Saturday, October 18, 2008

orang2 zaman sekarang. i have something to write.

i haven't been updating my blog for few days. and when i opened it just now, i found this in my chatbox.

"elida,no offence but i think u r someway a gold digger.n gila glamour.n mcm u have to tell everyone that ur bf bought u this,n u bought him that?"

does my entry actually trouble u? or did i somehow mistakenly post that entry on ur blog? tak kan? i think it sticks well in MY VERY OWN BLOG.which means, if u don't like it, leave it. leave it alone.

ok la. i'm a gold-digger. but did i dig ur gold? i don't think u have that much of gold to be diggen!

saya gila glamour. ok, yang ini i don't really get it. nampak macam dah rajin sgt nak komen this and that on my blog, care to explain? maklumlah, saya ni kampung skit, tak paham sgt la kalau orang tak explain betul2 ni. bahasa2 orang bandar ni saya tak reti sgt.

ok, saya macam kampung. memang pun. dah nama asal kelantan. alamat rumah pun kampung pauh panji je.

and i am telling everyone that i bought my bf this and that vice versa? ok, just so u know, most of my entries are about the highlight of my day. if i don't have anything that enlighten my day, i won't be blogging. so i think that was the highlight of the few days that i spent with my bf. did i do anything wrong?

hehe.lantaklah gurlish. dah tak suka sgt, kalau dah meluat sangat, sape suruh bace?

or people, should i privatise my blog? i think it's leceh tu invite here and there.

ala, tapi takkan la sbb my dearest gurlish tu bagi komen yang sungguh memberansangkan mcm tu i have to privatise my blog ni kan. ape2 lah gurlish, lain kali rajin2 la lagi bagi byk2 komen lagi.

hehe. kutuklah nak kutuk ape pun. saya tak rugi ape pun. dapat pahala lebih sikit ade lah.

for what it's worth, i think i have some ideas about this gurlish.hehe.tapi tak nak lah tuduh2, nanti jadi fitnah pulak kan.

till then. macam2 lah orang2 zaman sekarang ni.


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