Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my random thoughts.

i want to study. i want to read pharmacology. tp my brain refused to process it.

i went to the bank, tp rupa2nya duit saya tk masuk lg. i heard duit dh masuk, tp nape duit sy tk masuk lg? sy dah miskin ni.nak beli moisturizer pun takleh.kesian kan.

i think i'm allergic to nivea's lip balm. i bought it last week,my lips wasn't even dry, tp seems that winter is coming, i think i'm gonna need one. tp after few days, my lips started to crack, very2 dry and it irritates a lot.sakittttt.tak suka.hopefully vaseline will help.

bulan 12 ni saya balik lagi.syokk betol lah.pastu bulan 4 taun depan balik lagi.pastu raya taun depan balik jugak. pastu bulan 12 taun depan pun balik lagi. kan best study abroad macam ni. umi ngn abah pun takde chance nak dtg sini sbb asal cuti je musti sy kan, bila la sy nak tour india ni eh? tggu abah umi dtg la kot. nnt diorg byrkan tiket ngn hotel.jimat disitu.

tadi kan, ainun mintak resipi ayam paprik from me. chewahhhhh. dah boleh ajar2 org lain masak dah skarang ni. tepuk tgn everbody!

smalam kan, sy ngn neela kena marah kt dr ramesh, sbb kitorang borak2 dlm class. pastu die ckp with this attitude, i cannot pass pharmacology. ish jgn la ckp mcm tu kot ye pun, buatnye masin mulut die, tak ke nnt sy kena repeat, pastu kalo sy kena repeat, lagi lambat la sy grad, lagi lambat sy grad, lagi lambat la sy kawin. ape la die ni. borak sikit pun tk boleh. terus ponteng tutor petang tu, sape suruh mrh org.

i feel like putting back my chatbox here. tp takot nanti ade lagi komen2 yang tk diingini ni. trauma wey.haunted betol lah budak gurlish ni.hantu hantu.

ok tu je.

till then, mwax!

Monday, October 27, 2008

diwali or deepavali?

besides my one and only muhammad ariff, i am now officially crazy over this guy, Robert Buckley, starring as Kirby Atwood in the Lipstick Jungle.

ariff u cannot blame me, u were the one who told me to watch this kan. hehe.

btw, for god's sake, please la stop main mercun wahai kel*ng2... i need some peace.. nak baca buku pun tak bolehhhhhhhhhh....nasib baik la deepavali sehari je bukan sebulan mcm syawal!

anyhoo, still wishing a happy deepavali to those who're celebrating out there. peace!!

till then, mwax!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


aih i just realized that it's been almost a week i tak update my blog ni. malas la. plus i've been hell so tired, without reasons i just felt soooo tired easily. sampai gaduh2 ngan arif sebab penat. is it because of the holidays which just ended? tp masa cuti jalan2 pusing OU sane sini tak penat pun, bile balik sini berdiri dalam OT for 2 hours pun mcm nak pengsan dah.

btw, i'm fasting today. it's only 3pm, lagi 3jam nak buka..lambatnye.

bosan la. been checking neela's room twice, minah ni kalo puasa mmg tido mcm taknak bgn. nak ajak borak pun tk bleh.nak call arif pun die cam dah bosan talking to me, asyik call je kan. cakap sorang2 kan org kata meroyan plak.

jom ckp psl herbalife la nak?

so last week i had a meeting with my HL distributor, did some measurements again and walllaaaaahhh.... i didn't gain any kg,in fact i lost some! see see..

i seriously thought that i gained at least half a kg or more. bcoz i've been eating like gajah baru beranak masa kat rumah. let's just say i had my lunch at 2pm, then i went out, eat again at 5pm, then had dinner at around 8, then late at night i'll have something to eat lagi. mcm pelik la jgk kan nape tak naik, i didn't expect it to turun pun, the best pun i thought my weight will just maintain je la kan. hihi.. i think all my fat goes to arif la. tengok perot die pun dah tau.haha. it's okay darling the bigger ur tummy the more i love u!hehe.

ok dah2 syok sendiri. kang gurlish tu baca tak pasal2 kena kutuk berbakul2 lagi. muahaha.

btw, if u look at the pics above carefully, after consuming HL for exactly 2months, i've lost a total of 4 kgs. and one good thing is, u don't have to extremely change ur diet, *i actually did this for the first month plus it's fasting month* , tapi what i'm trying to say here is, this thing actually works. i've seen some friends been dying to lose some weight, going to the gym, eating only fruits for lunch, and i don't know how that actually turns out, it maybe works, but it'll surely take some time. but as for me, since i was desperately nak kurus before balik raya hari tu, HL really helped me la kan!

2 months ago, i wished to lose 3-4 kgs only, then i'll just maintain my weight, tp bila dah turun 4kg ni kan, i think my new dream weight is 47 la plak. which means another 2 kgs down! biasa la manusia ni tak pandai bersyukur kan. anyhoo, my BMI is now 18.4, meaning that if u take the lower limit of normal range as 18.5 as stated by WHO *hehe* i am now underweight! weeeeeeee... syok2..

ok dah habis psl HL.

on the other hand, suka la skarang ni, semua tv series dah keluar new season. siap tak tau nk tgk yg mana dulu, OTH ke, gossip girl ke, grey's anatomy ke, desperate housewives ke, chuck ke,house ke, pastu dah la baru start tgk lipstick jungle, so nak marathon season1 plus catching up with season2 lagi, aihhhh kalau la bace buku seindah tgk cerita, alangkah bahagianyer. tu nasib baik tak layan heroes ngn smallville..

speaking about lipstick jungle, omg i'm so cair with kirby! perghhhhh hensem comel sweet gile.. tibe2 rindu arif.. hehe..

ok lah. nak lepak2. pastu nak masak buka puasa. btw, smalam i cooked rendang, jadi okayyy! tp terlebih pedas, tp not bad la neela kata sedap! credit to kaklong's recipe la kan.

dan sebagai mengakhiri entry saya kali ini, nah amik muka kitorang! haha.

till then, mwax!

Monday, October 20, 2008


oh well. it's been a while since i wrote about my study kan. so now has been almost a week since my class started, i think i've gone back into the college mood, no more homey2.. ye ke? pemalas cam biase gak..

anyhoo, i've got the results for 3 subjects out of 4, forensic medicine tak tau la bile dpt result since the lecturers are always busy. over all, as expected, i failed pharmacology! again! damn it! but at least i passed excellently on the practical part.hehe *nak sedapkan ati sdiri*.. microbiology result was satisfying, both theory and practical, whilst pathology theory memang cukup2 makan and practical was ok la despite the fact that i screwed a bit on the spotters part. so after all, alhamdulillah, i couldn't have asked for more.

and owh, i've started my first orthopaedics posting last week. it's tough but i kinda like it. plus all the doctors are cool ok. it's like,

"hello, i'm Dr Alfred, i'm an orthopaedics surgeon."

cool kan?? tak cool ke? ntah la, but i found it so amusing. lain skit dari ENT surgeon ke, or other surgeons lah.

and umi has always wanted me to choose ortho as my specialty, since she always has problems with her joints here and there and lately she's just found that she now has osteoporosis. knowing the fact, lagi la she encourages me to choose this path kan.

but the thing is, there is not even a single female doctor in this department! at least not at this hospital that i'm doing my clinical training. and all the male doctors are all macam ganas2 jer. mcm susah la jgk, i think an ortho memang needs a well-built body. ye lah, nak adjust traction dekat fractured patient pun punyelah susah. and some more, it involves a lot of physics, which umi knows that i was never good at. *it is actually one of the reasons i chosed medicine, because i can't be dealing with anymore physics after my spm, i just can't! maybe physics is just not one of the gifts that god blessed me with*

back to the topic, maybe someday if i tell umi i'm sorry that i can't choose ortho as my specialty, as there is too much physics in it, hopefully she will understand it kan?

but who knows kan, mane lah tau in the future nanti, kot2 lah i'm actually destined to become an orthopaedics ke, since that is what umi wants so bad kan. or maybe i will become an OBG? i hate this soooooooo much, but diorang cakap selalunya yang kita tak suka tu lah yang kita will end up with. tak kisah la ape2 pun, lagipun i think it is still early for me to decide kan.

macam bosan je cakap psl study, but i have to put my mind back on track, so just bear with me ok. this is just what i have to do, at least for the next 3 and a half years. *though deep inside i know that medicine is gonna be an on-going learning throughout my life*

on the other hand, tomorrow i'm going to accompany neela to meet mr ehsan, our HL distributor, since neela has finished her protein concentrate and shake. mine? don't ask lah, boleh tahan sebulan lagi kot. neela is still taking Herbalife shake religiously, even back in malaysia, but me on the other hand, has been undisciplinedly skipping my shake every single day. dah la i skipped my shake, pastu i ate a lot, like too much! and now i'm regretting it so much. tomorrow i'm going to measure again all the body weight, body fat % etc. takooooooottttt.

hehe that's all for now. yours truly is actually waiting for arif to come back from dinner. i was falling asleep just now, but i feel like talking to him, so sbb tak nak bagi tido, here comes this entry!

till then, mwax!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


why la.

wow. this is hot.panasssss ok.

i am now 90% sure of who this gurlish is. don't ask me how, we have technology kan.

i think i'm going to remove my chatbox lah, and all comments later will need approval from me first.i'm just waiting for arif to online as he asked me not to delete it yet until he reads it.

well, gurlish. i want u to know, semua orang ada buat kesilapan masing2, and one of my biggest mistake in my life was my previous relationship. i am not hiding behind my scarf or anything. but one thing for sure, i am now not who i was before, i regret those days a lot, and i'm trying to change myself, who doesn't want to be a good muslimah? *but i'm not sure if u are*

my old days are gone, i know i haven't been good, but what i've learnt is Allah is forgiving. i'm not trying to give ceramah here. but after reading ur last comment, i think there is a need for me to clarify things here.

just so u know, my previous relationship was just a history, i was young and stupid back then, and now i've grown up a bit, i can think and choose which is the best for me, and i am definite that my previous one is just a bump in my journey of life, which taught me to be wiser.

i'm not here to fight with u or what so ever, i am not even sure who u are, why are u so mad at me, what is ur motive and so on.. so for the time-being, i think i'll just listen to what arif told, i'll just keep quiet and do nothing. i am not that stupid to fight about things that are in the past, but i think you know too little about me to be this judgemental.

sy tau sy bukan nye baik in the past, but at least i'm trying to change, and i know i've changed a lot, i am no longer who i was before, and i am more than bersyukur that i found arif, who can accept me as who i am, and who can guide me towards the goodness. i am now 22, i think it's time for me to think about my future, not my past.

so for whoever out there, sy tak pernah kacau hidup awk, sy tk pernah sakit hati dgn awk, why are u making fool of urself?

but,like arif said, we're educated people, why care about this so much? ok i'll try not to care so much.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

orang2 zaman sekarang. i have something to write.

i haven't been updating my blog for few days. and when i opened it just now, i found this in my chatbox.

"elida,no offence but i think u r someway a gold digger.n gila glamour.n mcm u have to tell everyone that ur bf bought u this,n u bought him that?"

does my entry actually trouble u? or did i somehow mistakenly post that entry on ur blog? tak kan? i think it sticks well in MY VERY OWN BLOG.which means, if u don't like it, leave it. leave it alone.

ok la. i'm a gold-digger. but did i dig ur gold? i don't think u have that much of gold to be diggen!

saya gila glamour. ok, yang ini i don't really get it. nampak macam dah rajin sgt nak komen this and that on my blog, care to explain? maklumlah, saya ni kampung skit, tak paham sgt la kalau orang tak explain betul2 ni. bahasa2 orang bandar ni saya tak reti sgt.

ok, saya macam kampung. memang pun. dah nama asal kelantan. alamat rumah pun kampung pauh panji je.

and i am telling everyone that i bought my bf this and that vice versa? ok, just so u know, most of my entries are about the highlight of my day. if i don't have anything that enlighten my day, i won't be blogging. so i think that was the highlight of the few days that i spent with my bf. did i do anything wrong?

hehe.lantaklah gurlish. dah tak suka sgt, kalau dah meluat sangat, sape suruh bace?

or people, should i privatise my blog? i think it's leceh tu invite here and there.

ala, tapi takkan la sbb my dearest gurlish tu bagi komen yang sungguh memberansangkan mcm tu i have to privatise my blog ni kan. ape2 lah gurlish, lain kali rajin2 la lagi bagi byk2 komen lagi.

hehe. kutuklah nak kutuk ape pun. saya tak rugi ape pun. dapat pahala lebih sikit ade lah.

for what it's worth, i think i have some ideas about this gurlish.hehe.tapi tak nak lah tuduh2, nanti jadi fitnah pulak kan.

till then. macam2 lah orang2 zaman sekarang ni.

wajah-wajah kekasih.

wajah2 yang sangat dirindui.

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oh ya. saya dah selamat sampai ke india malam selasa yang lepas. saya masih berada di dalam homely mood. so malas nak update blog.

till then, mwax!

Monday, October 13, 2008

i'm at kaklong's.

hey peeps. yours truly is in kl now. i've been here since last thursday. arif picked me up at the airport, went back to kaklong's house to drop my stuffs, arif performed his maghrib yang dah tak berapa nk maghrib dah and later we moved right away to one utama, as arif has purchased tickets to watch eagle eye.

on friday, met fifie at sg wang, then went to lot 10 and pavilion. and arif tagged along as well.

saturday - went to klcc. i finally managed to get arif his birthday present.hihi. fyi, his birthday was 6 months ago.hua hua hua. bukan taknak bagi mase birthday die dulu, but mase tu we were not officially dating yet, i was clueless on what to get him for his birthday, takut overrated or even worse, underrated..

so i got him a watch from Guess, worth RM549, but since Isetan members are entitled to get 20% discount, the price was much affordable.hehe. lupe nak amik gambar jam tu. nanti lah if i ingat, i'll snap a pic of it ok. and owh, arif also bought me this one brown tote from Nine West. *yeay* i was actually looking for a purse since my one and only ni dah kusam je, but i couldn't find any yang menarik perhatian yet affordable. malas dh nak beli Guess, berlambak2 orang pakai *including me* hehe.

yesterday, went to sunway pyramid, watched the house bunny. hillarious boleh tahan la jgk. came back at 10.

and today, i'm stucked at home. sume org keje :( bosan. arif promised to come jap lg after keje, we're going out to find few more things for me to bring back to india tomorrow. *crying*

and yes, i'm leaving for india tomorrow. hukhuk. sedih.

on the other hand, i saw this one grey jeans from MNG in sunway pyramid yesterday, tp arif tak bagi beli sbb i've just got myself a new pair from dorothy perkins in pavilion the other day. mcm best je.. nakkkkkkk. tp to pujuk, he bought me a top from miss selfridge..ok la kan.. ecece nak pujuk diri sendiri la ni..

takde idea lah. bosan jerrrrrrrr.lambatnye orang nak balik keja, bosan tahap gaban...

till then, mwax!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

adam oh adam.

dedicated to kakliz.

fiqi : adam, ckp "cik ida busuk!"

me : tak2, ckp "qi hudoh!"

adam : cikda cukkk!

me : esok cik ida nak naik plane, adam nak ikut?

adam : adam nak naik pane (plane)

me : kalo adam nak naik plane, ckp "qi hudoh!"

adam : qi udohhhhh!

fiqi : qi nak naik ketapi sok, adam nak ikut?

adam : adam nak naik etapi, nak gi mlake, adam nakgi kat ibu.

fiqi : kalo adam nak naik ketapi, ckp "cik ida busuk, cik ida tak mandi!"

adam : cikda cukkkkkk, tak andiii, cikda tak andiiii, cikda ucukkkkk, cikda ucukkkk!!

haih.lebih2 plak bdk kecit nih. comel gile okay.

Monday, October 6, 2008

few piccas

at besut..waiting for abah and umi g kubur my late grandfather.

arif came over for dinner.

at aunty nora's with fifie. after going to arif's.

1st syawal jgk.takde orang kat rumah since kaklong beraya kl and kakliz went to her in-law's. sedih okay.

byk dosa nih.

otw to besut.

arif lagik.boleh letak pic die sorang je. sbb mase ni my baju raya dah tah kemana dah.ngn baju tido je time ni.hehe.


dear blog, sorry i've been neglecting u for a while. my holiday has been so great, but now i'm left alone in kelantan, my dear arif has left to kl yesterday, but fret not, on thursday i'm leaving to kl as well.

how was my raya? ehm i think it was a so-so..since i've grown up, raya has lost it's 'meriah-ness'.. on 1st syawal, after semayang raya, went back to tumpat, meet relatives on umi's side.. later in the evening went to besut plak, abah's side..came back from besut, arif came over for dinner.

2nd syawal, i just stayed at home, malas nk keluar..ntah la, nak g open house pun malas.. later arif asked to tag him to his friend's house.. keluar pun dah almost 6pm, lepak2 rumah kwn die jap, and since i'm with 'red-flag' mase tu and he already performed his maghrib there, takde la rushing sgt nk blk rumah kan.. so we went to secret recipe..i was with baju kurung and heels tinggi tak hingat dunianye, mcm nak terpeleot je, dah la umi pesan mcm2 suruh beli for open house the next day.

3rd syawal, we had our open-house. i like it this year, sbb tak ramai sgt orang dtg. best okay. tak penat..

and i must say, my 3rd syawal is historical okay. i finally met arif's family. with all the courages in the world, i've made my way in the evening to his place.hehe.but for sure i was not alone. abah told me to bring nuni, but since nuni refused to come along, so i asked fifie, and she was okay with it. berbaloi okay brought minah ni, since her atok nenek were from tumpat also,as well as arif's mom's side, i think arif's mom spent most of the time talking to her not me, hehe. kalau tak, i surely don't know what to do/say, dah la kat rumah die mase tu perghhh ramai giler orang, makcik pakcik, spupu spapak, adikbradik sume ade.scaryy okayyy.

the next day, arif's parents came by to my house. actually, my parents are good friends with his. that is why my parents tak kisah sgt when arif asyik duk dtg to my place. kalau tak, jgn harap la kan.. speaking about our parents being friends nih, susah gak tau kitorang.. mmg la most of the things cam senang as his parents already knew me since i was kecit comot momot lagi, but sometimes, susah gak, yer la, dulu tak kesah la kan, what his parents say about me didn't even draw my attention, but since skarang ni dah jadi gf anak die, kena la jadi baik2 je kan.hehe. tp saye mmg baik pun. kena jd lagi baik skit je lagi..hehe..

so that was my raya. after all, even my raya has lost it's meriah-ness, i still think that it is indeed my best raya of all, as this is my first raya with arif.. and it's good to know that arif is getting along well with my family and all..

till then, mwax!

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