Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the reasons.

ok what to blog eyh?? owh well, as a successful med student, i'll always find a way to waste my so-called precious time..

owh owh..i have a scary story mory here... me and my friends did the counting today... and there are about 320 pages of robbins' pathology, 400 pages of satoskar's pharmacology, 200 pages of baveja's microbiology left for us to read for the coming internal assessment..and it's like 1 month away....and today after comm-med class, i went to the library to start my pharmac revision, and within 1 and half hour, i managed to read up 4 pages... so ade 396 pages left...hua hua hua... camane tu??

what ever lah!

on the other hand, insya Allah arif's convocation is going to be on this coming 23rd... and i was supposed to be there.. should i be there?? or shouldn't i??after all, i think it seemed like tak jadi lah..

why tak jadi???

ok since i'm super duper bored here...let's make a list of the pros and cons nak nak???

5 reasons why elida should go back and be there on her boyfie's convocation..

1. hey it's her lovey dovey boyfie's convo we're talking about ok.bukan anak jiran sebelah rumah maupun anak ketua kampung...ok lawak tak jadi..

2.it's been 4 months since elida last saw her boyfie..

3.elida has never been around during her boyfie's uni days, ( yer lah kate lah masing2 tak kenal each other lagi kan mase tu, plus masing2 ade pacaran snirik mase tu..hehe) so she thinks she should be there on the day he ends it. <--valid kah alasan ini??

4.boleh balik MALAYSIA okay!!

5.there'll be my face in his convo's pics..so nanti bile anak2 kitorang tengok gambar convo arif nanti takde lah diorang tanya where was i kan..hahaha sy tau sy gedik..pedulik ape...

5 reasons why elida shouldn't go back for her boyfie's convocation..

1.financial deficiency.the cheapest flight tics that she can get would require her to transit at the singapore airport for 8 hours.

2.elida thinks she is not ready to meet her boyfie's parents and fam.hehe.she's not good at this.

3.elida is supposed to have an ENT exam that weekend.if she's going back, then she has to ask for permission to sit for it earlier, which she thinks is cumbersome.

4.by the time it reaches 23rd august, there's only 34 days left for elida to go back again for her holiday.

5.her internal assessment is very2 around the corner lah..

so what do u think?? which reasons are way more concrete??

tapi kan...mane la tau kot2 dato' K ke, mane2 jutawan terbaca blog ni kan..well,kami menerima segala bentuk bantuan yang dihulurkan..

ok lah.enough menggedik..ape la nak jadi ni...

wait wait..lupe2...we're 4 MONTHS today!!!! clap clap.. or should i say alhamdulillah, we're still strongly truly madly deeply in love....hahahah...

nak tepek gambar lah...bagi korang nyampah sketttt...

peewiittt....haha syok snirik la weyh..jeles jeles???

owh...bile dah bukak folder nak carik2 gambar ni kan, i just realized that we didn't have much piccas together kan arif kan?? sob sobb..

ok lah..neela dah masuk suruh study.takotnyerrrr kat inspector neela...huahuahua...

till then, mwax!


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