Saturday, August 16, 2008

when elida turns mengada2.

finally i got to talk to arif. a bit relieved.

as soon as i heard his voice, i couldn't stop myself anymore...terus nangis..hihihi..pastu gelak2...pastu nangis balik...hehehe gilo apo..

after all, i feel better. much better..

thank u boyfie. i love u.

i just can't imagine my life without him.

u know, i've been in many relationships.but let's not go into every details of it. that's not the point i'm trying to make here..well, being in this very relationship with arif, is different. it's like u know that u've found the right one, and there is this moment u feel that ur life is so complete now that u've found him..

the moment i laid my eyes on him.. i knew it, "yes, he's the one i wanna marry"...hehehe sound familiar huh?? yes it's from the gossip girls..cheesy, i know.but it's true in many ways!

i'm used to be a girl who does not express her feeling a be exact, i rarely said those 3 words. very often, the guys whom i was in relationship with complained about that. i used to think that only guy should say it, and me on the other hand should only go with the replies like "ok" or "u too" or "me too"..i don't know why, maybe because deep down inside, i know that the guy is not the right one, and knowing me, i just couldn't stay single for long time, so my previous relationships were more of 'baik ada dari takde' and filling in the blank thingy.yeah i know, that's the dark side of me.

but now with arif, i've changed. a lot, i should say. i become a girl who shows her feeling a lot. sometimes it's even too much. there's a part of me feeling like to say...afraid i think. i'm afraid that arif doesn't realise how much i love him, so i keep saying it every now and then, to ensure that he knows it well.

all in all, arif has changed my life a lot. and i never forget to thank god for that. our relationship and his well-being will always be a part of my every doa to god..

gatal kan saye? let's see what my sisters will say about this entry. sure termuntah hijau keluar steam boat diorg mkn tadi..

and owh. kaklong, happy 29th birthday.enjoy ur last year of being twenties. as the number grows, so does ur weight, amin..lari lari...

till then. mwax!


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