Friday, August 29, 2008

the updates.

good news. after exactly one week consuming herbalife, i've lost 1kg. for real. because sebelum ni die mcm fluctuate, kejap turun kejap naik balik. but now die dah constant, tk naik balik even after makan. hehe.

u know, i've been taking HL very religiously. i took one shake for my breakfast at around 730 am every morning, and another shake at 1pm, and i didn't take anything, at all, in between. and for my dinner, i only had 3spoons of rice with lots and lots of vegetables. and i took meat or chicken only on alternate days. whenever i'm feeling hungry, i just drink lotssss of water. so asyik nak terkencing je la kan skarang ni. but it's good actually. it indicates that my body is excreting out all the toxics..

just so u know, i just began my 2nd obstetrics and gynaecology posting. and this time around, it is much much more interesting, as we're now allowed to go into the labour room and the operation theatre. as for today, we were learning on the antenatal assessment of fetal wellbeing. so a part of it was about the Non-Stress Test. and we were brought to the labour room to see that machine thingy...meanwhile, there were 5 pregnant mommies in labour pain, waiting to deliver their babies in the labour room.. and one of them was screaming like....sangat2 menakutkan okay. she was in the 2nd stage of labour already, so she's having more contractions, and during every contractions, she was screaming sooooooo kuat... sampai kitorang duk blajar kat situ pun distracted...but not to blame her, i could see clearly how painful it was..

tgh syok2 kitorang duk dgr dr.nilima explaining about the NST, suddenly one of the nurses said that the previous lady is now ready to deliver...omg!! and dr nilima allowed us to watch it... i was first afraid to watch it, dgr perempuan tu jerit2 pun dah kecut2 perut dah... so i just sat at the corner, leaning against the wall, mane la tau kot2 pengsan ke kan...but then, seeing my other friends enthusiastically watching the doctor doing whatever she was doing that time, i felt like tak best la pulak...orang lain tgk, takkan me sorang je tak nak tgk there was me, buat2 tak takut and in my mind i kept saying ,"no no i won't faint. this is nothing. i shouldn't be afraid"..
hey it works okay... i managed to watch all the way throughout the delivery, up until the placental delivery okay. hah!

but seriously i tell u, lepas tgk this normal vaginal delivery, i think i nak ambik anak angkat je lah.. or maybe i'd go for caeserian section.. tak sanggup okay.. the doctor cut the vaginal opening okayyyyyy.. with scissors.. and dgn sgt kejam.. kitorang yang tengok ni pun terkepit2 jugak mcm terasa je sakit...gile tak sanggup...and there's blood everywhere...sgt byk..this normal vaginal delivery is waaayyyyyy scarier than the caeserian section okay.

i have no idea how umi managed to experience such pain when she was giving birth to all five of us, but after today, i think i should appreciate umi more and more...

on the other hand, after the class today, me and neela went to buy few sarees that i planned to sell balik malaysia nnt...i managed to get 6 pieces only today, takleh nk beli byk sbb beg berat and neela plak bawak buku robbin yang besar gabak tu kan... arif suggested me to start a fotopages ke ape ke to display the samples of sarees, mane la tau kot2 ade orang nak pesan ke ape kan... it's actually easier for me bile dah tau which particular pattern yang orang suke.. tapi cam malas je nak amik2 gambar kain2 tu.. lagipun i only have few days left je kalau nk g beli kain lagi, coz after this i'll be busy with my exam..

tengok la..if esok cam rajin ke, i'll do it..kalau tak, i'll just jual je la kat sape2 balik nnt..bukan nye nk wat balik byk pun..but i found more varieties of sarees yang suitable to buat baju kurung and the material pun bukan yang jenis panas tu best jgk..kalo tak laku, nak wat baju kurung for myself lah..

and tomorrow my dearly sunshine is leaving for penang, and he's going to stay there for quite sometime..sob sob..tak tau nape sedih...hehhe tak pasal2..kalo die duk kl pon mcm la dekat ngn me je kan..saje nak menggedik la tu namanye..

and back is fine now..the ibuprofen works for me, and i think it must be musle catch je kot...nothing serious, thank god..

till then, mwax!


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