Monday, September 8, 2008

damn u perompak!

my boyfie has been robbed! damn u thief took all his belongings, i mean basically, almost everything..takde la everything, tp yang mana penting2 tu sume kena curik like his wallet, handphones, carkeys (amik kunci dgn harapan mlm ni nak dtg curik keta la pulak tuh) etc2.. bulan puasa pun ade jugak orang mesti ade jugak syaitan terlepas tak kena ikat nih..patot la me still malas jugak nk study even dah puasa *hehe takde kaitan*..

anyway, back to the story.. usually, when i wake up for sahur at 4am, i will give him a call first, to wake him up nak gi keja (malaysia = 630am) this morning, when i called him, it went into his voicemail..pelik i thought maybe his phone just went dead sbb takde batt or takde line ke ape kan..then again, after my subuh, i tried to call him, means kat mesia dah kol 730am, but still it was unreachable.. then i started to feel cuak.. dah la last night when i was talking to him, he was mentioning about death and everything sbb he kept falling sick these days.. *dramatic okay boyfren saya*..but i just remain calm and went back to sleep..hehe sempat lagi tido balik..nyenyak pulak tuh..siap ade miscall from malaysia at 8 o'clock i just buat tak tau je since the number was unfamiliar.. actually the call was from him..he was trying to call me to tell that he's been robbed..

tp gile gigih my boyfriend kesayangan ini..since he couldn't reach me as he himself ingat tak ingat je my fon number, so he went to the cyber cafe okay, and send a msg to my friendster, telling everything...hehe..nasib baik la girlfriend die ni mmg gile alert kan ngan email2, msg2 kat friendster ni.. after reading his msg, a part of me was a bit relieved, at least i knew that he's okay..

later tonight i managed to speak to him since he already got himself a new fon..and he said, he actually asked his father to tell my father that he couldn't reach me, so that my father will then tell me about it, as he could not recall my fon number...hehe terharu okay knowing how thoughtful my boyfie could be sometimes..hehe not that he's not thoughtful all these while, tp dlm keadaan camtu he still remember about me la kan.. *dah start nak gedik dah*

and after the class today, i went accompanying neela to find more sarees, apparently she's getting a lot more requests from her cousins and friends for chiffon materials.. anyone interested for chiffon, neela has put up the new collections we got today in my other blog okay..

till then, mwax!


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