Sunday, September 28, 2008

i'm home!

i'm home!!! yes yes. after a long tiring journey yesterday, i finally reached home safely at 830pm last night.

and sy sgt hepiii. arif came by to my place last night at 10, brought me my new sim card, and we lepak2 until 12, then arif left.

and today, woke up at 130pm *hua hua hua*, went out with arif later to send intan her kain sari that she ordered from me.. and went to pasar ramadhan..there it started to rain tak ingat dunia... potong stim betol laa..esok kena g sambung blk jalan2 cari makan.

nothing much to story mory lah. keyboard pc kat rumah ni tak best.. *hehe alasan*..

after all, being home is gooooooooooood okay!! best best.

till then, mwax!


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