Thursday, September 18, 2008

takde tajuk.

do u know, browsing trough fotopages and blogs about food and recipes can create the same fullness sensation as if u're eating them?

i don't know, people said, "jangan tengok gambar makanan bulan puasa ni, tak baik.kurang pahala"... but me on the other hand feels that looking at those pictures of food actually makes me feel kenyang. or maybe i think i feel satisfied. yer lah, nk makan tak dpt, coz for buka puasa i just have those catered food, so tengok gambar pon ok lah.kesian kan.hehe.

takpe2...seminggu lagi nak balik.

abah and umi been asking..what do i have for my sahur and berbuka.. well..for sahur, i just have my herbalife shake (this is good, u don't feel tired or hungry), and for my berbuka, for the first week, me and neela cooked, but later, since we're having exams and everything, i just don't have enough time to cook, so we catered the food from kubera, a restaurant outside my apartment. sedap ke?? tak tau la nak cakap ape, boleh la telan. i don't really mind actually, lagi tak sedap lagi bagus. lagi tak sedap, the less i eat. the less i eat, the more weight i lost. cam tak betol jer ayat ni. ape-ape la labu.

speaking about weight loss, i've put up the link for herbalife distributor here in bangalore. i know some of my friends are interested about it, but they're just malu kot nak tanya.hehe.. so u can view the page on ur own ok..

ok so how my weight is doing? let's see..

i started taking HL on 21st august..

21/08 : weight- 53.1kg , body fat % -28.8
31/08 : weight- 52.4kg , body fat % - 28.1
11/09 : weight -49.7kg , body fat % - 26.1

u see people??? so my next measurement will be on this 22nd sept. soooo can't wait!!

and owh, secret's revealed here. i was 53kgs before okay. i know some of my friends were like "eh nak kurus ape lagi??dah kurus la ni".but hey..u guys tak tau my actual berat! maybe because i'm 163cm, so 53kgs don't show much to my body, but me myself feels that it is not right, and it's definitely unhealthy!

so now i'm almost back to my normal body weight. sikit je lagi. then i'll work out on maintaining the weight plak.

okay lah. u know, i'm actually having the most scariest paper in the world tomorrow, PHARMACOLOGY. but i think i'll just give it up. otak dah penat. takpe lah fail lagi.. u won't achieve success if u don't fail kan? hehehe..

till then, mwax!


ila ni said...

waahhh !!
x aci! nok kuruh gok, puah doh idup dengan lemak2 bersepah nih

adieha said...

hi.. saye pon amik HL jugak :D
dah loss 18 kilos + 30 inches.
i'm also a HL distributor (Malaysia).

kalo rase nak borak2 pasal HL boleh drop by my blog or add me on YM.

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