Friday, November 21, 2008

calling for pharmacologist..

mintak tolong.

any med students all over the world, who's been through pharmacology, thoroughly and successfully.

seriously i need help here.

how to pass pharmacology? see, i only need to pass, never dream for distinction ok.

which book is best to read? i keep switching from tripathi to satoskar and few other UK and US publishers. this does no good. i really need to stick to one book. and my professor is not helping at all. today he said satoskar is good, tomorrow he'll say i should read tripathi. what laa..

how to memorize all these drugs, at least until i finish the exams?? seriously memang kena paksa and mug everything up ke?? no easier way?

quote from professor, "u have to have the appetite to study".. ha macam mana tu..

erm, i have like another 3 months for my 3rd internal assessment, and my final is going to be in march, another 4 months to go...sempat ke ni.. freaked out ok.

nak tanya cheah la nanti.

pharmacology adalah subject paling susah dalam dunia. i think sape suka pharmacology will make a great doctor someday. no it's not that i'm not gonna be a good one, i will..checheyy.. tapi lambat la sikit kot.. merangkak2 la sikit..

tapi kan, tadi, during clinical posting, there was a case presentation by a postgrad student, and seriously i think kitorang, the undergrads, can do better case presentation than she did, be it history taking or the examination wise. i think all of us are well-trained that all the vital signs should be presented at the end of the general physical examination, and thyroid and breast examinations are very crucial in OBG cases, and she just missed all these things. how la? kiranya kitorang takde la teruk mana pun. byk main2 je. kalau serious sikit je sure gempak ni...haha.. tgk PG tu present tadi terus rasa diri sendiri cam pandai je sebenarnye..boleh ke mcm tu?

ape2 pun...saya mengaku sy memang tak pandai pharmacology. in fact mcm tak tau ape2.. camana ni...


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahahah..pharmaco mmg menyiksa students!!

hurm...i think kne latihan case byk2..
seb bek xyah blaja phrmaco dh...
bley hilang selera makan!

Aasiya said...

To remember name of the drugs name for perticular disease what you do is write all drugs name and its use in sheet of paper and paste all around your home and keep reading it when ever you see it and you will remember :-) I got 60% in Pharmacology :-)after reading Santoshker

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