Tuesday, September 30, 2008

esok raya!

di sini sy menyusun sepuluh jari ingin memohon maaf di atas segala salah silap sy, yang mana sy dah terkutuk termengumpat..sume tu tak sengaja jer tu, sy baik je sbenanye..hehe..

on the other hand, my holiday has been great. spent as much time as i could with arif.. makan makan makan...

thought of going out to pasar ramadhan jap lg, dah last kan, but hujan pulak. tak jadi lah..

notice my entry pendek2 je since i came back home? sbbnya kat rumah i have many other things to do/places to go.. so tk sempat nak rasa bosan..if kat india, tak gi mana2, tak wat pape, last2 duk blogging entry panjang2..

lastly, selamat hari raya everyone. have a great one ok!

till then, mwax!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i'm home!

i'm home!!! yes yes. after a long tiring journey yesterday, i finally reached home safely at 830pm last night.

and sy sgt hepiii. arif came by to my place last night at 10, brought me my new sim card, and we lepak2 until 12, then arif left.

and today, woke up at 130pm *hua hua hua*, went out with arif later to send intan her kain sari that she ordered from me.. and went to pasar ramadhan..there it started to rain tak ingat dunia... potong stim betol laa..esok kena g sambung blk jalan2 cari makan.

nothing much to story mory lah. keyboard pc kat rumah ni tak best.. *hehe alasan*..

after all, being home is gooooooooooood okay!! best best.

till then, mwax!

Friday, September 26, 2008

last check!

exam is overrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

ok 4 more hours to go, at 9 i'll be leaving to the airport.

1. get my travel itinerary printed -checked!
2.passport, residential permit, printed ticket -checked!
3.external hard disk with lots and lots of tv series-checked!
5.contact lens case and solution -belum.lupe.

tu je kot. hopefully takde dah yg penting2.insya Allah.

weeeeee~~~nak balik dah.

dear god, selamatkanlah perjalanan hambaMu ini dan permudahkanlah segala urusanku. Aminnn..

i think arif is mad at me.

don't blame me. blame the pms.

anyhoo, mlm ni saye balik, tau tau!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

last one people, last one. bertahan!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 down. another 2 to go.


bluweeekkkk!!! nak termuntah tapi takleh nak muntah kang batal pose.dah dekat nak buke ni rugi je kalo batal..

tp siryes nak temuntah..bukan pe..geli nak mati..menyampah like hell!!

tak baek ngumpat bulan2 posa ni, tp takleh tahan dah.ngumpat kat blog pon jadi lah.

neela came to me just now, she told me this then wat me nk termuntah giler ni..

ok la, there is this one couple in our place, i don't know why, tp i think almost everyone will agree with me about this, i think the girl sangat perasan that they are the most sweeeeeetest couple in the world.like apekah?? tak sweet langsung okay.

ok that's not the point.lantak die lah perasan sorang die, tk susahkan orang pon.

back to the story, so since neela is not going back to malaysia together with me, die balik lambat skit, on the 29th, and her luggage mcm berat sbb wat balik byk kain saree tu kan, so she asked la that girl, whether nanti mase nak check in, boleh tak die nak check in same2, in case kalau her luggage exceed the limit, takde la kena charge ke ape kan, since that girl tk bwk balik byk brg pon..

and u know what did the girl say?? "eh jangan la nanti neela nak terngeneng2 ngn aku n boifren aku plak!!"... like HELLLOOOOOOO.. ko ingat orang nak sgt ke? eeiii please laaaaa... pernah ke ade org nk tengeneng2 ngn die ngn boifren die??? takde kot. and i can assure u, takkan ade orang yang nak mengeneng2kan diri kat die n boyfren die tu. tak sedar ke yang everybody's making fun of both of u? or at least at u?

neela just asked to check in together, bukannya nak gi airport same ke, or nanti kat airport nak duk same ke, or nanti dah sampai klia kita jalan same2 ke.. orang pon seboleh2 la taknak kacau die ngan her sweeeeeetest boyfren tu. oh please!

after all, me bengang sgt bukannye nape. she's not that close to me pun. she's a lil bit closer to neela compared to me. tp the way she was saying it makes me feel so annoyed. ingat la sikit, sape yang suke bagi hint konon2 nak ajak kitorang keluar ke, or nak join kitorang keluar ke. sape yg slalu msg neela whenever GUESS is having sales, konon nak bagi tau jer, eleh, die tk bagi tau pon kitorang dah tau lame dah la! 4bulan before sales lagi kitorang dah tau. and jangan harap la kan kitorang akan ajak die keluar ngn kitorang lagi pasni, me dah sound neela awal2, if neela nak kua ngan die, jgn ajak me.tak kuasa nak tahan termuntah 3 4 jam depan die.

ok dah.kurang dah pahala posa ari ni.tp takleh tahan.sape bace ni, i think u can guess whose that attention-seeking girl.sape gatal2 mulut gi cakap kat die, siap.hahaha.

till then, mwax!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

and so the exam goes.

i feel like blogging.but i don't know what to write.

erm.jom wat recap pasal exam ari tu lah.nak?taknak sudah.

monday.pathology theory.
the main question, carrying 10marks was on regeneration and repair with specification on fracture healing,which i think i've lost almost 8marks. why la fracture healing yang die tny? why not healing with primary or secondary intention?why la why. erm the rest, short essays and short answers were so-so. mcq was a bit tough. so, prediction, 50-50, insya Allah mintak2 pass. and next time, bear in mind that fracture healing can come under general pathology as well.not only in diseases of bones and joint.and during the exam, dr.sujatha thought i was cheating, maybe because i asked tinie to borrow her jangkalukis (ape org panggil in english?)..so she asked me to sit in the front, 3 minutes later, i submitted my paper.takde mase lah nk meniru.soklan essay bukannye nampak pon kalo nak tiru.

tuesday.microbiology theory.
alhamdulillah i must say. the main question was on vibrio cholerae, pathogenesis, lab diagnosis etc. not really tough. overall, the questions were OK, the only thing that i screwed up was on the short essay question about bubonic plague. prediction, insya Allah ok kot.

wednesday.forensic medicine theory.
alhamdulillah jgk. i think my mcq will help the rest, since i've gone through all the mcq that came out, in the morning before the exam.kalau ade salah jgk, sure careless punye pasal la kan. and the long and short essays were ok la. so my prediction is, insya Allah ok la jgk kot.

friday.pharmacology theory.
perghhhhh.enough said.malas nak layan.

ok lah.bosan.part of me is in malaysia already.jasad sahaja yang masih berada di sini.

nakkkkk balikkkkkkkkk..dear god, please make time flies faster for me.

till then, mwax!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

takde tajuk.

do u know, browsing trough fotopages and blogs about food and recipes can create the same fullness sensation as if u're eating them?

i don't know, people said, "jangan tengok gambar makanan bulan puasa ni, tak baik.kurang pahala"... but me on the other hand feels that looking at those pictures of food actually makes me feel kenyang. or maybe i think i feel satisfied. yer lah, nk makan tak dpt, coz for buka puasa i just have those catered food, so tengok gambar pon ok lah.kesian kan.hehe.

takpe2...seminggu lagi nak balik.

abah and umi been asking..what do i have for my sahur and berbuka.. well..for sahur, i just have my herbalife shake (this is good, u don't feel tired or hungry), and for my berbuka, for the first week, me and neela cooked, but later, since we're having exams and everything, i just don't have enough time to cook, so we catered the food from kubera, a restaurant outside my apartment. sedap ke?? tak tau la nak cakap ape, boleh la telan. i don't really mind actually, lagi tak sedap lagi bagus. lagi tak sedap, the less i eat. the less i eat, the more weight i lost. cam tak betol jer ayat ni. ape-ape la labu.

speaking about weight loss, i've put up the link for herbalife distributor here in bangalore. i know some of my friends are interested about it, but they're just malu kot nak tanya.hehe.. so u can view the page on ur own ok..

ok so how my weight is doing? let's see..

i started taking HL on 21st august..

21/08 : weight- 53.1kg , body fat % -28.8
31/08 : weight- 52.4kg , body fat % - 28.1
11/09 : weight -49.7kg , body fat % - 26.1

u see people??? so my next measurement will be on this 22nd sept. soooo can't wait!!

and owh, secret's revealed here. i was 53kgs before okay. i know some of my friends were like "eh nak kurus ape lagi??dah kurus la ni".but hey..u guys tak tau my actual berat! maybe because i'm 163cm, so 53kgs don't show much to my body, but me myself feels that it is not right, and it's definitely unhealthy!

so now i'm almost back to my normal body weight. sikit je lagi. then i'll work out on maintaining the weight plak.

okay lah. u know, i'm actually having the most scariest paper in the world tomorrow, PHARMACOLOGY. but i think i'll just give it up. otak dah penat. takpe lah fail lagi.. u won't achieve success if u don't fail kan? hehehe..

till then, mwax!

three down. five to go.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

erk.i think my brain is superly saturated with pathology and microbiology, it cannot process forensic medicine information anymore. my body system is in exhausted state, due to improper sleep.

if only these exhaustion can burn down some fat in my bum bum store, then i'll be damn excited to read more and more.

owh people, do you know that on the next 10th day, at this very moment, i'll be at the bangalore international airport, waiting for my flight to go back home?syok syok.

two down. six to go.

Monday, September 15, 2008

one down. seven to go!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

quickie entry,

good luck people! just finish the exams off and to malaysia here we go ok!! like it or not, we know we have to study jgk kan!

p/s : this is just a way to bring myself to study actually.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


arif texted..

"nite, i syg u mcm kanggaru sygkan anak die..mwahx!"

hehe..ade ke mcm tu??? tp ok la at least die bagi kanggaru, chomel la jgk..takdenye die bagi kerbau ke musang ke..

ok darling, same goes to u! in fact, more than that!

p/s: my saree sales are going so welllllllllll..me likey!! i'm going to find more and more!! tp kena tggu habis theory papers dulu...cam best la pulak...

till then,mwax!

Monday, September 8, 2008

damn u perompak!

my boyfie has been robbed! damn u thief took all his belongings, i mean basically, almost everything..takde la everything, tp yang mana penting2 tu sume kena curik like his wallet, handphones, carkeys (amik kunci dgn harapan mlm ni nak dtg curik keta la pulak tuh) etc2.. bulan puasa pun ade jugak orang mencurik...ni mesti ade jugak syaitan terlepas tak kena ikat nih..patot la me still malas jugak nk study even dah puasa *hehe takde kaitan*..

anyway, back to the story.. usually, when i wake up for sahur at 4am, i will give him a call first, to wake him up nak gi keja (malaysia = 630am)..so this morning, when i called him, it went into his voicemail..pelik jgk...so i thought maybe his phone just went dead sbb takde batt or takde line ke ape kan..then again, after my subuh, i tried to call him, means kat mesia dah kol 730am, but still it was unreachable.. then i started to feel cuak.. dah la last night when i was talking to him, he was mentioning about death and everything sbb he kept falling sick these days.. *dramatic okay boyfren saya*..but i just remain calm and went back to sleep..hehe sempat lagi tido balik..nyenyak pulak tuh..siap ade miscall from malaysia at 8 o'clock i just buat tak tau je since the number was unfamiliar.. actually the call was from him..he was trying to call me to tell that he's been robbed..

tp gile gigih my boyfriend kesayangan ini..since he couldn't reach me as he himself ingat tak ingat je my fon number, so he went to the cyber cafe okay, and send a msg to my friendster, telling everything...hehe..nasib baik la girlfriend die ni mmg gile alert kan ngan email2, msg2 kat friendster ni.. after reading his msg, a part of me was a bit relieved, at least i knew that he's okay..

later tonight i managed to speak to him since he already got himself a new fon..and he said, he actually asked his father to tell my father that he couldn't reach me, so that my father will then tell me about it, as he could not recall my fon number...hehe terharu okay knowing how thoughtful my boyfie could be sometimes..hehe not that he's not thoughtful all these while, tp dlm keadaan camtu he still remember about me la kan.. *dah start nak gedik dah*

and after the class today, i went accompanying neela to find more sarees, apparently she's getting a lot more requests from her cousins and friends for chiffon materials.. anyone interested for chiffon, neela has put up the new collections we got today in my other blog okay..

till then, mwax!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

pathology for a shopaholic.

" It is likely that, in the near future, molecular profiling will become an adjunct in the diagnosis, classification and management of cancer. This type of analysis may also reveal novel gene targets for development of new drugs. Thus, therapy may be tailored to the specific genes dysregulated in a given tumor. Who knows, advertisement for 'designer genes' may appear side by side with ads for 'designer jeans'! "

haha.. lawak okey buku patho robbins nih!! sape tak penah bace, sile baca last paragraph of neoplasia chapter..

bear with me, i'm into the study+hibernating mode now! i won't be blogging much anymore.. at least i'll try not to..hehe..

and owh, another 20 days to go then i'll be flying back home!wooott wooott..

till then,mwax!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

it's better that way.

i think, when u are trying to correct someone for what she'd done wrong, there's a right way to say it.

i think, if u are trying to tell someone that u don't like what she's doing, there's always a better way to say it.

after all, i'm nobody, ain't a perfect girl. my feeling easily hurts, few harsh words can easily tear my heart apart.

i won't cry.but i just want to be in complete silence to do some thinking. leave me alone for a while.

Friday, September 5, 2008

tv series madness is back!

i don't like the new season of gossip girls.
i don't like blair's new hair colour, serena is tanned ( dah kata summer kan, tp still tak suka jgk), serena looks better with nate, i don't like dan, chuck's new hairstyle is funny but chomel in a way.. but i love serena's blue quilted chanel!

and i don't like the first episode of one tree hill season 6! lucas should be with brooke. but what do you expect kan..hehe.. and the psycho nanny carrie is back.. tak sokaa..

hah takde mood dah nak study. blame gossip girls and one tree hill okay.

pengakuan saya.

saya seorang pelajar yang malas. saya semakin suka memonteng kelas, lebih-lebih lagi di bulan puasa ini..

azam saya, mulai minggu depan, saya akan cuba untuk memonteng kelas dalam kuantiti yang lebih sedikit (saya tidak boleh berjanji untuk tidak ponteng langsung)..

saya juga berazam untuk belajar dengan lebih rajin, memandangkan peperiksaan saya akan menjelang tidak lama lagi. saya tidak mahu gagal dalam farmakologi lagi, walaupun saya agak yakin yang saya akan gagal sekali lagi..

kekasih saya juga telah memarahi saya kerana asyik tidur dan tidak belajar. saya takut. oleh itu, saya hendak belajar sekarang.

baiklah. sekian.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

it's elida's fact!

now i know why my kgs are escalating up! so i have nothing to worry about, it's just my intelligent brain!

agree everybody??

p/s : this is just me wasting some time waiting to buka puasa..

i miss my ariff.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my first day fasting.

today and tomorrow cutiii. why today? well u know our college is malaysian-based, and they (the ever-bongek management) forgot to bagi us cuti semalam for merdeka. so they ganti it today.

and tomorrow, the indians are having apetah ganesha festival kot..so another cuti... they're selling patung gajah warna warni for the festival tu everywhere. sape nak pesan? murah je rasanya tu.. neela said that the gajah is diorang nye tuhan pendidikan. ok let's translate it, like..ermm god of education? hahaha...i found it kelakar tak bleh blah. mcm kite punye minister of education. i think they must have god of financial, god of defense, ape2 lagi la mcm menteri2 kite kat mesia, but diorang nye lagi gempak la, sbb diorang ade tuhan satu2 nak jaga sume benda tu..hehehe. (hey, pardon me, i'm not being racism or anything ok. well, my blog, my words..tak suka, jgn baca)

on the other hand, we here only started fasting today. i am not sure what mazhab they're following here, but they fast and raya lambat sehari than we do in malaysia. so, since i'm celebrating raya in malaysia, another year of me puasa for only 29 days. hehe..

u know, my friends are calling me ustazah now. why... hanafi la punye pasal, one fine morning he came to me, sengih2 kerang busuk.. "ko tau, semalam aku mimpi ko jadi qariah. dah siap pakai tudung2 labuh semua tu" ...hahaha..i just laughed out loud la kan. insya Allah...sampai masa nnt jadi la mcm tu..hehehe.. so i thought that was just it. tapi mamat ni...he went to his class and told the rest of his classmates about his mimpi tu...so now everybody pun dah call me ustazah. so when the girls are chit-chatting or gossiping, and when i nak menyibuk jgk ke ape ke, they'll go like "eh ustazah, mana bleh ngumpat2.." hehehe...takpe2... and i went to terawih last night, and after solat while salam2 tu, few of my friends were like.."erm nak salam ngn ustazah la..amik berkat".. and i saw few of my juniors were looking at me with the facial expressions like, "erk, why ustazah? why her?" hahaha..

i'm soo craving for ice-creams and cadbury. i bought one ice-cream last night from the mart outside our house. but i just couldn't seem to eat it,so simpan je dlm fridge. takut rasa bersalah plak. u know i've been controlling my diet strictly and i'm still in the process of changing my eating habit..so i still can't stop myself from craving this and that. tp ok la, at least rasa nak mkn jer, i can still pujuk myself from eating it.

i know that it takes at least 60-90 days for someone to change their eating habit. and i've been trying to do so for almost 2 weeks..not so bad la kan coz i think i've changed for almost 50% dah..

erm..enough buang masa. i think i wanna start my revision on pharmacology. they said ur mind is sharper when u'r fasting kan. insya Allah...lagipun syaitan2 sume dah kena ikat, kalo malas jgk tu taktau nak cakap ape dah..

til then, mwax!

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