their mind, they're saying, "omg.look at her.gemuknye die skarang." and i know, some of them really did say that.coz they said it straight to my face.sangat tak selesa okay.plus i'm wearing tudung, so when the baju and seluar are all ketat, i don't feel right. mcm tak sesuai je..so to kurangkan my discomfort around the guys, i chose to wear my white coat all the time..ok la tak nampak sgt perut buncit, seluar dah ketat whatsoever,

so people, tomorrow i'm meeting mr ehsan and his wife. he said just now, maybe i should go with the trial set for the first 10 days, see how it works with my body and whether i like the flavor or not, and later on i can continue on whatnots.

i hope i'm not hangat2 tahi ayam with this thing. but i never want anything this bad, so i think i'm gonna follow whatever the rules, dos and donts.insya Allah.

btw, i'm having ENT practical on thursday, but still i don't have the kesedaran langsung.whateverlah.gemuk cam anak badak camni, camane nk study?? i think the fats are depositing in my brain.that explains why i am so lazy and sgt lembab skarang ni..

till then, mwax!


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