Sunday, October 19, 2008

why la.

wow. this is hot.panasssss ok.

i am now 90% sure of who this gurlish is. don't ask me how, we have technology kan.

i think i'm going to remove my chatbox lah, and all comments later will need approval from me first.i'm just waiting for arif to online as he asked me not to delete it yet until he reads it.

well, gurlish. i want u to know, semua orang ada buat kesilapan masing2, and one of my biggest mistake in my life was my previous relationship. i am not hiding behind my scarf or anything. but one thing for sure, i am now not who i was before, i regret those days a lot, and i'm trying to change myself, who doesn't want to be a good muslimah? *but i'm not sure if u are*

my old days are gone, i know i haven't been good, but what i've learnt is Allah is forgiving. i'm not trying to give ceramah here. but after reading ur last comment, i think there is a need for me to clarify things here.

just so u know, my previous relationship was just a history, i was young and stupid back then, and now i've grown up a bit, i can think and choose which is the best for me, and i am definite that my previous one is just a bump in my journey of life, which taught me to be wiser.

i'm not here to fight with u or what so ever, i am not even sure who u are, why are u so mad at me, what is ur motive and so on.. so for the time-being, i think i'll just listen to what arif told, i'll just keep quiet and do nothing. i am not that stupid to fight about things that are in the past, but i think you know too little about me to be this judgemental.

sy tau sy bukan nye baik in the past, but at least i'm trying to change, and i know i've changed a lot, i am no longer who i was before, and i am more than bersyukur that i found arif, who can accept me as who i am, and who can guide me towards the goodness. i am now 22, i think it's time for me to think about my future, not my past.

so for whoever out there, sy tak pernah kacau hidup awk, sy tk pernah sakit hati dgn awk, why are u making fool of urself?

but,like arif said, we're educated people, why care about this so much? ok i'll try not to care so much.


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