Monday, October 13, 2008

i'm at kaklong's.

hey peeps. yours truly is in kl now. i've been here since last thursday. arif picked me up at the airport, went back to kaklong's house to drop my stuffs, arif performed his maghrib yang dah tak berapa nk maghrib dah and later we moved right away to one utama, as arif has purchased tickets to watch eagle eye.

on friday, met fifie at sg wang, then went to lot 10 and pavilion. and arif tagged along as well.

saturday - went to klcc. i finally managed to get arif his birthday present.hihi. fyi, his birthday was 6 months ago.hua hua hua. bukan taknak bagi mase birthday die dulu, but mase tu we were not officially dating yet, i was clueless on what to get him for his birthday, takut overrated or even worse, underrated..

so i got him a watch from Guess, worth RM549, but since Isetan members are entitled to get 20% discount, the price was much affordable.hehe. lupe nak amik gambar jam tu. nanti lah if i ingat, i'll snap a pic of it ok. and owh, arif also bought me this one brown tote from Nine West. *yeay* i was actually looking for a purse since my one and only ni dah kusam je, but i couldn't find any yang menarik perhatian yet affordable. malas dh nak beli Guess, berlambak2 orang pakai *including me* hehe.

yesterday, went to sunway pyramid, watched the house bunny. hillarious boleh tahan la jgk. came back at 10.

and today, i'm stucked at home. sume org keje :( bosan. arif promised to come jap lg after keje, we're going out to find few more things for me to bring back to india tomorrow. *crying*

and yes, i'm leaving for india tomorrow. hukhuk. sedih.

on the other hand, i saw this one grey jeans from MNG in sunway pyramid yesterday, tp arif tak bagi beli sbb i've just got myself a new pair from dorothy perkins in pavilion the other day. mcm best je.. nakkkkkkk. tp to pujuk, he bought me a top from miss selfridge..ok la kan.. ecece nak pujuk diri sendiri la ni..

takde idea lah. bosan jerrrrrrrr.lambatnye orang nak balik keja, bosan tahap gaban...

till then, mwax!


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