Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my first day fasting.

today and tomorrow cutiii. why today? well u know our college is malaysian-based, and they (the ever-bongek management) forgot to bagi us cuti semalam for merdeka. so they ganti it today.

and tomorrow, the indians are having apetah ganesha festival kot..so another cuti... they're selling patung gajah warna warni for the festival tu everywhere. sape nak pesan? murah je rasanya tu.. neela said that the gajah is diorang nye tuhan pendidikan. ok let's translate it, like..ermm god of education? hahaha...i found it kelakar tak bleh blah. mcm kite punye minister of education. i think they must have god of financial, god of defense, ape2 lagi la mcm menteri2 kite kat mesia, but diorang nye lagi gempak la, sbb diorang ade tuhan satu2 nak jaga sume benda tu..hehehe. (hey, pardon me, i'm not being racism or anything ok. well, my blog, my words..tak suka, jgn baca)

on the other hand, we here only started fasting today. i am not sure what mazhab they're following here, but they fast and raya lambat sehari than we do in malaysia. so, since i'm celebrating raya in malaysia, another year of me puasa for only 29 days. hehe..

u know, my friends are calling me ustazah now. why... hanafi la punye pasal, one fine morning he came to me, sengih2 kerang busuk.. "ko tau, semalam aku mimpi ko jadi qariah. dah siap pakai tudung2 labuh semua tu" ...hahaha..i just laughed out loud la kan. insya Allah...sampai masa nnt jadi la mcm tu..hehehe.. so i thought that was just it. tapi mamat ni...he went to his class and told the rest of his classmates about his mimpi tu...so now everybody pun dah call me ustazah. so when the girls are chit-chatting or gossiping, and when i nak menyibuk jgk ke ape ke, they'll go like "eh ustazah, mana bleh ngumpat2.." hehehe...takpe2... and i went to terawih last night, and after solat while salam2 tu, few of my friends were like.."erm nak salam ngn ustazah la..amik berkat".. and i saw few of my juniors were looking at me with the facial expressions like, "erk, why ustazah? why her?" hahaha..

i'm soo craving for ice-creams and cadbury. i bought one ice-cream last night from the mart outside our house. but i just couldn't seem to eat it,so simpan je dlm fridge. takut rasa bersalah plak. u know i've been controlling my diet strictly and i'm still in the process of changing my eating habit..so i still can't stop myself from craving this and that. tp ok la, at least rasa nak mkn jer, i can still pujuk myself from eating it.

i know that it takes at least 60-90 days for someone to change their eating habit. and i've been trying to do so for almost 2 weeks..not so bad la kan coz i think i've changed for almost 50% dah..

erm..enough buang masa. i think i wanna start my revision on pharmacology. they said ur mind is sharper when u'r fasting kan. insya Allah...lagipun syaitan2 sume dah kena ikat, kalo malas jgk tu taktau nak cakap ape dah..

til then, mwax!


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