Saturday, September 20, 2008

and so the exam goes.

i feel like blogging.but i don't know what to write.

erm.jom wat recap pasal exam ari tu lah.nak?taknak sudah.

monday.pathology theory.
the main question, carrying 10marks was on regeneration and repair with specification on fracture healing,which i think i've lost almost 8marks. why la fracture healing yang die tny? why not healing with primary or secondary intention?why la why. erm the rest, short essays and short answers were so-so. mcq was a bit tough. so, prediction, 50-50, insya Allah mintak2 pass. and next time, bear in mind that fracture healing can come under general pathology as well.not only in diseases of bones and joint.and during the exam, dr.sujatha thought i was cheating, maybe because i asked tinie to borrow her jangkalukis (ape org panggil in english?) she asked me to sit in the front, 3 minutes later, i submitted my paper.takde mase lah nk meniru.soklan essay bukannye nampak pon kalo nak tiru.

tuesday.microbiology theory.
alhamdulillah i must say. the main question was on vibrio cholerae, pathogenesis, lab diagnosis etc. not really tough. overall, the questions were OK, the only thing that i screwed up was on the short essay question about bubonic plague. prediction, insya Allah ok kot.

wednesday.forensic medicine theory.
alhamdulillah jgk. i think my mcq will help the rest, since i've gone through all the mcq that came out, in the morning before the exam.kalau ade salah jgk, sure careless punye pasal la kan. and the long and short essays were ok la. so my prediction is, insya Allah ok la jgk kot.

friday.pharmacology theory.
perghhhhh.enough said.malas nak layan.

ok lah.bosan.part of me is in malaysia already.jasad sahaja yang masih berada di sini.

nakkkkk balikkkkkkkkk..dear god, please make time flies faster for me.

till then, mwax!


Cik Teh said...

i thought she asked u to switch place bcoz of the panas at ur seat..

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