Sunday, September 7, 2008

pathology for a shopaholic.

" It is likely that, in the near future, molecular profiling will become an adjunct in the diagnosis, classification and management of cancer. This type of analysis may also reveal novel gene targets for development of new drugs. Thus, therapy may be tailored to the specific genes dysregulated in a given tumor. Who knows, advertisement for 'designer genes' may appear side by side with ads for 'designer jeans'! "

haha.. lawak okey buku patho robbins nih!! sape tak penah bace, sile baca last paragraph of neoplasia chapter..

bear with me, i'm into the study+hibernating mode now! i won't be blogging much anymore.. at least i'll try not to..hehe..

and owh, another 20 days to go then i'll be flying back home!wooott wooott..

till then,mwax!


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