Thursday, August 21, 2008

the shake.

ok now that i finished my practical ENT exam, i can blog about the Herbalife thing that i just started using today.

well yesterday, i went to see mr ehsan, the HL distributor. he asked me to come to his house, so that his wife and him can explain everything thoroughly. just so u know, his house is sooo near to mine, it's like 15minutes walking distance. sgt2 sokaa okay. it makes everything's easier.

mr ehsan's wifey is sgt2 chantek okay. she's not the typical kel*ng yg hitam melekit tu la. ni yg ala2 citer industan ni..and she's wearing hijab as well.saaaangat chantek..and she said that she's also consuming the HL, so lagi la berkobar2 smangat nak mkn HL jgk kan..

when mr ehsan and his wife first saw us, both of them tanya, "which one of u wants to lose weight??" and when we said we both want for it, diorang cam tak caya. but later, when his wife took the measurement of our body fat %, haahhh, amik kau...tadi tak caya sgt when we said we're fat. our body fat % are almost obesity, i mean fat obesity. the % is measured using somekind of alat ni, it has 2 electrodes, which will do the fat analysis thing, based on our height and muscle mass.

so they gave me this one set consisting of one shake, one protein concentrate and one tea-mix. and agak murah la compared with the price that we can get in malaysia. gud gud. i have to take the shake twice a day, so i decided to replace my breakfast and lunch with it.

and today i've started consuming it. owh god. i took the mango flavor, and it is sooo tak sedap. wek wek. i mixed it soy milk, and the soy milk here is unsweetened, the shake is tooo thick, susah giler nak telan. tapi sbb dah gigih gile nak kurus kan, telan la jgk. i think tomorrow i'm gonna mix it with more juice and lesser soy milk.

and the magic thing is, i don't feel hungry at all. ok i took the first shake at 6a.m. and later at 1230p.m tu baru i started to feel a bit hungry, tp takde la lapar gile cam sebelum ni kan. dah la i had an exam earlier, usually after the exam i must be very2 hungry and penat.but not today. so i had another shake at 1230p.m. and u know how long it could last? i had my dinner only at 830 p.m. unbelievable okay. i could stand 8hours without eating anything at all. only lots and lots of water. and yet, i didn't feel tired.

but it's too early to say anything. i'll be meeting mr ehsan's wife again on coming 31st, she's gonna take another measurement and see how well this thing works with my body. till then, i won't be mentioning anything about my kgs here. hehe. let it be a surprise. mane la tau kot2 tak turun jgk berat kan, wat malu jer.hehe.

on the other hand, what should i get for arif's convocation..idea anyone?? i think i'll just combo his convo's present skali ngan birthday present die lah. birthday present die yang dah berbulan2 lepas pun tk bagi lagi.hehe.senang je dapat boyfriend cam arif ni haa..tak bagi present pon takpe...hehehe..

and owh. i'm thinking of nak wat balik kain sari la nak jual kat mesia nanti. but i'm not good in talking people to buy my thing ni, so maybe i'll just bring them back and ask umi to jual kat cikgu2 skolah die, or maybe kaklong and kakliz tlg jual kat kwn2 diorang..without komisyen.heheh..or kalo susah2 sgt, i'll just jual kain tu kat diorang. more free kain sari pasni.. so anyone wishing for sari with particular design, feel free to contact me. otherwise, i'll just grab those yang mane i feel cam tak best jgk coz i'll be back only few days before raya, kalau balik awal2, boleh jual wat kain baju raya kan... tp takpe, i won't bring too many pon, just nk try market je dulu..hehe..

till then,mwax!


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