Monday, October 6, 2008


dear blog, sorry i've been neglecting u for a while. my holiday has been so great, but now i'm left alone in kelantan, my dear arif has left to kl yesterday, but fret not, on thursday i'm leaving to kl as well.

how was my raya? ehm i think it was a so-so..since i've grown up, raya has lost it's 'meriah-ness'.. on 1st syawal, after semayang raya, went back to tumpat, meet relatives on umi's side.. later in the evening went to besut plak, abah's side..came back from besut, arif came over for dinner.

2nd syawal, i just stayed at home, malas nk keluar..ntah la, nak g open house pun malas.. later arif asked to tag him to his friend's house.. keluar pun dah almost 6pm, lepak2 rumah kwn die jap, and since i'm with 'red-flag' mase tu and he already performed his maghrib there, takde la rushing sgt nk blk rumah kan.. so we went to secret recipe..i was with baju kurung and heels tinggi tak hingat dunianye, mcm nak terpeleot je, dah la umi pesan mcm2 suruh beli for open house the next day.

3rd syawal, we had our open-house. i like it this year, sbb tak ramai sgt orang dtg. best okay. tak penat..

and i must say, my 3rd syawal is historical okay. i finally met arif's family. with all the courages in the world, i've made my way in the evening to his place.hehe.but for sure i was not alone. abah told me to bring nuni, but since nuni refused to come along, so i asked fifie, and she was okay with it. berbaloi okay brought minah ni, since her atok nenek were from tumpat also,as well as arif's mom's side, i think arif's mom spent most of the time talking to her not me, hehe. kalau tak, i surely don't know what to do/say, dah la kat rumah die mase tu perghhh ramai giler orang, makcik pakcik, spupu spapak, adikbradik sume ade.scaryy okayyy.

the next day, arif's parents came by to my house. actually, my parents are good friends with his. that is why my parents tak kisah sgt when arif asyik duk dtg to my place. kalau tak, jgn harap la kan.. speaking about our parents being friends nih, susah gak tau kitorang.. mmg la most of the things cam senang as his parents already knew me since i was kecit comot momot lagi, but sometimes, susah gak, yer la, dulu tak kesah la kan, what his parents say about me didn't even draw my attention, but since skarang ni dah jadi gf anak die, kena la jadi baik2 je kan.hehe. tp saye mmg baik pun. kena jd lagi baik skit je lagi..hehe..

so that was my raya. after all, even my raya has lost it's meriah-ness, i still think that it is indeed my best raya of all, as this is my first raya with arif.. and it's good to know that arif is getting along well with my family and all..

till then, mwax!


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