Monday, October 20, 2008


oh well. it's been a while since i wrote about my study kan. so now has been almost a week since my class started, i think i've gone back into the college mood, no more homey2.. ye ke? pemalas cam biase gak..

anyhoo, i've got the results for 3 subjects out of 4, forensic medicine tak tau la bile dpt result since the lecturers are always busy. over all, as expected, i failed pharmacology! again! damn it! but at least i passed excellently on the practical part.hehe *nak sedapkan ati sdiri*.. microbiology result was satisfying, both theory and practical, whilst pathology theory memang cukup2 makan and practical was ok la despite the fact that i screwed a bit on the spotters part. so after all, alhamdulillah, i couldn't have asked for more.

and owh, i've started my first orthopaedics posting last week. it's tough but i kinda like it. plus all the doctors are cool ok. it's like,

"hello, i'm Dr Alfred, i'm an orthopaedics surgeon."

cool kan?? tak cool ke? ntah la, but i found it so amusing. lain skit dari ENT surgeon ke, or other surgeons lah.

and umi has always wanted me to choose ortho as my specialty, since she always has problems with her joints here and there and lately she's just found that she now has osteoporosis. knowing the fact, lagi la she encourages me to choose this path kan.

but the thing is, there is not even a single female doctor in this department! at least not at this hospital that i'm doing my clinical training. and all the male doctors are all macam ganas2 jer. mcm susah la jgk, i think an ortho memang needs a well-built body. ye lah, nak adjust traction dekat fractured patient pun punyelah susah. and some more, it involves a lot of physics, which umi knows that i was never good at. *it is actually one of the reasons i chosed medicine, because i can't be dealing with anymore physics after my spm, i just can't! maybe physics is just not one of the gifts that god blessed me with*

back to the topic, maybe someday if i tell umi i'm sorry that i can't choose ortho as my specialty, as there is too much physics in it, hopefully she will understand it kan?

but who knows kan, mane lah tau in the future nanti, kot2 lah i'm actually destined to become an orthopaedics ke, since that is what umi wants so bad kan. or maybe i will become an OBG? i hate this soooooooo much, but diorang cakap selalunya yang kita tak suka tu lah yang kita will end up with. tak kisah la ape2 pun, lagipun i think it is still early for me to decide kan.

macam bosan je cakap psl study, but i have to put my mind back on track, so just bear with me ok. this is just what i have to do, at least for the next 3 and a half years. *though deep inside i know that medicine is gonna be an on-going learning throughout my life*

on the other hand, tomorrow i'm going to accompany neela to meet mr ehsan, our HL distributor, since neela has finished her protein concentrate and shake. mine? don't ask lah, boleh tahan sebulan lagi kot. neela is still taking Herbalife shake religiously, even back in malaysia, but me on the other hand, has been undisciplinedly skipping my shake every single day. dah la i skipped my shake, pastu i ate a lot, like too much! and now i'm regretting it so much. tomorrow i'm going to measure again all the body weight, body fat % etc. takooooooottttt.

hehe that's all for now. yours truly is actually waiting for arif to come back from dinner. i was falling asleep just now, but i feel like talking to him, so sbb tak nak bagi tido, here comes this entry!

till then, mwax!


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